Artist From Lombok Gets Nominated as Best Actor

Artist from Lombok Proud

You need to know that an artist from Lombok was nominated as the best actor. The nomination was given in the event to compete for the “Citra trophy” a prestigious trophy for the best film actors in Indonesia. In the Hollywood film industry in America, we recognize the Oscar trophy. Film actors who get this nomination are the best director, the best movie, to the best actor or actress. One of the best actors is Angga Yunanda, an artist from Lombok. He managed to get the nomination in 2023 with other best actors from Indonesia. Lombok Island besides having natural beauty, also has famous artists in Indonesia. Who are the artists from Lombok who act as artists or actors in Indonesia?

Angga Aldi Yunanda

History and Education

angga yunanda on lombok island (photo: instagram)

Angga Yunanda is a 23-year-old artist from Lombok. Who doesn’t recognize this artist? He has starred in many movies, and become a music video clip star to star in many advertising sponsors. Coupled with his beautiful face adds to the popularity of this artist from Lombok. Behind his popularity as an artist, it turns out that Angga was a shy figure as a child. His current success cannot be separated from the greatness of his parents. His parents are teachers in Lombok. Regarding his education, Angga had undergone Homeschooling. Until finally, he managed to complete his education from high school to university. He took a college education with a major in communication science at the Open University (UT).


Angga, an artist from Lombok, has played in many movies, both film series and soap operas. As the star of the soap opera “Mermaid in Love”, his name is very famous among young people to parents. Until the peak, he got the nomination for the best male actor at the prestigious event to compete for the “Citra trophy” in 2023. In addition, Angga became the actor of a music video performed by a famous music band. Angga has won several prestigious awards including Infotainment Awards, Insert Fashion Awards, Indonesian Movie Actors Awards, and Bandung Film Festival.

Proud to be an Artist from Lombok

On the occasion of sharing with Cosmopolitan, he expressed his pride in being from Lombok. There are not many artist from Lombok. Surely the people of Lombok should be proud of his presence as an artist from Lombok. He is very proud to tell about the Sasak tribe, the original tribe of the people of Lombok Island. According to him, the Sasak tribe has many traditions that make the people a better person. As for food, he likes Lombok specialties. Taliwang and Ares grilled chicken are his favorite foods.

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She said that while in Jakarta, she had not found Taliwang grilled chicken as good as in Lombok. Looks like we have to go to Lombok directly to taste the most delicious Ayam Taliwang. About Ares, a dish made from banana stems. Very savory and delicious, ‘Ares’ becomes the main food menu during important events. Angga is very familiar with the culture and life principles of the Lombok people. He was very eloquent in describing the custom of ‘nyongkolan, a wedding custom in Lombok. Although Angga has lived in Jakarta for a long time, he has not forgotten his hometown.

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Baiq Gita Febiliyasni

History and Education

Baiq Gita is a 25-year-old artist from Lombok. She comes from the village of Rarang, East Lombok. Regarding her education, she is a smart woman. She had the opportunity to study at a well-known university in Lombok through an invitation route. She got it because of her academic intelligence in high school. But for some reason, she finally decided to focus on the world of art, becoming a singer. This artist from Lombok also loves hygiene, often participating in various music and singing competitions.


He has achieved various achievements. The highlight of her success was winning the KDI 2020 Grand Final. This competition was broadcast on national television. Baiq Gita, an artist from Lombok, became the pride of the people of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Another achievement is creating single songs, including the popular song titled Titik Terang. Amazingly, Gita also pursued the beauty field and opened a Beauty Salon business.

Tami Aulia

History and Education

The artist whose full name is Aulia Pramesti Rizki Utami is a 25-year-old artist from Lombok. She comes from Praya, Central Lombok. Regarding her education, she does love art. She attended the Indonesian Institute of Arts Yogyakarta through. The major he took was music education. This artist from Lombok is popular on her personal YouTube channel as a singer. His melodious voice makes him a famous YouTuber. The song he performed received a lot of appreciation from YouTube viewers.


Tami, an artist from Lombok, set a record with her videos having been watched more than 30 million views. This is a great success achieved by him. Not to mention that many of Indonesia’s top artists have made her a partner in singing on various occasions. He has successfully presented his original work in the form of a single song. If you are curious about his voice, you can directly access his youtube.

Tanita Cahya


Tanita Cahya Pramesti is a 22-year-old artist from Lombok. She is originally from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. not much information about her education. To be sure, she is a popular figure and comes from a family of famous artists. Her talent in the arts is unquestionable.


This artist from Lombok is so popular online. His fame eventually had many fellow artists. His friends include Bastian Steel ex coboy junior personnel. Some professionals are his colleagues. Tania also has a kinship with the famous artist, Nugie. The artist also helped Tanita in creating a song for her. Nugie is the figure behind Tanita’s fame. The songs performed by Tanita are so melodious to hear.

Charisa Faith


Karisa is a 25-year-old artist from Lombok. She comes from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. She can play musical instruments such as guitar. In addition, she also has a hobby of sports such as basketball.


This artist from Lombok is a participant in the singing competition, Indonesia Idol Junior. Charisa likes to cover songs on her personal YouTube channel. Her voice is so melodious that YouTube viewers have watched thousands of times. Amazingly, she also has the talent for knitting wool yarn to create a cardigan. This Lombok artist is a person who is diligent in learning new things.


This artist from Lombok is the pride of the people of Lombok. With all the beauty of its beaches, and mountains to the beauty of the city of Mataram, making Lombok is attractive. All the achievements that artists from Lombok have helped introduce Lombok to the most attractive tourist in the world. You must visit here and we are ready to accompany your trip. Together with Parman Trekker make your trip to Lombok a beautiful memory.

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