Go Clean Rinjani

Go Clean Rinjani Mountain National Park or Zero Trash is the application of the concept of waste management based on reducing the amount of waste, recycling waste and reusing waste.

For this reason, in our flagship program as Mount Rinjani Trekking Company  and  activists of mount rinjani, we apply the standards of climbing Mount Rinjani by bringing back down food waste and garbage scattered in the Mount Rinjani area.

In this case, our guides and porters are responsible for caring for the environment around the Mount Rinjani national area so that cleanliness is always maintained and creates comfort for tourists.

The target of this Go Clean Program is to create cleanliness and comfort for tourists visiting the Mount Rinjani Area.

Given the high number of visits to Mount Rinjani every year, it can’t be avoided anymore, so we as a company that cares about the cleanliness and sustainability of the nature and beauty of Mount Rinjani National park is one of the programs that we carry on every climbing trip. what we run is to bring back the garbage from what we bring ourselves
We hope this is not a burden for you climbers, but at least it can be our moral responsibility as environmentalists.

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