More Satisfaction With Luxury Rinjani Trekking Packages

Rinjani trekking with a different experience by taking a luxury Rinjani trekking package. Feel the sensation of climbing an active volcano without feeling the slightest fatigue. You will be accompanied by guides and porters who are very experienced with high-flying hours.

Then also feel the service of rinjani trekking with cooking services with special menus. Which, menus that are usually served in star hotels and luxury restaurants are now on Mount Rinjani.

What is the sensation of rinjani trekking with a luxurious atmosphere and what is the difference with rinjani trekking with standard facilities? Follow the reviews from Parman Trekker as a Rinjani trekking specialist, guide, and friend of Rinjani climbing for you and your family.

Rinjani Trekking Packages

Rinjani trekking official who accompanied the climb to Mount Rinjani is quite a lot. Even fellow guides and porters from different companies formed a family forum to share experiences and information.

Of the many Rinjani trekking officials, one of them is The Parman Trekker better known as Rinjani Trekking Specialists. Armed with a lot of experience and a portfolio that brings international climbers, this company is highly respected.

Rinjani trekking specialist as a guide, can act professionally with its luxury service. The climbers do not like climbing mountains but are on a relaxing vacation. This company seems to realize that there are doubts of beginner climbers about the ability of their trip later. It is proven that many beginner climbers also managed to reach the peak of 3726 meters above sea level with Parman Trekker.

It is also not solely the success of Rinjani Trekking Specialists but good cooperation between the guide and the climbers. In addition, the guide was able to direct the long journey with a very good strategy. Even their climbers voluntarily pick up trash as a form of concern for the environment. That’s where Parman Trekker’s success lies with his climbers because there is a value of care in it.

Rinjani Trekking with Luxury Service

We call this an unusual hike. There is no mountain climbing where everything is done. Usually, mountain climbers generally do it independently. In general, climbers bring their own camping equipment such as tents, mattresses, cooking utensils, mini gas cylinders, food ingredients, and so on.

Meanwhile, the climbing guided by our guide carries a different concept. Everything is prepared by Rinjani Trekking Specialists. You only need to bring personal equipment such as a warm jacket, shoes, a trekking pole, a headlamp, and personal medication.

Then the main equipment or trekking equipment let us provide for you. The equipment we mean is like tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, and others. If you want a vacation hike, this is the service. Especially those of you who don’t want to be complicated and like to be practical.

What Are The Luxury Facilities?

Now we will discuss some of the luxury facilities of Rinjani Trekking Specialists that pamper its climbers. You just focus on yourself, let us bring the equipment you need during the climb. What are the facilities? Just makes you curious.

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Food And Beverages Service

The luxury facility of Rinjani Trekking Specialist is a delicious and nutritious food and beverage service. The food and beverages consist of several times, namely breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For breakfast, menus such as cheese tomato omelet french fries, and beef will fill your empty stomach with high nutrition. Then there’s lunch, where specialties such as fried rice, vegetables, soup, fried eggs, spaghetti, and fried chicken take turns fueling your energy. And there is a special dinner with menus such as special fried rice, and vegetable curry that will fill your empty stomach.

Meanwhile, beverages such as coffee, tea, milk ginger, and soft drinks will ensure your body is always warm and not dehydrated. Plus, there are fruits that we provide for you such as watermelon, orange, banana, and pineapple to make the body more energized.

Room Service Before Hiking

Before the hike begins, the hikers will be directed to rest for one night at the best lodging here. We will choose a comfortable lodging for you that provides air-conditioned rooms and hot showers.

That way, your body will be better prepared for a hike that takes up to 4 or 5 days. because it is already resting in a comfortable room.

Meanwhile, if you take a hiking package with a standard package there is a slight difference. For the lodging room without a hot shower and without air conditioning. As for comfort, this room is still comfortable even though there are no two facilities available.

Chair And Table Camping

Rinjani trekking with luxury facilities makes family camping more exciting. Our guides and porters will provide chairs and camping tables. The goal is to create a family atmosphere during breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The food menu cooked by our team will be served on the table complete with warm drinks. If like this the atmosphere can make us feel at home for a long on Mount Rinjani.

You can enjoy food and drinks on a chair whose table is filled with delicious food. The natural atmosphere of Rinjani makes your morning meal situation more different.

Quantity Guide And Porter

best service from parman trekker (photo: doc)

If our guests are two people then at least Rinjani Trekking Specialists provide one guide with two porters. The guide’s job is to guide and guide during the climb. Meanwhile, porters are in charge of carrying goods and equipment.

During the hike, our guide will not only guide the way. Our guide will be an educator who will explain the natural conditions of Rinjani. anything related to Rinjani, our guide will actively inform him while on Rinjani trekking. How exciting is that? Where else can you get this facility other than in our team?

For standard facilities for two guests, we provide one guide and one porter.


To get to the door of Rinjani trekking, of course, you need someone to pick you up from your current location. With the luxury facilities of Rinjani Trekking specialists, you don’t need to worry because we will pick you up from locations around the island of Lombok.

Then, the team will take you back to any place while still on the island of Lombok after rinjani trekking.

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Which One Do You want?

Now you can imagine how exciting it is to climb Rinjani with Rinjani Trekking Specialists. Starting from pick-up, lodging, food menu, camping equipment and everything just needs to be done. Everything will be prepared by our team.

You only need to bring personal equipment. Other than that, leave everything to our guides. For information, there is a slight price difference between standard facilities and luxury facilities. For more information, you can contact us by phone via the WhatsApp application, or by email.

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