Mount Rinjani’s Beauty

After Mount Kerinci on Sumatra Island, Mount Rinjani becomes Indonesia’s second-highest active volcano. It has beautiful scenery that can be explored by people around Indonesia. In addition, Mount Rinjani is also the third highest mountain in Indonesia after Mount Jayawijaya on Papua Island. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that Mount Rinjani is included in the ranks of the Indonesia Seven Summits and it is frequently visited by local and international climbers. The existence of Mount Rinjani is estimated since the Prequarter era, while volcanic activity began in the Pleistocene era.

The large eruption of Mount Rinjani formed a caldera filled with water and became known as Lake Segara Anak with a depth of 230 m. The tectonic activity also gave rise to a new volcano cone named Mount Barujari. The history of Mount Rinjani eruptions began in 1847 to 2009 which produced lava and pyroclastic falls.

The Beauty of Mount Rinjani

For you nature lovers, it will not be complete if you haven’t yet climbed Mount Rinjani. It is a beautiful mountain with its natural charm. When you enter the Mount Rinjani National Park area, you will be welcomed by a forest and shrubs covering an area of 79.000 hectares.

To access Lombok Island, you can reach by land using a direct bus from Jakarta to Mataram by crossing using the ferry twice and also by plane. You can choose those two transportation modes to visit Mount Rinjani. In Mount Rinjani, there is a crater lake called Segara Anak with the color of the water in blue. 

The water flowing from this lake comes from a very beautiful waterfall. There are many carp and tilapia that are usually fished by many climbers. If you plan to visit Mount Rinjani, you can prepare a fishing tool to experience fishing in this lake. It will be an unforgettable experience during the visitation.

Besides, there are 2 hiking trails to reach the top of Mount Rinjani, the Sembalun Route, and the Senaru Route. The Sembalun route is a favorite route for climbers since even though the track is longer, it can save 700 m of altitude. You can save your energy by crossing this route to reach the top of Mount Rinjani.

You will see a vast and beautiful savanna on Sembalun Trail. There are three resting posts on this route and after heading 3 climbers will face a steep incline with a slope of about 60 degrees. Meanwhile, on Senaru Trail, you will pass tropical forests which are quite dense and steep. Each of them has its own characteristics that you can experience.

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