Enjoy Mountain Hiking? Try Exploring Mountains In Indonesia

This time Rinjani Trekking Specialist wants to discuss mountains in Indonesia that are famous on each island. Not only discuss Mount Rinjani in Lombok, but we will also discuss the existence of mountains from the western Indonesian island to eastern Indonesia. While Mount Rinjani is in the eastern part of Indonesia.

In addition, another goal of Rinjani Trekking specialists discussing mountains in Indonesia, actually also wants to introduce how vast Indonesia is. So, those of you who are now in America, England, Russia, Germany to Australia, let’s take a vacation here. We will explore exotic mountains in Indonesia.

Especially for Mount Rinjani, Rinjani Trekking Specialists by Parman Trekker himself will guide your climb. We will enjoy the natural beauty of the 3726 mpdl peak which is the second highest volcano peak in Indonesia.

Then, back to the title of our discussion this time. we will get to know five famous mountains in Indonesia that have extraordinary magical powers. Which makes anyone want to go back to climb and climb again.

Mount Kerinci

We start discussing mountains in Indonesia from the western island precisely on the island of Sumatra, namely Mount Kerinci. Located in the province of Jambi on the island of Sumatra stands a sturdy volcano as high as 3805 meters above sea level. From the top of Mount Kerinci, climbers can see three cities at once in Indonesia, namely the city of Jambi, then in the distance there are the cities of Padang and Bengkulu.

Mount Kerinci itself is the first highest volcano in Indonesia which has great biodiversity. animals and plants are often used as research objects. Then above the caldera of Mount Rinjani, climbers can find beautiful lakes such as Lake Kerinci and Lake Mount Seven.

Along the climb, we can find a temporary stop post or shelter that can be used as a resting place to camping. How exciting is that? Not to mention that along the climb we find refreshing rivers. Anyway, this place is a favorite place for hiking and camping.

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Mount Rinjani

camping spot at segara anak lake (photo: doc)

If earlier we reviewed Mount Kerinci which is on the western island of Indonesia. And now we discuss the mountain in Indonesia which is in the east, precisely on the island of Lombok. namely Mount Rinjani as high as 3726 meters above sea level which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

Regarding Mount Rinjani itself, Parman Trekker as a Rinjani Trekking Specialist is well acquainted with the character of this mountain. which is a volcano area with geopark status established by the UN agency, UNESCO, thanks to the biodiversity of this mountain in Indonesia.

As a Lombok person who knows the ins and outs of this mountain, we guarantee that this place is indeed the best for mountain climbing. The tourist destinations are so complete that everything is there. You want camping, hiking, hot spring bathing, lake bathing, waterfall viewing, and river refreshing. Not to mention we find endemic animals and plants such as edelweiss flowers, orchids, Morella mushrooms to rinjani plovers.

So without hesitation, Parman Trekker invites both beginners and advanced trekkers to conquer the second highest volcano in Indonesia together. All preparations, equipment, and logistics will be prepared together.

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Mount Merapi

This mountain in Indonesia is one of the iconic mountains in Indonesia, namely Mount Merapi. The location of this mountain is precisely on the island of Java, precisely in Yogyakarta.

Then why is this mountain called the iconic mountain of Indonesia a lot of Indonesian commercials and movies are set on this mountain. sangkin is so beautiful this mountain, is often used as a place to take pictures, from pre-wedding to honeymoon.

Although not as high as Mount Kerinci or Mount Rinjani, Merapi is a mountain that is suitable as a vacation attraction with family by camping and hiking. Then, the spots to take pictures are countless because all sides of Mount Merapi are very Instagramable. One of them, hikers can take pictures at the dam that flows at the foot of the mountain. especially if you take pictures when sunrise arrives, there is a romantic impression of the atmosphere here.

One more information, Mount Merapi is a volcano that is still active until now, Parman trekker friend. So naturally, so beautiful is this place with its diverse plants.

Mount Semeru

Then there are still more mountains in Indonesia that you must visit, namely Mount Semeru which is located in Java. Maybe if you are a climber from outside Indonesia, you might not recognize the name of this mountain. but not for climbers who come from Indonesia because this mountain is indeed the dream of almost all travelers from Indonesia.

Even not long from now, there will be a hit movie which is a famous movie, namely the movie 5 cm with Mount Semeru as the background. There are four iconic lakes on Mount Semeru, namely Ranu Pati, Ranu Regulo, Ranu Kumbolo, and Ranu Darungan. Ranu Kumbolo Lake, is so hits and famous that it is the most hunted object as the best photo spot.

In addition, Mount Semeru is the third-highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci and Mount Rinjani. which of course to get to the highest peak of 3676 meters above sea level requires careful preparation, Parman trekker friend. Because above Mount Semeru it is quite cold you must prepare carefully.

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Mount Tambora

To conclude, the mountain in Indonesia that you must visit is Mount Tambora in the southeast Indonesian archipelago. With Mount Rinjani, this mountain is not so far away. If Mount Rinjani is on the island of West Nusa Tenggara, meanwhile Mount Tambora is in East Nusa Tenggara. So if you are already in the southeast Nusa Tenggara islands then don’t forget to visit these two mountains.

For Mount Tambora itself, there is an amazing historical story that this mountain was once the highest volcano in Indonesia at its time. Where this mountain was originally as high as 4300 meters above sea level, now the height of this mountain has shrunk to 2850 meters above sea level. In the past, there was a mountain explosion that was so powerful that it was recorded in world history. To the point that the world at that time had become dark and the loss of summer at that time.

Now, Mount Tambora has turned into a beautiful mountain that has its own charm. so many local and international tourists climb this mountain in Indonesia.

Let’s Go Hiking In Indonesia

Of the five mountains in Indonesia we just discussed, which ones have you climbed? If you’re a beginner and have never climbed before, at least climb one mountain first. We guarantee that after that, you will be hooked on mountain climbing.

Rinjani trekking specialists by Parman Trekker have proven it with many beginner climbers who end up climbing Mount Rinjani many times. The atmosphere makes anyone addicted and makes curiosity.

Come on, we are waiting for you to climb one of the mountains in Indonesia with us. Parman Trekker has a lot of experience in becoming a professional guide who takes you to one of the top mountains in Indonesia.

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