8 Outdoor Games to Enjoy Your Vacation On Mt. Rinjani

Vacationing while playing outdoor games on the mountain is extraordinary. Usually, outdoor games are carried out in the open field. But this time we will do it on the steep third highest mountain in Indonesia. Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

As the most beautiful island of extraordinary natural tourist destinations. Besides having very beautiful beaches surrounded by exotic small islands. Lombok has tours that are no less challenging than adrenaline. Many beginner and professional climbers do not get tired of trying the extreme hiking of Mount Rinjani and vacationing at the same time, why not? Here are outdoor games that you can play with your family, relatives, and colleagues on Mount Rinjani.

Trekking and Hiking

This activity is certainly the most exciting, trekking and hiking. So, what is the difference between trekking and hiking? Trekking is an activity that usually goes through paths that are rarely traveled by people in general. Hiking is a path that goes through a predetermined route or is traveled by people in general.

Meanwhile, the Rinjani climbing route itself is a route that has been determined by the Mount Rinjani National Park Agency. This agency is the official management body of Mount Rinjani because of its status as a national park. The climbing routes of Mount Rinjani include the Senaru route, Timbanuh route, Air Berik route, Sembalun route, Torean route, and Tete Batu route. Each of these routes has its uniqueness and beauty. We will pass the route like doing an outdoor game.

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Explore Susu Cave

This activity can be an outdoor game that hones knowledge. The cave, which is not far from Segara Anak Lake, can be explored. The beauty of this cave is the main attraction of exploring the exotic Mount Rinjani. Not many mountains have caves like Mount Rinjani.

Why is the mountain called the Milk Cave or Susu Cave? Not that there is milk in it, readers. At the end of the rocks in this cave emit drops of water. Like milk coming out of the nipple. That’s the short story about the name of this cave. Together with your family, you will certainly get an unforgettable experience by exploring the cave and studying the cave structure consisting of rocks made of unique limestone. And no less exciting is to find rocks that are no less unique.


Making tents can be another fun outdoor game. Tents are the main equipment that is needed when climbing Mount Rinjani is camping. you can make games from tent equipment. To make a tent requires skill and patience. In this case, you can teach your children or your team to make their own tents. of course, this is very exciting when doing it together.

In addition, tent-making skills include attaching small logs, using ropes, and installing tent tarps. The team that can make a sturdy and fast tent is the winner.

Swimming in the Lake

Swimming in a pool is normal while swimming in a lake is extraordinary. The sensation of swimming in a pool is not as beautiful as swimming in a lake. If in the pool your view is very limited. Meanwhile, when in the lake your view is very wide.

The name of the lake is Segara Anak Lake. Hiking Mount Rinjani of course crosses this lake. Of course, climbers take advantage of this place to stop and put up tents to swim. Uniquely, Segara Anak Lake is not as cold as you might imagine. If the temperature around Mount Rinjani is around 14 degrees Celsius, the temperature in the lake water is around 21 degrees Celsius. It is warmer to soak in the lake than standing outside the lake. Of course, you can play outdoor games while on the lake. Swimming competition for example.

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Cooking Competition

The next outdoor game is a cooking competition. This time we will cook in a different location. Cooking in the kitchen is normal while cooking on the mountain is extraordinary. The fatigue of hiking and the cold temperature around Mount Rinjani will make you very hungry. How do we make it more exciting, a cooking competition? Next, just appoint who will be the judges.

Usually on the mountain delicious cook what ya? If I like spicy and hot soup food. Especially if not eat Indomie soup along with black coffee on the mountain.

Nature Photography

enjoy sunrise at the peak of Rinjani (photo: doc)

Those of you who like photography are certainly very happy with this outdoor game. That is a game of taking cool photos. the winner is the best photo.

Mount Rinjani is the king of good photo spots. All photo angles on this mountain, nothing is not good. The locations are all good. Starting from the entrance post to the exit post offers good places to take pictures. When on the mountain you will pass Segara Anak Lake which can be used as a photo object. While at the top, you can capture the moment by taking sunrise photos. Collecting good photos is fun, isn’t it?

Picking up trash

In the Mount Rinjani area, it is not allowed to leave garbage. Because the supplies become garbage you have to bring them down when climbing down. All equipment will be recorded at the entrance including what items you are carrying.

All items that have the potential to become trash must be brought back down. This provision is mandatory and those who violate the provisions will be sanctioned by the manager. Can picking up trash be an outdoor game? Of course, it can. Besides being fun, this outdoor game has a positive value because it conserves the environment.

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Memorizing the route and the name of the object

This is an outdoor game that is no less interesting. The game of memorizing the route and the name of the location object. Sharpening your memory and memorizing something new is difficult. But usually, the brain remembers more easily when in a happy situation. When climbing a mountain, the mood is happier so it is very easy to memorize and remember the route and the name of the location that was just passed.

When going down Mount Rinjani, make a challenge with your family or friends. How far do you and your colleagues memorize the names of routes and locations that have been passed? The winner will get a reward.


Those are some outdoor games that you can play on top of Mount Rinjani. It turns out that it’s also exciting to be on the Mount Rinjani hiking trail. Especially accompanied by an experienced trekking organizer. You will get a different experience. Not all trekking organizers are allowed to guide the climbers. Only professional trekking organizers and get permission to accompany.

Parman Trekker, Trekking organizer has excellent knowledge and service. Not only guiding, during the trip you will get education about flora, fauna and cool attractions. Together with professional trekkers, climbing is like an exciting and fun outdoor game.

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