Planting Tree on Rinjani

Engaging in Tree Planting on Rinjani

Acknowledging that all climbers directly immerse themselves in the natural environment, we, as the Rinjani expedition company, extend an open invitation to the community, tourism stakeholders, and Mount Rinjani visitors to actively contribute to environmental stewardship. It is imperative that we collectively embrace our role as custodians of the environment and diligently adhere to local government policies to preserve our natural surroundings. We firmly believe that ascending a mountain should not come at the expense of environmental degradation.

Our Ethic Work

In line with this ethos, Rinjani Trekking Specialist, as a provider of services, has initiated several programs aimed at the restoration and preservation of Mount Rinjani’s ecosystem. Through strategic tree planting initiatives in barren or arid regions, we endeavor to bolster the sustainability of the environment within the Mount Rinjani area, thereby positively impacting various facets of human life.

Each climbing program or package offered by us represents a collaborative partnership between our company and climbers. Together, we work in harmony to realize our shared conservation objectives. We encourage activists and mountain climbers to actively participate in tree planting activities within the Mount Rinjani region, facilitated by our experienced guides and porters.

By actively engaging in tree planting endeavors, we collectively contribute to the revitalization of Mount Rinjani’s natural landscape and foster a deeper sense of environmental responsibility within our community. Join us in our efforts to preserve and protect the natural beauty of Mount Rinjani for generations to come.

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