Planting Tree on Rinjani

Planting Tree on Rinjani : Considering that all climbers are elements who directly enjoy the conditions of the natural environment, and we are the Rinjani expedition company invite the community or tourism actors and Mount Rinjani tourists to become a direct control medium for the environment and play an active role in being sensitive to the policies of the local government in an effort to environmental preservation by instilling the notion of “climbing a mountain does not mean having to destroy the environment”

Therefore, our company Rinjani Trekking Specialist as a provider of services and services has implemented various programs for the restoration and preservation of Mount Rinjani Nature by replanting trees in barren or dry places in an effort to maintain the sustainability of the environment in the Mount Rinjani area, and have an impact sustainable aspects of human life.

every program or package of Climbing Mount Rinjani that we have offered is a form of cooperation between us as providers or media and climbers as mediators to complement each other in realizing the program that we have discussed.

you as activists or mountain climbers can participate in tree planting in the Mount Rinjani area with our guides and porters when climbing

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