Benefits of Natural Hot Springs from Rinjani Geothermal

The geothermal potential of the Rinjani caldera produces hot springs for natural hot springs.  Where the geothermal potential is in the Rinjani National Park, precisely around the village of Sembalun.

The form of natural hot water flows to different places, namely Sebau River, Kalak River, and White River. Even the geothermal manifestations are also in other forms in the form of altered rocks.

Rinjani National Park which contains the Rinjani Caldera is an interesting place to visit. Its geothermal potential has opened up hot springs which have become tourist attractions

Great Geothermal Potential

Many studies have involved government agencies such as PLN to investigate the great potential of geothermal energy. In fact, the findings mention the potential for large geothermal reserves ranging from 100-110 Megawatts.

It is certainly encouraging that the Sembalun area and its surroundings have the potential to produce environmentally friendly geothermal electricity. The electrical energy produced is of course useful for supplying energy to the local community.

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Favorite Tourism Destination

In addition to having energy potential, of course, geothermal potential opens up opportunities for wider tourist destinations in the Rinjani National Park. especially, if not natural hot spring baths. Parman trekker pals must like this one natural tourism.

Best Time to Soak in Geothermal Water

The temperature of mountainous areas is very cold like in the Rinjani National Park. By soaking in natural geothermal water at night, it gives a sense of enjoyment.

Soaking in geothermal water after a tiring hike up the mountain eliminates fatigue and fatigue in an instant. In addition, soaking hot water at night is more serene and prevents cold.

Benefits of Geothermal Natural Hot Springs

The natural hot springs of the earth have very healthy virtues. Other benefits of warm water are relaxing tense muscles and improving blood circulation. This time, Parman Trekker discusses the benefits of geothermal springs. What are the benefits, let’s discuss.

Has a Calming Effect

Local residents are performing a ritual at the Rinjani hot springs (photo: Kompas)

Geothermal bathing has a relaxing and calming effect. In addition, geothermal bathing can improve the circulatory system.

It is not uncommon for routines to lead to stress and anxiety which have a negative impact on mental conditions. If it lasts for a long time it can make a person’s health fall. One of the reasons people climb Mount Rinjani is to reduce tension, reduce stress, and restore lost mood.

The way to do this is to bathe in the Rinjani hot springs. Climbing Rinjani would be incomplete if you didn’t bathe in the hot springs. Meanwhile, the Rinjani hot spring bathing locations are spread across several locations such as at the foot of Mount Rinjani, near Lake Segara Anak, in caves, and many more.

Improves Blood Flow

illustration of muscle cramps due to poor blood circulation (photo: CNN Indonesia)

Makes the body relaxed due to smooth blood flow. Bathing in hot springs has a good effect on improving blood circulation. because smooth blood flow throughout the body is the key to human health.

Bathing in Rinjani hot springs can make blood vessels wider than usual. although it is only temporary because the body will return to normal temperature.

At least soaking in the Rinjani hot springs can relieve joint stiffness. It turns out that pain and muscle stiffness are influenced by narrow blood vessels.

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Maintain Skin Health

Hot water from Rinjani hot springs can open skin pores. So dust and dirt can be lifted more easily. Thus, soaking in a hot spring will make your skin cleaner and fresher.

The sulfate content in geothermal water is a healthy skin therapy. In addition, soaking in hot springs can treat skin diseases. The sulfur content in it can also solve acne problems and clean skin pores.

Burning Calories

Hot springs in Rinjani ‘Milk’ Cave, Lombok (photo: Buliran)

People who rarely exercise but want to get the ideal body weight can try soaking in hot water from this Rinjani hot spring. According to research, geothermal springs can burn calories.

To lose weight is to reduce consumption and burn calories with exercise. For those of you who find it difficult to do sports such as walking or jogging, perhaps soaking in a hot spring could be a solution.

Improve Sleep Quality

Soaking in a hot spring bath can improve blood circulation. Because blood circulation becomes smooth, the body will respond by releasing happiness hormones.

The name of this hormone is endorphin hormone. Hormones are released when the body feels happiness. In addition, this hormone can relieve stress and relieve pain.

Soaking in the Rinjani hot springs can soothe and improve sleep quality. Especially when you do it before bed, such as in the afternoon or evening. This way, when you wake up, your body will feel fresher again.


Signs that you need relaxation are when you have difficulty concentrating and remembering what you are studying. This is caused by poor blood circulation. It is a fact that poor blood circulation affects brain function.

The best place to relax is by soaking in geothermal hot springs. You can just soak in hot water in your bathroom or use a hot shower. but the sensation of soaking in geothermal springs is something special.

Lombok is an island that is famous as the most beautiful tourist attraction. Located in the east of Indonesia, this island offers the most complete tourist destination. Here we can find beautiful small islands and their beaches.

and the most iconic is of course the Rinjani volcano which has great geothermal potential. because the geothermal source is what makes this location have so many hot springs. Many climbers from abroad contact us to guide their journey to the top of Rinjani and stop at the hot springs.

Parman Trekker as a professional guide will show you the hot spring bathing spots spread across the Rinjani National Park.

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