Rinjani Trekking Guide for Beginners

Are you looking for detailed information about climbing Mount Rinjani? You need to read the following article. You will get to know the Rinjani trekking guide before going to climb. If you are a beginner at climbing, you should pay attention to the trekking guide to give you insight when visiting Mount Rinjani.

Tours and trekking to Mount Rinjani, Lombok becomes an attractive thing that is most in demand by tourists. Both domestic and foreign tourists who have a hobby of exploring mountains will be interested in climbing Mount Rinjani. However, before doing that, you should collect as much information about the Rinjani trekking guide to follow.

The mountain that belongs to Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara Province is 25 km long, counting from the entrance to the Mount Rinjani Park area. There are two main trekking routes that you can follow, they are Sembalun and Senaru. Both of them have their own characteristics. You can choose based on your need and capability.

Rinjani Trekking Guide for Beginners

For those who are beginners in climbing, you should get to know the route as well. The distance from the Sembalun crater rim to the top of Mount Rinjani is 3 km. If you count from Pelawangan to the peak and from the peak back and to the Sembalun crater rim, the total distance is 6 km.

Meanwhile, the terrain of the Sembalun route starting from the climbing gate to post III is relatively not too heavy. You can pass this route easily if you are well-prepared. It is because the track is flat and not too uphill, namely climbing from 1200 m to 1800 m above sea level. Also from the post-III, the track is more challenging, namely the hill of remorse.

Along the Sembalun route, you will see a savanna forest, starting from the entrance gate to the Mount Rinjani National Park area. From post III to Pelawangan, there will be a savanna and forests. You can pass this route easily while sightseeing the beauty of the savanna in Mount Rinjani.

Meanwhile, the Senaru route is more challenging and tiring when you start from the gate which is 601 m to 2641 m above sea level. This route is steeper than the Sembalun route. The Senaru route is dominated by dense forest starting from the National Park area to post III. Walking about 500 m from post III to Pelawangan, you will reach Savanna and fir forests.

However, both Sembalun and Senaru’s routes down to the lake are relatively the same, they are steep and rocky. You have to be careful when passing these two routes. Rinjani trekking is quite hard thus you should prepare as well.  You can choose between these two routes that fit your capability.

If you plan to visit Mount Rinjani, you can read the detailed reference about the Rinjani trekking guide so you can climb safely. Rinjani Trekking Specialist provides a package to guide you along the route to the top of Mount Rinjani. We will delightfully accompany you to the tops of this beautiful mountain in Indonesia.

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