About Rinjani Trekking Specialist

About Rinjani Trekking Specialist

We are The Rinjani Trekking Specialist leading company of Senaru – Lombok, are the team of well Experienced & Equipped personnel, we have been organizing treks, and mountaineering, we are the local leader for Rinjani trips at entire Lombok. Our local knowledge and Lombok and Rinjani experiences ensures that we are the real people who are operating trips in this Lombok destinations and also known about Lombok Sasak and its reality. We have grown up; learning mistakes and comments from our valuable clients so we can provide high quality trips of exceptional value with no hidden extras. Our well experienced team of local guides  will get you to know the real adventure of any Lombok trips of Senaru Lombok better than anyone else. From the greenest beginner to the sharpest professional adventure travellers, we can get you where you want to go and assure you our best trip.

  • ISO 9001: 2008 certified company
  • Certified Member of ATOAI (Adventure Tour Operators Association of Indonesia)
  • Led by a team who’re qualified with Basic Mountaineering Course and Advanced Mountaineering Course
  • Organising fixed departure treks across the Rinjani Lombok in Semablun and Senaru
  • Organizing expeditions at over peaks across the Rinjani Mount that are permitted by Rinjani National Park

Team And Facilities

Trek leaders: Qualified with Basic Mountaineering Course and Advanced Mountaineering Course. Each of the Trek Leaders holds Wilderness First Aid Responder Certification.

Team: Besides Trek Leaders, every batch has sufficient support staff including local guides, cooks and helpers .

Food: Hygienic, energising and majorly vegetarian food with occasional egg dishes.

Equipment: Hi-end, sturdy, well maintained sleeping tents, dining tents, toilet tents and other equipment like climbing ropes, crampons etc.

Emergency Equipment: Stretcher, oxygen cylinders and well-stocked First Aid kits.

High Altitude Chambers (GEMO Bag) in certain high altitude treks. (Specially in Roopkund and Stok Kangri).

Accommodation: In comfortable guesthouses at base camps or in high quality tents on twin sharing basis.

Transport: From pick up point to base camp in MUV or smaller vehicles for safe and comfortable rides

How We Started

In 2015, two young mountaineers, Parman and one other from Malaysia, met at the start of a Rinjani Summit expedition. The expedition ended, but a deep friendship had just begun. They shared a love for adrenaline and adventure. The combination that saw them traverse the mighty Rinjani, summit quite a few peaks and explore trails and paths that would leave the rest of us fainthearted. Soon, they were working for the same company. But the call of the Rinjani was just too strong to be ignored. Sitting in restaurants in their respective cities, a plan was hatched on the phone. A plan to quit their jobs, start a trekking company and share their love for the high mountains with other people. But what would they call this company?

“How about Trek The Rinjani”, asked one. “Perfect” said the other.