10 Motivations For Many People to Hike to Rinjani Volcano

Rinjani Volcano has motivated many people to hike again and again. Even though the person has already been to this volcano. Still, many people return to climb the Rinjani Volcano to feel the sensation of being at the top of 3726 meters above sea level.

Maybe, you are one of them who repeatedly go to Rinjani. Makes you curious, what is it that motivates many people to climb the mountain?

Rinjani volcano is an active volcano located on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. Its existence is a magnet for hikers from all over the world to conquer the peak of Dewi Anjani, the highest peak of Rinjani Volcano.

Mountain Hiking Is Healthy

Climbing Rinjani Volcano is an experience that may not be forgotten for a lifetime. When you manage to reach the top, there is an extraordinary pride. Despite taking a 20 km hike, people who come here are still not saturated. They will repeat the climb again and again.

If we think about it, hiking a mountain like Rinjani Volcano requires tremendous effort. Then, it requires fighting power and physical prime. Our energy will be quite drained during the trip. But after reading this explanation from Rinjani Trekking Specialist, you will understand why people climb the Rinjani Volcano repeatedly.

Yes, the reason is that climbing mountains is healthy. Our body health and organs will become healthier with this one sport. Climbers are people who are rarely affected by disease. They have strong immunity and are immune to disease.

Motivation To Hike

This time, Parman Trekker as Rinjani Trekking Specialist discusses some of the motivations of the hikers we serve. What makes them look so excited to hike the Rinjani volcano which takes 4 days of travel time.

The climbers look very ready and there is no fear at all to break through the Rinjani forest which is famous for its diversity. Rinjani Trekking Specialists are also better prepared to guide the climbers to get to the top of Rinjani.

These are some of the reasons and motivations for many people to climb mountains, especially climbing the Rinjani volcano. Let’s see the following review.

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Providing New Experiences

The first reason why our hikers go on a Rinjani volcano trek is because they want to add new experiences. In the beginning, that was generally the reason for beginner hikers when Rinjani Trekking Specialists asked the hikers.

But in the end, they became our regular clients. They continue to climb Mount Rinjani even though they have done it several times. At first, it was just to add new experiences and eventually became addicted to mountain climbing.

Hiking For Recreation And Vacation

The next motivation for our hikers to go to Rinjani Volcano is just for a vacation and refreshing for a moment from the fatigue of work.

For this motivation, we will usually offer travel packages with the easiest and fastest routes. Because the reason is just a vacation, Rinjani Trekking Specialists will choose a route that has many water attractions such as waterfalls or hot springs.

We may choose a route for you such as the Rinjani Trekking route via Tete Batu, which has many beautiful rice fields, just like the tour in Ubud Bali.

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Strengthens The Heart And Lungs

Mountain climbers have a fairly strong breath endurance. Because the heart function of mountain hikers will work harder than usual. So that the heart and lungs become trained by itself.

And this is one of the motivations of the Rinjani volcano hikers we met. The climbers are not all young, there are also our hikers who are quite old. Climbing the mountain can strengthen heart function so that the risk of death due to heart attack can be minimized.

For those who want a healthy heart then try to trek the mountain. Rinjani Trekking Specialist who will guide your journey. In addition to adequate preparation, climbers will be directed to a more relaxed and safe path.  Because the priority of safety is the number one of our trekking company services.

Increase Body Stamina

The next motivation for people to hike Rinjani Volcano is for fitness reasons. Indeed, to climb the mountain, the main requirement must be fit. After you get used to climbing mountains, feel the difference before having a hobby of mountaineering and afterward.

People who have a hobby of hiking have good body stamina. In addition, the physical appearance of mountain climbers looks stronger than those who have never climbed mountains.

Strengthens Leg and Back Muscles

strong mountain shoes (photo: eiger)

If you want your leg muscles to be stronger, often climb mountains. naturally, leg and back muscles will be formed stronger because during the climb the leg muscles move more.

Want to have more athletic leg and back muscles, go climb Rinjani Volcano. A 20 km walking trip is enough to be a natural nutrient for your leg muscles. However, do it slowly and there is no need to rush. We will get to the top of Rinjani Volcano with stronger legs.

Mountain Trekking As a Sport

Rinjani 100 runners (photo: Instagram/@rinjani100ultra)

Those of you who like jogging on the road might try jogging at Rinjani Volcano. Even the local government holds a routine event, Rinjani 100. Which, this event is the biggest running championship on the island of Lombok.

Cross-country running sports in the Rinjani National Park have successfully attracted the attention of runners and climbers around the world. Even Rinjani 100 has become a prestigious international event.

Then, this is what motivates the hikers to come to Rinjani Volcano. They want to take part in one of the most prestigious events in the world, Rinjani 100. You whose hobby is running marathons should try running in the mountains.

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Getting Closer To Nature

Another reason that motivates climbers to Rinjani Volcano is because they want to get closer to nature.

Lose Weight

There are also those whose motivation to climb mountains is to lose weight. Is that true? The fact is that there are those who have the motivation to climb mountains to get the ideal weight.

Add Knowledge

How come mountain climbing can increase knowledge? The fact is that, especially if you climb Rinjani Volcano which has a large environmental ecosystem.

The Rinjani volcano forest has a large population of animals and plants. And usually, our team as a Rinjani guide, is tasked with educating climbers during the ascent of Mount Rinjani.

Shaping a Mental and Healthy Mind

For people who have a hobby of mountaineering, one of the motivations is to get calm. Mountain climbing is an effective means to form a healthy mentality and mind.

Add Relationships

The last reason that motivates climbers to always climb mountains is to add relationships. We found that the climbers of Rinjani Volcano formed a very close friendship. It all started with a common hobby.

What Is Your Motivation?

If you hike a mountain what is your motivation? It could be one of the ones we mentioned above. Rinjani Trekking Specialists are ready to accompany your first Rinjani volcano trekking trip. And we are sure after that there will be a second, third and so on.

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