Tete Batu Rinjani Hiking Looks Like Bali’s Ubud Tourism

Tete Batu Rinjani Hiking is a path that is no less awesome by having the shortest route to the second summit of Rinjani. This awesome hike is located in the village of Tete Batu, which is the oldest tourist village on the island of Lombok.

What is this Tete Batu Rinjani Hiking like? Parman trekker will review it for our readers.

Rinjani Second Summit

pemandangan menakjubkan dari puncak kedua rinjani (foto: Instagram/mfaridz)

The Rural Tourism Area

Tete Batu Rinjani Hiking is known by foreign tourists as a village tourism area with cool temperatures.

Passing the Rice Field Road

a footpath with a beautiful view of rice fields (photo: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia)

It’s cool to pass the peak of Rinjani with views of rice fields. Similar to the atmosphere of the village of Ubud on the island of Bali.

Ecotourism With Natural Nuances

Ecotourism that connects with nature (photo: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia)

If here instead for climbers who aim to climb as well as a relaxing vacation. The vacation is more complete because of the many lodging options such as home staycation. Similar to the atmosphere of Ubud Bali which offers lodging tourism with natural nuances.

Waterfall Tourism Destination Village

Sarang Walet Waterfall in Tete Batu Village (photo: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia)

Enjoy Hiking While On Vacation

The Tete Batu Rinjani Hiking is an anti-mainstream hike and is unlikely to feel tired at all. Because we climb Mount Rinjani with an atmosphere of exciting activities. We can enjoy cycling activities, learn gardening, and see bamboo crafts. Very different from other hiking trails.

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Will Be a Favorite Hike

Seeing its great potential in the future. The Tete Batu trail will be very popular with hikers in the future even though it is currently not as popular as other hiking trails.


The Tete Batu hiking trail is said to be the shortest, safest, and most comfortable hiking trail to Mount Rinjani, especially to get to the Pelawangan post. Plawangan is another name for the summit of Mount Rinjani.

As for the other hiking trails to the top of Rinjani, they are the Sembalun trail and the Senaru trail. These are the more popular and longer trails. To get to the highest summit of 3726 meters above sea level, hikers have to hike more than 30 km.

Meanwhile, reaching the summit of Rinjani via the Tetebatu trail is quite short. only by hiking as far as 18.7 km.

Meanwhile, to reach the summit of Rinjani through the Tetebatu route is quite short with only 18.7 km of hiking. Although it does not reach the highest summit, this hike is very satisfying for tourists whose purpose is to vacation.

The Parman Trekker team is very ready to guide the hikers to enjoy the nature of Mount Rinjani. We will go through the best hikes to make you feel satisfied while in the Rinjani National Park.

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