The Belief Story of Mount Rinjani

The belief of Mount Rinjani is a hereditary story about the origin of Mount Rinjani. Scientifically, the formation of Mount Rinjani was due to a major eruption of a large volcano in the 13th century. However, when viewed from the origin of Mount Rinjani from a myth or story there are several versions.

Although a myth is not necessarily guaranteed to be true, there are some people who really believe in it. The form of belief is seen in rituals, ceremonies, and traditions carried out by local communities.

What is the belief of Mount Rinjani which is a volcano that is considered sacred by the surrounding community? Rinjani trekking specialists will discuss the myths and legends of the highest volcano in Indonesia.

The Great Eruption

Scientifically, geological sites such as Mount Rinjani, Segara Anak Lake, and Mount Rinjani’s subsidiary (Mount Barujari) are the result of the eruption of Mount Samalas. The active volcano erupted around 1257 or around the 13th century.

The eruption of Mount Samalas is said to be the most devastating volcanic eruption in the history of mankind. There is an opinion that the eruption of this mountain beat the awesomeness of the eruption of Mount Krakatau. The island of Lombok at that time was devastated to experience significant depopulation until the earth experienced a dramatic decrease in temperature.

Meanwhile, we can see the former eruption of Mount Samalas in the form of the Samalas caldera. Climbers can see the beauty of the samalas caldera from sembalun crater rim, senaru plawangan peak and rinjani second summit (kondo peak).

The Myth of Mount Rinjani

If the origin of Mount Rinjani is based on science is the process of a catastrophic mountain eruption in the 13th century. So, what is the origin of Mount Rinjani based on the stories and beliefs of the community?  Rinjani trekking specialists will discuss it specifically for loyal readers.

The Figure of Dewi Anjani

The name of Mount Rinjani is taken from the name of a royal princess named Dewi Anjani. Rinjani or anjani have similar names.

According to the people’s story, the goddess Anjani is believed to reside on Mount Rinjani. People believe that the goddess Anjani has magic and is beautiful. So, some people perform special ceremonies to honor her figure.

Whether you believe it or not, the name of the goddess Anjani is attached to Mount Rinjani.

Palace On Mount Barujari

lake on rinjani mountain (photo: IDN Times)

Some local people believe that there is a genie palace on Mount Barujari. The mountain, which is nicknamed the son of Mount Rinjani, is located in the Samalas caldera. And you need to know this mountain has the status of an active volcano.

Rinjani Peak And Segara Muncar

Mount Rinjani has a peak and a crater called Segara Muncar. You need to know that the Rinjani caldera has impressive peaks and the highest one is as high as 3726 meters above sea level.

There is a myth that says that the peak of Mount Rinjani is a false peak. Because the actual mountain peak is not visible. In addition, there is a myth that the crater of Mount Rinjani called Segara Muncar is the palace of the genie queen.

Segara Anak Lake

camping spot (photo: doc)

The next myth or belief, some say if this lake looks wide then you will live long. And vice versa if you see this lake looks narrow then it means you live long.

Hot Springs

There are hot springs that are believed to be a place to test magic or spiritual prowess. One of them is Aiq Kalak Hot Springs which is a place to test the prowess of sacred objects or heirlooms.

A kris is a sharp traditional weapon like a knife but has a unique blade style and structure. meanwhile, to test the prowess and strength of this kris by inserting it and soaking it into The Aiq Kalak Hot Spring.

If the result is that the kris becomes bent then the object does not have magical powers. If the result is not bent then the kris or heirloom has great magical powers. Such are some beliefs about the sacredness of Rinjani hot springs.

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Sacred Place of Worship

Mount Rinjani is a sacred and holy place. That is the assumption of some local people of Rinjani. There are those who make Mount Rinjani a place to meditate or meditate. And some make it a place of worship. Depending on their respective beliefs.

Gua Susu or Milk Cave

Hot springs in Rinjani Milk Cave, Lombok (photo: Buliran)

One of the caves located in the Rinjani National Park is the Milk Cave. The name is Milk Cave because it is said that the cave wall drips water that has a different flavor like the taste of milk. This place is also used as a place of worship for some beliefs.

And it is said that this place is a place for black magic or occult seekers. Now back to each of the beliefs that we hold today. whether to believe it or not.

Inside this milk cave, there is a hot spring from natural geothermal heat. The thing that tourists like the most is the hot springs which are very reassuring to the body. How delicious it is to soak in hot springs that are good for body health.

Positive Thinking

Climbing Mount Rinjani must have excellent stamina to reach its peak. In addition, having good stamina is not enough. The climbers must have a positive mind. If this is not just a myth anymore.

When climbing the mountain, climbers are prohibited from thinking negatively and complaining. Because it is said that whoever complains here, what is complained about will come true.

Actually, this has a scientific explanation because the body does respond well to positive thoughts. And this Rinjani myth makes us always think positively.


Regarding the belief of Rinjani, it cannot be proven scientifically, including the origin and name of Mount Rinjani itself. Rinjani trekking specialists only want to make this topic knowledge not to be used as a belief.

Even so, this myth also helped build culture on Mount Rinjani. local people love the nature of Mount Rinjani by preserving it. So that Mount Rinjani becomes a world-famous natural tourist climb.

The reason Rinjani trekking specialists raise this topic is that the cultural value of Rinjani is very high. The Rinjani forest also has a high economic value where hundreds of unique plants are here. What else prevents you from immediately going to Mount Rinjani? Feel the extraordinary sensation with an unforgettable experience with Rinjani trekking specialists.

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