The Marriage of Bride Lombok

Lombok bridal traditions

In holding a wedding, Lombok brides have a culture. The culture that became a tradition is called Merariq. Merariq in the native language of the Sasak tribe, Lombok means eloping. In the Sasak tradition, marriage must be by merariq or eloping. The bride’s parents will be offended if the bride is not taken away by the groom. The time to take the bride away is not during the day but at night.

Elopement cannot be said to be an aberration because the two brides have gone through several processes beforehand. So, this is not a forced marriage where one of the brides does not agree. Rather, it has received the approval of each bride and her family. So, what is the process leading to this elopement involving Lombok brides? Parman Trekker will discuss the Lombok bride tradition in full.

The stages of midang

Midang is the language of the Sasak tribe, and Lombok means to propose. Before eloping, there is a midang or proposal process carried out by the groom and his family. The purpose of the proposal process is to get to know each other. Then, there was an agreement to continue it the marriage process between the Lombok bride.

The provisions in this proposal process follow the customs of marriage in Lombok. First, the bride and groom who can propose are not mahram. Second, the bride and groom must not be jealous of each other. Third, the bride and groom should not sit close to each other. Fourth, the place of proposing is done in the open. And fifth, proposing should not be done in a quiet place.

After reaching a marriage agreement, the Lombok bride and groom must do merariq or elope at night. The date of the elopement has also been discussed beforehand.

The stages of merariq or elopement

Merariq is the language of the Sasak tribe, and Lombok means eloping. merariq is taking the bride away by the groom to elope in Lombok. To carry out this elopement, the groom and bride follow several provisions.

The provisions of elopement in this tradition must be carried out by Lombok brides. First, the bride is taken to her parents’ house. then the second, the bride who will be invited to elope has stated her willingness. then the Third, the elopement is carried out at night before 23.00 WITA. then the Fourth, elopement must be carried out politely.  then the Fifth, the bride who is brought to elope must be accompanied by a woman as well. then The sixth, the location of the elopement is in the family home of the groom. And finally the seventh, the bride’s whereabouts are notified to her family.

The stages of mesejati and selabar

Mesejati is the language of the Sasak tribe of Lombok and means notification. In this case, the groom’s family informs the bride’s family that a marriage has occurred. In this Mesejati, community leaders are also included. After this process, the marriage ceremony is usually held immediately. At the latest, the marriage contract is held three days after the mesejati stage.

The stage of sorong serah

Sorong serah is the language of the Sasak tribe of Lombok and is an event in the traditional wedding ceremony of a Lombok bride. Organizing the sorong serah event at the bride’s house. As for the cost of the event, it is entirely the responsibility of the groom.

The stage of nyongkol

nyongkol in the language of the Sasak tribe, Lombok is an event where the groom visits the community to the bride’s house. The wedding ceremony is at the groom’s house. Therefore, the purpose of the nyongkol event itself is to introduce this Lombok bride to the community. Especially to the community where the bride lives.

Nyongkol is the biggest and most festive event. Where the groom and bride wear traditional clothes. This Lombok bride looks like a king with his queen. During the Nyongkol event, there are traditional regional arts such as gamelan, klentang, and other traditional Lombok arts. There is also drumming called Gendang beleq.

The nyongkol event is unique to Lombok itself. Of course, for tourists, it is an unforgettable experience. The accompaniment of the Lombok bridal party accompanied by art is the beauty of the culture owned by the people of the island of Lombok.

Positive values in the elopement tradition

elopement or merariq is a tradition that applies in the Sasak tribe and has a positive and unique value. For the people of Lombok, a man must have self-respect. Men who come from the Sasak tribe, Lombok must show their masculinity as a man. Elopement shows the courage of a man who will become a Lombok bride. Of course, a man’s responsibility to be the head of the household is not easy.

The bridegroom who dares to take action runs away from the bride to perform the marriage. Elopement is a way to carry out the marriage process. Many men in this world like a woman, but do not dare to take action to ask her to marry.

Preserving Lombok Culture

Lombok people highly value Lombok traditions. Lombok bridal weddings also follow Lombok traditions. Even including artists from Lombok who still preserve Lombok culture. One of them is Angga Yunanda, a famous Indonesian artist. He is proud to be a Lombok person. On occasion, he has expressed his pride in being a Lombok person. He is very proud to tell about the Sasak tribe, the original tribe of the people of the island of Lombok. According to him, the Sasak tribe has many traditions that make the people a better person.

He is very familiar with the culture and life principles of the people of Lombok. Then, he was very eloquent in telling the custom of nyongkolan, a wedding custom in Lombok. Although Angga has lived in Jakarta for a long time, he has not forgotten his home region.

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Elopement for the groom is understood as a manifestation of the value of a man’s courage. Meanwhile, elopement for the bride is understood as a manifestation of self-respect. The groom takes the Lombok bride in an unusual way. It takes extraordinary courage and effort to marry a Lombok bride.

A girl who is rushed by a man symbolizes that women in Lombok have an expensive value. Women’s families will usually be humiliated if their daughters are not rushed by a man. Such is the philosophy of this Lombok bridal wedding custom. Many lessons from a very meaningful Lombok culture.

Thus our review of Lombok wedding culture. Lombok bride weddings also enrich the island of Lombok in terms of its famous tourism. Everyone certainly knows Lombok as a beautiful tourist destination. starting from the beauty of the beach and the splendor of Mount Rinjani. As for the city, the beauty of Mataram has its charm as a modern city. It was coupled with the culinary delights of Lombok food. Are you ready to explore the beauty of the island of Lombok? We are ready to be your travel partner while on the island of Lombok.


Annisa R. A. 2017. The Merariq Marriage Tradition of the Sasak Tribe in Lombok

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