Traditional Street Food Can Make Music?

Traditional Street Food

Traditional street food is most sought after when visiting tourist attractions. Lombok Island with its extraordinary beauty of beaches, has delicious traditional food. This time Parman Trekker takes you around the island of Lombok and the traditional food typical of Lombok. The street food with the dominance of ingredients derived from palm sugar will impress you. We guarantee you will not regret making these traditional foods as souvenirs for family, friends, and coworkers. You must be curious, right, what snacks are on the island of Lombok.


cerorot traditional food (photo: IDN times Ntb)

This traditional street food can often be found in the homes of Lombok residents during major celebrations such as weddings and Eid al-Fitr. This street food is no stranger to the people of Lombok. You can make this snack as a souvenir when you return to your hometown. The shape is unique because the packaging in coconut leaves is cone-shaped with brown contents inside. The coconut leaves, often called terorong, wrap the snack neatly.

This food consists of coconut milk, palm sugar, rice flour, sugar, and salt. So, the dominating flavor is delicious and sweet on the tongue which makes it addictive. The shape of the coconut leaf packaging makes cerorot an iconic snack of Lombok Island.


tombek traditional food (photo: IDN times Ntb)

This food has similarities with cerorot food. It has a sweet taste from the flavor of palm sugar. If the cerorot is cone-shaped while the tombek snack is smaller. The difference lies in how to eat it. To eat cerorot snacks you have to roll it in the palm of your hand. Meanwhile, to eat tombek by unfolding a leaf called ‘enau’. Another difference is the time of serving the food. Cerorot snacks are served on joyous occasions. While tombek food is served at sad events such as funeral events.

Sugar gending

sound source from outside the tin box (photo: instagram/ kaekaha)

This one food is the only food that has a musical sound, called gula kending. Kending sugar is a confectionery snack. This snack comes from the village of Kembang Rarang, East Lombok. To get to this village, you can use land transportation from the city of Mataram for 36 km. With a travel time of approximately 1 hour, you will arrive in this village.

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This food is more favored by children because of its unique shape. Unlike other traditional foods, this tradition has the uniqueness of how to sell it. That’s because the seller plays the rhythm that comes from gending. gending produces a musical rhythm that attracts buyers. That’s why the snack is called gula gending. The seller sells the snacks by hitting the gending which is also the container for the confectionery. Gula gending snacks come in a variety of colors. There are white, pink, light brown, and yellow color variants.

Serabi lak-lak

serabi lak lak in the stove (photo: RRI)

This traditional street food originates from East Lombok. The difference between serabi lak-lak and other serabi, in general, is that it has a larger size and crispy texture on the edges. However, it has a very soft texture in the center. Its white color makes this traditional snack very popular with children and adults. The ingredients of this traditional food are made from coconut milk and a mixture of coconut sugar. It tastes even more delicious when served with palm sugar and grated coconut. The palm sugar used is from the village of Langko. The sweetness is very different, unlike other palm sugar.

The cooking method is also unusual. The method of cooking serabi lak-lak is not a stove, but a ‘pan’ made of clay. The pan is placed on a stove containing firewood as a substitute for a stove for cooking. The fragrant aroma of the serabi being cooked makes anyone impatient to eat it. The fragrant aroma of serabi with its sweet and savory taste you can get at a price of only Rp. 2000 per piece. not expensive right?


traditional kaliadem food (photo: kompas)

This small donut-shaped traditional street food is legendary. It is quite old and has become an iconic snack typical of Lombok. Some also call it a traditional food from Bali. It uses the same ingredients as lak-lak pancakes, palm sugar. This snack has even reached other countries such as Australia.

Making this traditional food is quite simple by making dough from ingredients such as rice flour, red palm sugar, grated coconut, and salt. Once the ingredients are made into dough, shape the dough into small donuts. Then, fry them in boiling cooking oil. Once cooked, the traditional snack is ready to be served. Although the method of making it is quite easy, there is also a risk of failure. The taste becomes bland and not savory if the mixture of ingredients is not right. This snack can be your snack when you are at the office. Accompany your work with a cup of coffee. The price of this snack is also not expensive at around Rp. 15,000 per piece.


That’s our review of traditional Lombok food which is mostly made from palm sugar. There are many other typical Lombok snacks. But in this case, we want to discuss traditional food with a sweet taste.

Starting from cerorot snacks identical to long cones. Jajanan tombek with its bright green color. Then, some snacks have a musical sound, namely gula gending. There is also serabi lak-lak which has a fragrant coconut aroma. To kaliadem snacks that resemble rings or donuts. In addition to its sweet taste and appetizing aroma, this snack has a philosophical value. For example, cerorot snacks are synonymous with happy occasions. At the same time, tombek snacks are a sign of sadness. Because the time of serving is during grieving events.

Hopefully, with this review, you will be more interested in coming to Lombok. This island located in the east of Indonesia offers the beauty of its beaches, there are pink beaches. Then, culinary tours that you must try here such as taliwang grilled chicken. If you want survival by climbing the mountain? we are ready to be your best friend while climbing Mount Rinjani.

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