Rinjani Trek Senaru or Sembalun

Rinjani Trek Senaru or Sembalun is is a question that often arises for beginner climbers who want to trekking Rinjani.

Deciding on the Trek Route in 2022 Should I start from Senaru or Sembalun?

How do you choose between rinjani trek Senaru and Sembalun? This was the first question I had in every one have planning. It’s actually very simple – if you only have three days to spare, you can only go for a 2D1N trip and you have to choose between Sembalun and Senaru since they are located on different sides of the mountain. So here are the pro and cons:

If you want to summit in the 2D1N trip, then you would be going via Sembalun, which features an easier climb (mostly flat) through the grasslands to the base of the summit. The downside is that you would be walking under the sun the entire time.

If you are absolutely sure you WILL NOT attempt to summit in 2D1N, you should go through Senaru. This will take you through a steeper non-stop climb through the rainforest, and a fairly difficult rocky climb in the last leg. But it’s a more beautiful and shaded route than Sembalun. You cannot reach the summit in two days if you go through Senaru though.

I also personally would not recommend attempting summit if you are doing a 2D1N. While it’s possible, you’d be very rushed and more tired since you’ll have to do a lot of climbing on the second day.

If you are doing a longer trek, maybe a 3D2N – this is what most people choose, then you don’t have to worry about choosing as you would be hitting both sides anyway. However, if you are wondering whether to start from Sembalun or Senaru, it probably comes down to when you want to summit. If you want to summit earlier in the trip, then choose Sembalun. If not, then choose Senaru.

so which one will be your choice? Rinjani Trek Senaru or Sembalun ?