Rinjani Info: Trekking Organizer, Guide, and Porter

Rinjani info this time we want to discuss all the things you should know such as trekking organizer, guide, and porter. You must be curious because at first glance the three are almost the same but apparently there are differences in their functions.

Rinjani Info

Not only these three terms, we will discuss some popular terms in the hiking of Mount Rinjani. other terms such as hiker, hiking, garbage checklist and etc.

Mt. Rinjani National Park Agency

This agency is a technical implementation unit mandated by the Indonesian government through its ministry to manage the Mount Rinjani National Park.


Hiking is the activity of climbing the mountain through the official hiking entrance of Mount Rinjani National Park. rinjani info for the official hiking entrance of Mount Rinjani which is currently available there are 6 lines.

The Rinjani hiking trail through the official entrance from the villages of Sembalun and Senaru is currently the favorite. In addition, there are also other official Rinjani hiking entrances consisting of the Tete Batu route, the Torean route, the Timbanuh route, and the Aik Berik route.

Each official door of the Rinjani climbing route has its own uniqueness and excitement.

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Rinjani info next we discuss the term hiker. What is a hiker? Hikers are visitors who climb Mount Rinjani on official trails and have met the hiking requirements and have an entrance ticket to the Mount Rinjani National Park area. Meanwhile, there are also the terms archipelago hikers and foreign hikers.

If the archipelago climbers are visitors with Indonesian citizenship who hike in the Mount Rinjani National Park. To prove citizenship status by showing an identity card or family card.

Meanwhile, foreign climbers are visitors of foreign nationality who climb Mount Rinjani National Park. And to prove it by showing population documents.

Both archipelago hikers and foreign hikers in terms of enthusiasm, are the same. Many hikers from countries outside Indonesia climb Mount Rinjani.

Hiker Quota

The maximum daily number of climbers allowed to hike at each official entrance. For the safety of the climbers themselves and to avoid anything unwanted, the number of hikers is limited every day.

Hikers who enter will be recorded at the official hiking entrance and likewise hikers who exit the Rinjani hiking exit.

Trekking Organizer

A Trekking Organizer is a person or institution that has a Business License for the Provision of Nature Tourism Services issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in the form of a trekking tour service provider.

For information, Rinjani Trekking Specialist by Parman Trekker has a valid and active business license for nature tourism service providers. This license is continuously updated every five years. Not only that, Parman Trekker also has a safety standard certificate, namely a risk-based business license issued by the Indonesian government through its ministry.

With this requirement, the Trekking Organizer is entitled and allowed to accompany climbers on activities on Mount Rinjani. Because they have verified their security in providing assistance. If caught in the future there is a problem, it is impossible for this trekking organizer to have its license revoked. So that it cannot provide assistance in the future.

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A guide is a person who carries out activities in Mount Rinjani National Park with the main activity being the guidance of climbers. Not just anyone can become a guide. Those who become guides already have a permit card from the Head of the Gunung Rinjani National Park.

Meanwhile, these guides are also affiliated with a trekking organizer. They do not work alone but in collaboration with the Trekking Organizer that oversees it.

The guides already have experience and training in guiding hikes up Mount Rinjani. They are people who are physically fit and are familiar with the Rinjani hiking trails. In addition, if there is an unexpected natural event, these guides already have training in disaster management evacuation and hiking risks.


The next Rinjani info is the climbing porter. This term is very popular in Rinjani climbing. what is a porter? Porters are people who carry out activities in the Mount Rinjani National Park with their main activity being to help carry climbers’ belongings.

They are also in charge of preparing the needs of climbers in climbing in the Mount Rinjani National Park. Including preparing camping needs and food needs while climbing. This logistical need is the task of a porter.

Being a porter on Mount Rinjani must also have a permit card from the manager, namely the Mount Rinjani National Park Office.

Rinjani Trekking Specialist by Parman Trekker has an experienced porter in providing the logistical needs of climbers. The existence of our porters guarantees the comfort of the climbers including food needs while on the mountain.

Health Certificate

Rinjani info that you need to know is to prepare a health certificate before climbing the mountain. This is something that you must fulfill if you want to climb Mount Rinjani. This letter proves that you are not sick and in a fit condition.

A health certificate is a letter issued by a government doctor, health center, health clinic, or hospital. Which letter states that prospective climbers of Mount Rinjani are in good health and are eligible to climb.

For the duration of the letter, at least 3 days before the prospective rinjani climber starts climbing rinjani.

Trash Checklist Data

Rinjani info that you need to know next is that it is forbidden to throw garbage in Mount Rinjani National Park. Therefore, every climber will have their luggage checked. Then, the luggage will also be shown when going out at the Rinjani climbing exit.

Waste checklist data is data that shows a list of climber’s luggage that has the potential to produce waste. All items that have the potential to become garbage, must be brought back out of the climb.

Equipment Check List Data

equipment that you must bring when hiking (photo: afifahhaq.com)

The next Rinjani info is to show the list of equipment that you bring. Equipment checklist data is data about the list of standard climbing equipment that must be carried by climbers.

The standard equipment in question includes a jacket, change of clothes, strong shoes, trekking poles, raincoats, and so on. If trekking and camping equipment, you don’t need to worry there are Rinjani Trekking Specialists by Parman Trekker who will prepare it for you.

Hiking Rates

The climbing tariff is the price of the entrance ticket to climb Mount Rinjani National Park based on official regulations. To enter the hiking trail and get to the top of Mount Rinjani as high as 3726 meters above sea level, you are required to pay a ticket.

And you need to know, the specialist Rinjani trekking travel package by Parman Trekker already covers all your needs including tickets.

Want To Get a Rinjani Guide With Experience?

What do you think of Parman Trekker’s explanation as a Rinjani Trekking Specialist? Pretty clear isn’t it? In this case, Parman Trekker also provides Rinjani mountain hiking packages for 5 days and 4 nights.

Our experienced guides will handle all your needs, from trekking equipment to logistical needs. And we will pick you up from the location point to take you back to the airport or tourist attractions around the island of Lombok.

Together with Rinjani Trekking Specialists realize the ascent of Mount Rinjani with an extraordinary experience and the best service from us.

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