Mount Rinjani As The Best Trekking Destination in The World

Hiking enthusiasts and the world media mention that Mount Rinjani is “The 50 Best Hikes in The World”. The ascent of Mount Rinjani in Indonesia has attracted world attention, including the world press. And media reporting on the extraordinary natural beauty of Mount Rinjani.

Mount Rinjani, which has an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level, is located on one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia, called the island of Lombok. The beauty of the mountain is legendary enough that anyone would be interested in feeling the moment at the top of the mountain.

The Most Beautiful Mountain Peaks In The World

The traditional path to the top of Rinjani (Photo: Kompasiana)

Being the best trekking tour because Mount Rinjani is included in a caldera which consists of several famous peaks around it, including sembalun seven summits. The names of the rinjani caldera peaks include: sempana peak, valley peak, kondo peak, virgin peak, pergasingan peak and Bao ritip peak. Meanwhile, Mount Rinjani is the highest peak.

These peaks have varying heights and different and unique natural settings. Some are facing rice fields, some are facing lakes, and some are facing the peak of Mount Rinjani itself. Tourist visitors will not pass the moment just like that. most of the climbers will go camping and spend the night at the top of the mountain.

Getting Appreciation And Positive Response

The activities of nature tourism activists make hiking and camping at the top of Rinjani a favorite and most popular activity. They capture many of these moments to take pictures on the summit and spread them to social media.

Then, various internet sites also provide a fairly good response from within the country and abroad. Not only hiking enthusiasts, the UNESCO world body has also recognized the natural forest of Rinjani as a global geopark.

So, what kind of recognition and statements from tourism activists who say Mount Rinjani is the best trekking tour in the world :

Best Trekking Destination In Southeast Asia

Best Rinjani Trek Illustration (Photo: Instagram/rinjani100ultra)

This statement comes from the well-known media IDN Times which was formerly called Indonesian Times. This media mentions Mount Rinjani as the best trekking destination in Southeast Asia.

Mount Rinjani aligns itself with world-renowned mountains such as Japan’s Mount Fuji and Nepal’s Mount Annapurna Circuit. Of course, it is not without reason that this famous media mentions the best Mount Rinjani in Asia because it is still the best tourist destination in Indonesia.

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Favorite Tourist Destination

Rinjani Mountain National Park camping site (photo: doc)

The Lufthansa City Center website states that Mount Rinjani is the prima donna tourist destination on the island of Lombok and the best in Southeast Asia.

Of course, Mount Rinjani is the most admired tourist destination because everyone who goes to Lombok aims to see Mount Rinjani up close. Mount Rinjani which is located in the Rinjani national park area of Lombok is the center of its tourist destinations.

For beginner climbers, there are several alternatives to enjoy nature in the Rinjani National Park. You can take the hiking trail to the closest peak such as the Timbanuh rinjani hiking trail or the tete batu rinjani hike.

In addition, around the Rinjani National Park, there are also other tours that are no less beautiful. There are waterfall tours, hot spring tours, and agro tours.

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The 50 Best Hikes In The World

explorer magazine canada (photo:

Mount Rinjani is the 50 best hikes in the world according to a statement from Explore Magazine. Which is a Canadian publication that publishes news, lifestyle, adventure, travel destinations, and outdoor activities from its home country of Canada and events from outside Canada.

This magazine has a website that has been around since 1981. Therefore, the publication of writing about the beauty of Mount Rinjani in Indonesia became appreciated by world tourism activists.

Meanwhile, when are you planning to climb Mount Rinjani in Indonesia? The world media has already admitted it, so instead you have to prove it yourself by coming directly to Lombok Island, Indonesia. Feel the natural beauty of Mount Rinjani and see for yourself the best trekking destination in the world.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Hikes In The World

There is another tourist activist statement that says Mount Rinjani is included in the “Top 10 Most Beautiful Hikes In The World”. This comes from the Top Archives on the YouTube media platform.

Again, the statement is not surprising. Lombok Island, Indonesia, not only has Beautiful Hikes In The World but also has the most beautiful beaches in the world. The statement came from South Korean Vogue magazine.

Complete the beauty of the island of Lombok in Indonesia which has two beautiful tourist destinations namely beautiful hikes and beaches in the world. After climbing Mount Rinjani and reaching its highest peak, we will descend the mountain to feel the beauty of the lake on the mountain. And continue the journey to the most beautiful beach in the world.

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Various positive responses from tourism activists and Rinjani climbers prove Mount Rinjani is the best trekking destination in Asia parallel to legendary mountains such as Mount Fuji in Japan. Another reason Mount Rinjani deserves to be the world’s best tourist destination is the natural ecosystem that is still maintained.

The rinjani forest is a natural place for rare endemic animals such as the florescent eagle, rinjani cuckoo, langur to the protected Timor deer. In addition, it is also a place to grow plants with high economic value such as morel mushrooms and edelweiss flowers.

Not to mention we see the potential source of geothermal water here which is very much. Look at so many hot springs around the Rinjani National Park. At the top of Rinjani, you will be presented with a view of the blue Segara Anak lake. All that is in the tourist destination of Rinjani, Lombok.

When do you plan to visit Mount Rinjani? The Parman Trekker team will accompany you to explore every beautiful location in the Mount Rinjani National Park. Which, these places make Rinjani National Park the best trekking destination in the world.

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