Morel Mushroom, the Rare Plant in Rinjani Forest

Morel mushrooms, which are known as very rare plants, live in the Rinjani Forest. This plant has high economic value and can only live in certain forests.

Rinjani National Park, Lombok, is one of the places where this rare plant lives. Because this rare plant only lives in certain tropical areas.

For us, this plant is included in the seven main plants of the Rinjani forest that have economic value and expensive selling value. Researchers and experts have confirmed that the mushrooms that live in the Rinjani forest are of the morel mushroom type. Mushrooms that many countries in the world make it an important object of research.

This time, the Parman Trekker Team invites our loyal readers to get to know more about this rare plant. One of the riches of the Rinjani forest is Lombok, which is not widely known to many people.

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High-Value Morel Mushroom

Morel mushrooms illustration (photo: voice of Indonesia)

This mushroom, whose Latin name is Morchella Esculenta, has a unique shape resembling a honeycomb. In addition to its unique shape and holes, it has a value that is not owned by other forest plants in general.

Although it grows wildly in dense forests, many people do not realize that this plant has many virtues in the world of health, has a high nutritional content, and becomes a medicinal plant to become a delicious culinary.

In addition, what are the virtues of this Morel Mushroom? Let’s discuss it together, parman trekker friend

Treat Dangerous Diseases

According to Parman Trekker pals, what are the dangerous diseases that can cause death in humans? Most of our answers are Cancer.

The world is fighting cancer and continues to look for drugs to fight deadly cancer. And the content in morel mushrooms has compounds or substances to prevent cancer. Which is anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor content in it can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Lose Weight

The problem that many people face in general is the problem of obesity. Diseases that come from foods containing high levels of fat. The thing that is difficult to avoid for most people in general is controlling their diet which has an impact on obesity.

In addition to obesity, there is something even more dangerous the body will produce cholesterol. Which can eventually cause hardening of the arteries and block blood flow to the heart. And this disease can cause someone to die suddenly. That is one of the effects caused by cholesterol.

The good news is that there are compounds in morel mushrooms that have the effect of lowering cholesterol levels. Because there are polyphenol compounds in morel mushrooms that play a big role in balancing fat levels.

If it’s like that, we finally understand why this rare plant has a very high economic value.

To Counteract Free Radicals

Excessive free radicals in the body cause several dangerous diseases. The way free radicals work is that they attack the human body’s defense system and damage the body’s cells. The damage caused is what causes disease to the body.

For your information, diseases that arise due to free radicals include conditions, heart disease, and cancer. Three very dangerous diseases that threaten the safety of our lives.

So how do we fight these free radicals by eating foods that contain antioxidants? That substance is owned by a rare plant that lives in the Rinjani forest, Morel Mushroom.

Some studies show that linoleic acid compounds in morel mushrooms act as good antioxidants. Now, we know more about this rare plant.

For Skin Beauty

Problems with the skin are generally due to the body’s disturbed metabolism. So to launch the metabolism, we need to eat foods that contain anti-inflammatory substances.

It is known that morel mushrooms contain linoleic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory function. Once we consume this one plant, the impact is that the body’s skin gets brighter. In addition, acne on the face can simply disappear.

It could be that the beauty products you use today contain elements from this rare plant.

Delicious Culinary

Many people hesitate to consume mushrooms that grow in the forest. Because it lives and grows wild just like that in the forest. That makes people unsure whether Morrel mushrooms are safe for consumption. Besides, there are types of mushrooms that contain toxins harmful to the body.

Unlike the morel mushroom, because it has compounds that are good for health and nutrients that are good for the body. So this one mushroom develops into one of the delicious foods. And most likely will continue to innovate as public interest develops.

Some traditional communities, for example, make this rare plant food to eat. By making it as fried food, soup food, and food processed with meat.

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Pay Attention to Mushroom Hygiene

Although it can be used as a delicious meal, pay attention to the cleanliness of this rare plant before making it into food. And make sure you consume it by cooking it first. Never eat it raw, parman friend.

If you are in doubt about the type of mushroom in the Rinjani forest, then ask the Parman Trekker team in the field. Because we not only take you to the top of Rinjani. But we have a duty to educate you during the trip.

During the trip to the top of Rinjani, we will be presented with a lot of flora that lives in the Rinjani forest. And, the trees here are still natural and preserved.


Now we realize that Mount Rinjani, Lombok, has extraordinary wealth. Starting from the wealth of tourism such as the peak of Rinjani, Plawangan Sembalun, Segara Anak Lake, and hot springs. Plus the wealth of flora that lives in the Rinjani forest.

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Natural wealth in the form of Flora and fauna of the Rinjani forest makes the second-highest volcano in Indonesia interesting for us to visit. Not only climbers in general, but many public figures have set foot on the top of Rinjani.

Of course, accompanied by a professional Rinjani guide, the Parman Trekker team always provides its best service for Rinjani climbers. As a Rinjani Trekking Specialist, we will accompany and provide education about the flora that lives in the Rinjani forest. if we are lucky, we will find a rare plant, the morel mushroom.

And we can’t wait for your presence with your loved ones. Please contact us, for your first experience climbing Mount Rinjani.

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