Not Just One Night! Prepare 4 Nights For The Lombok Island Tour

Don’t have any vacation ideas after a month of fasting? Take a travel package to Lombok Island instead. Rinjani Trekking Specialists has a 5-day 4-night Lombok island tour travel program.

After a full month of fasting in the month of Ramadan, you need refreshing to reorganize the nearest agendas. The only place that is very complete with beaches, mountains, waterfalls, hot springs and snorkeling is Lombok.

Meanwhile, the island of Lombok has the highest volcano in Asia, Mount Rinjani, which has a great history.

Reasons for Vacation to Lombok Island

What is clear is that Lombok Island is still the best for tourist destination because there are many excellent attractions here. Although this island is not as big as the island of Java, in Indonesia the island of Lombok is still a prima donna place to spend the best vacation time.

In addition, the island of Lombok has small islands that are still part of the island of Lombok. Local people call them gili and the names of the gili in Lombok are unique.

And you need to know that the number of Gilis in Lombok is very large. So you will be confused yourself to decide which Gili has a beautiful beach. Because all the Gilis on the island of Lombok are very beautiful with beautiful beaches.

Not Enough for One Night

To explore the gilies on Lombok alone it seems that one day will not be enough. On the island of Lombok itself there are 3 most famous gili namely gili meno, gili trawangan, and water gili. And each of the gili is ideally one day for each gili.

Therefore, Rinjani Trekking Specialist made a 5-day travel package to maximize tourist destinations on the island of Lombok. Is it enough with just five days? Actually, that’s enough, but we make sure the trip is enough to satisfy you after undergoing fasting activities.

Rinjani trekking specialist is proud to invite tourists to explore Lombok for 5 days and 4 nights. The package we have prepared for you and your beloved family. It includes accommodation, lodging, and meals. Are you ready to travel on the island of Lombok with Rinjani Trekking Specialist?

Walking on Lombok’s First Day

On the first day of traveling on Lombok, we will invite you to beach tourist destinations and village tourist destinations.

For beach destinations, we will vacation at Kuta Beach and Tanjung Aan Beach. Meanwhile, for village tourist destinations we will visit several villages that have high cultural values.

The route of the first starting point of the trip since your arrival at Lombok International Airport. the Rinjani Trekking Specialist team will pick you up at the arrival location. This is a form of our service to tourists to bring a sense of security and comfort. Then after that, we will do a sasak tour on the island of Lombok.

What is the Sasak tour? The Sasak tour visits the cultural sites of the indigenous tribe of Lombok, the Sasak tribe. Among the sasak sites are sade village, sukarara village, banyumulek village. After we visit all the villages, we visit the most beautiful beaches on the island of Lombok, namely Kuta beach and Tanjung Aan beach.

The end of the first-day trip is lunch at Kuta beach and dinner at a restaurant to enjoy taliwang grilled chicken. Taliwang chicken is a specialty of Lombok which is famous throughout Indonesia. Then, head to the best hotel on the island of Lombok for a night’s rest.

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Walking on Lombok Day 2

On the second day on the island of Lombok, we will vacation to the world-famous Gili islands. Later we will rent a private boat to Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air. How is the sensation of riding a private boat to Gili Trawangan? Certainly exciting and an unforgettable experience.

The most exciting activity on Gili Trawangan is of course snorkeling to see the beautiful underwater biota. In addition, we will taste lunch with delicious food at the restaurant on Gili Trawangan. And for dinner itself, we will taste delicious food on Senggigi beach.

Meanwhile, before the evening approaches, we will see the sunset view on Malimbu Hill which is very beautiful. From the top of this beautiful hill, we can clearly see the beach and the beautiful sunset. Okay, it’s time to go back to the hotel to rest.

Walking on Lombok’s Third Day

On the third day on the island of Lombok, we move from the hotel after breakfast there. Our next agenda is to go to the pink beach which is famous for its unique sand because of its pink color.

Not many beaches in the world have pink sand. If the beach with white beach sand is common. Because it is unique, the Rinjani trekking specialist team includes pink beach as your travel package while on the island of Lombok.

Then, we will visit the sand island in the middle of the sea which is very exotic. We will have lunch at the pink beach and dinner at Dakota restaurant before returning to the hotel.

Lombok Sightseeing Fourth Day

Sendang Gile Waterfall (photo: Google Maps)

On the fourth day on Lombok, the next destination is a waterfall tour in the Rinjani National Park. where we will visit the exotic Tiu Kelep waterfall and Sendang Gile waterfall.

Then we will visit the Pusuk monkey forest and have lunch in Senaru village. The fourth day is more impressive because we will be at the foot of Mount Rinjani which has a peak as high as 3726 meters above sea level. Mount Rinjani is a very famous icon of the island of Lombok.

Walking Around Lombok Fifth Day

Finally, we come to the last day on the island of Lombok. Unlike the previous four days, on the last day, we scheduled shopping in the city center of Mataram. We will look for typical Lombok souvenirs to take home as a memento of your trip.

One day we will do a city tour in the city of Mataram which is the capital of the island of Lombok. Goods such as food, clothing, and souvenirs are quite complete here. In addition, the city of Mataram is also famous for its coffee shops and delicious food.

When Will You Take a Vacation To Lombok?

That’s it for our discussion about the 5-day trip while in Lombok. Now, when are you going to Lombok? Rinjani Trekking Specialist is at your service. And all about the five-day trip we have included in the travel package during the tour of Lombok. Regarding everything we will prepare everything and calmly the price is also quite affordable and reasonable.

The most important thing is for Rinjani trekking specialist customer satisfaction is the number one priority. We are waiting for your arrival on the island of Lombok and see you soon.

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