Rinjani Trekking Official Invites Hikers To Plant Trees

Guide and Porter Rinjani Trekking Official turned out to be involved in inviting climbers to care about the green nature of Rinjani. Rinjani Trekking Specialists as one of the rinjani trekking officials participated in taking the initiative by inviting the climbers to care about the environment.

Programs such as planting trees and collecting garbage are some of the programs they offer. If you think about it, how come the climbers want to do such activities?

Mountaineers usually have a high social spirit. They are not mountain climbers if they don’t care about the environment. They consciously and voluntarily get involved in the environmental care program programmed by Rinjani Trekking officials. Although in plain sight it looks tiring, this program turns out to be quite exciting.

Those of you who have never climbed a mountain must be curious about how exciting it is to plant trees and clean up at the top of Rinjani. What is clear is that this activity is very fun.

Official Rinjani Trekking Agenda

Because the existence of Rinjani trekking officials is very helpful for climbers, it is not surprising that the number of requests for Rinjani guides continues to increase.

Mount Rinjani has become the center of tourist activities that have a positive impact on society. the development of Rinjani tourist destinations is directly proportional to the increase in homestays, food and beverage businesses, transportation services, and trekking organizers or official trekking.

If there is no environmental awareness, it is not impossible for the rinjani mountain national park area to become a dirty area. for this reason, Rinjani trekking officials such as Parman Trekker collaborate with climbers to maintain environmental cleanliness.

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Tree Planting in Rinjani

a footpath rinjani with a beautiful view of rice fields (photo: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia)

Tourism on Mount Rinjani is second to none. The natural beauty here really makes anyone will be amazed. Starting from the foot of the mountain to the top of Mount Rinjani beautiful tourist spots. There are views of rice fields, waterfalls, fauna, flora to lakes on the mountain.

But that does not mean that the Rinjani forest is not free from damage. Public awareness must be fostered by socializing the adverse effects of forest destruction. Rinjani trekking specialist actively participates in programs that aim to preserve the forest.

The Rinjani reforestation program is planting tree seedlings on barren and arid land. The climbers are also involved by Rinjani Trekking Official.

Every climbing program or package offered by Rinjani Trekking Specialist is a form of collaborative partnership between our company and the climbers. Together, we work in harmony to realize our shared conservation goals. Our Rinjani Trekking official encourages activists and mountaineers to actively participate in tree planting activities in the Mount Rinjani region, facilitated by our experienced guides and porters.

The indirect message is that by climbing Rinjani with Rinjani Trekking Specialists, climbers are directly involved in mountain conservation.

Zero Trash And Go Clean Rinjani

Hundreds of Volunteers Clear Mount Rinjani of Trash (photo: KSDAE)

The Go Clean and Zero Trash Rinjani program is a program that also involves our Rinjani climbers. That way Rinjani trekking officials and climbers are participating in creating a zero-waste Rinjani environment. Of course, it looks a little troublesome, but this is a value that we want to instill in every climber.

The climbers who are your partners must be people who care about the environment after they complete the 5-day travel package.

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Given that so many tourists vacation and climb Rinjani, Rinjani trekking officials show moral responsibility even though they have to increase the burden on climbers. The question is, are you one of the people who feel burdened by this program? Hopefully not. Mountain climbers are usually people who love environmental cleanliness.

The message we want to convey clearly to climbers is to start a culture of caring for the environment starting from Mount Rinjani. The culture of picking up litter will have an impact on the environment in the long run.

About Rinjani Trekking Specialists

A Rinjani trekking specialist is a Rinjani trekking official who participates in promoting the beauty of Mount Rinjani. This company has experienced guides and porters who will take climbers to the best spots of Rinjani. And the great thing is, all the needs of the climbers are the responsibility of this company.

These needs include providing equipment, supplies, and guiding services to cooking food for climbers. Especially for equipment such as personal medicine, and changing clothes, for example, it is still the climbers themselves who prepare it.

Meanwhile, it is interesting that the Rinjani trekking official still gives the responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness of the environment in Rinjani to the hikers. They participate in programs such as planting trees to picking up trash. Then, the hikers along with Rinjani trekking officials carry the garbage down from the mountain to the exit of the Rinjani trekking tourist destination.

Interesting, isn’t it? Although these climbers are actually consumers who must be served, they are given a shared responsibility for cleanliness.

Let’s Climb Mount Rinjani

You when climb Mount Rinjani with Rinjani Trekking officials. There are so many guides here that can guide you to the top of Rinjani. However, Rinjani Trekking Specialist is different with a track record that has proven its quality in service.

When you go to Mount Rinjani, you can contact the Rinjani Trekking Specialist and let our team provide the best service for you. We have a relaxed hike concept so that hikers are comfortable during the hike.

We will visit the best spots on Mount Rinjani, one of which is Lake Segara Anak. Lake which is above the height of Rinjani. For equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, to food needs during the climb, let us take care of it.

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