You Should Know! Earth Products on Mount Rinjani Are Incredible

The forests of Mount Rinjani Lombok are indeed endless for us to discuss because there are so many. In addition to having tall towering wooden trees, Mount Rinjani has high-value forest products. If the wood tree is of course there are already a lot of ecosystems in Rinjani. while non-timber forest products are also a lot, you know parman trekker friend.

Rinjani Forest Has The Most Endemic Animals

The existence of countless wooden trees and plants provides a sense of security to the animals on Mount Rinjani. Meanwhile, eagles freely perch in the wilderness of Rinjani.

No wonder, the rinjani forest has been the home of endemic animals for years. That’s because these animals feel comfortable occupying the Rinjani forest, which covers 9% of the island of Lombok. Moreover, the availability of food sources here is very abundant. So do not be surprised along the way you meet animals such as monkeys freely in the forest of Mount Rinjani.

There is a Savannah Forest in Rinjani

In climbing to the top of Mount Rinjani, climbers will find forests with dense wood trees. In addition, there is also a savanna forest that looks like a vast grassland with wooden trees that look rare.

This is what makes the journey to the top of Mount Rinjani unique. Not only that, along the way we will find rivers and valleys that are so steep with diverse plants.

There are also flower plants that are most sought after by Rinjani climbers, namely edelweiss flowers and orchids. Anyway, during the trip you will be amazed by the discovery of unique plants on Mount Rinjani.

There are rare plants that are protected on Mount Rinjani. And you can’t carelessly pick those plants. Mount Rinjani forest is a conservation forest protected by the government. The big wooden trees are the most protected plants.

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Produce of Mount Rinjani

If we have previously discussed the beauty of Mount Rinjani tourism. This time discussing the produce of Mount Rinjani which comes from its plants.

If certain plants can not just pick or take it. Meanwhile, for this one rinjani crop can be used for sale. Local people successfully utilize crops in the Mount Rinjani National Park for economic needs.

This Rinjani mountain crop does not come from large wooden trees. Its existence is around the forest which is quite easy to reach. But there are also those that require considerable effort such as forest honey. Taking honey requires an effort that is not easy.

Rinjani Honey

Rinjani honey comes from bees that live on trees. The beehives are usually perched on top of the bidara trees in the forests of Mount Rinjani. then, the beehives are the place of honey production by bees living in the Rinjani forest.

More specifically, rinjani honey has virtues for health. The benefits of honey for the body are increasing immunity, maintaining digestive health, beauty, and medicine for serious diseases.

Hence, rinjani honey is a product of the rinjani mountain forest that has high economic value. The proceeds from the sale of honey are very capable of supporting a family properly. As long as you are able to manage it well, the Rinjani honey business is very profitable.

Fern Plants

Fern plants are actually quite easy to find in the forests of Mount Rinjani. Sangkin many of these plants, are almost considered pest plants. Even though fern plants have high economic value.

By most Indonesians, ferns are plants that can be used as vegetable dishes. For example, the traditional food “lontong” is very delicious when served with fern dishes. The way to process ferns is by cooking them with additional spices such as coconut milk, onions, coriander, pepper, and salt.

In addition to being a delicious vegetable, fern can be an ornamental plant. Because of its unique shape, this plant can decorate your front yard.


Rattan plants are the result of natural resources on Mount Rinjani that have high economic value. From this rattan, we can make household appliances such as chairs, tables, and cabinets.

This type of plant can be found in the forests of Mount Rinjani which live creeping and can reach a length of about 100 meters more. This abundant natural resource is the wealth of Mount Rinjani which contributes to the prosperity of the community.

Indonesia is the largest producer of rattan in the world and the producing area itself is the forests of Mount Rinjani.


Grass is actually a pest plant. For many people, grass is a type of plant that needs to be destroyed. This is because its existence disturbs the main plants. Then, to destroy the grass itself can be done by cutting or using grass poison.

However, not for grass on Mount Rinjani. The existence of grass here is an advantage for cattle or buffalo farmers. Where the grass is the main food for livestock.

And make no mistake, grass is a plant that can absorb carbon dioxide to be converted into oxygen. No wonder the air in the Rinjani forest is so fresh. In addition, according to research, grass has virtues for health such as healing wounds and skin.

Medicinal Plants

Sembalun Agro-Tourism (foto: Instagram/kedai_sawahsembalun)

There are many medicinal plants on Mount Rinjani. Among the medicinal plants is morel mushroom. Mushrooms have a very high price because of their virtues as medicinal plants. There are also those who say that morel mushrooms are the second most expensive mushrooms in the world after truffles.

Known as a medicinal plant, this morel mushroom has ingredients that can kill and prevent malignant cancer. Another virtue of morel mushrooms is their content that can ward off free radicals.

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One more crop that comes from plants on Mount Rinjani is candlenut. Candlenut trees have the characteristics of having a fairly tall tree height, which can reach 15 to 20 meters. Meanwhile, the fruit itself is round with a diameter of up to 6 cm.

This one rinjani mountain crop is utilized for its seeds. Of all the benefits of candlenut, most people make this candlenut as a cooking spice. Not only that, candlenuts also have benefits for skin beauty and fertilize hair.

In addition, candlenuts are also believed to overcome health problems such as fever and indigestion. Wow, it turns out that Mount Rinjani has a lot of rich earth products. Not only the timber trees have economic value.


Jackfruit is a tree as well as the name of the fruit that we can see in several places in the Rinjani forest area. the characteristics of jackfruit are its yellow color and has sweet taste. In addition, jackfruit can also be made into delicious vegetable dishes.

The content of jackfruit itself, it turns out to be good for consumption because it has vitamin A content that is good for the body.

There Are Also Many Earth Products

If you only know Rinjani as a climbing tourist spot, you are wrong. Mount Rinjani is not only a beautiful climbing location with challenging routes. But this mountain holds a very large wealth of earth that we have explained before.

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