How to Join Rinjani Tour in Lombok Daily Tour Program

The excitement of the Rinjani tour on Lombok Island, Nusa Tenggara Islands, Indonesia. The island, which is famous for its beautiful mountains and beaches, is indeed at the peak of popularity as a tourist destination.

There are already countless numbers of tourists visiting its beaches. And not to mention we count tourists who do Rinjani Tours while in Lombok. if you have never been here it feels like a real loss. Which island has the most complete tourist attraction? There are mountain tours, beach tours, waterfall tours, agro tours, hot spring tours, and many more.

Let’s Take a Trip to Lombok

Rinjani tour (Photo: Indonesiakaya)

This time Rinjani Trekking Specialist invites hikers to do Rinjani Tours and beach tours while in Lombok. Because there are too many natural attractions in Lombok, the author focuses on 4 tours including the Rinjani tour at Senaru Village.

Mount Rinjani Lombok currently has 6 official climbing routes, one of which is the Senaru route. If you want to go to Lombok, you must take a Rinjani tour with Parman Trekker as a Rinjani Trekking Specialist. Come on, what is the Lombok Daily Program designed by Parman Trekker? You are curious, right?

Pink Beach Lombok Tour

Lombok Pink Beach (Photo: IDN Times)

If you travel to the beach that is mediocre maybe you have done it often. What if we invite you to visit an unusual beach that has pink sand? Never been right.

This Lombok beach has an exotic and charming sand color, namely pink! How come this beach is different from the beach in general? Usually, almost all beaches have an average sand color that is white, not pink.

Even in the southeast Nusa Tenggara islands alone, there is not only one pink beach but two. One is in Lombok and the other pink beach is in Labuan Bajo, Sumbawa island. Lombok Island and Sumbawa Island are still in the same archipelago, southeast Nusa Tenggara.

For the pink color that dominates the color of the beach sand comes from dead coral reefs carried by the waves. More specifically, there are small animals or living organisms that have died over the years. So that the dead organisms are mixed with beach sand.

Besides being a habitat for coral reefs, this beach is famous for its extraordinary underwater beauty. The favorite agenda of the tourists on the pink beach is of course swimming and diving to see the beauty of the underwater.

East Lombok Gili Island Tours

On the next tour, we will discuss the beauty of Lombok’s Gili islands. In the local language, Gili means small island. As an illustration, the island of Lombok is in the southeast Nusa Tenggara archipelago then the Lombok island area itself still has small islands called gili.

Although a small island, the gili island is the main attraction for tourists to come to the island of Lombok. names such as gili meno, gili trawangan and gili air are three islands that must be visited when going to Lombok.

Therefore, Rinjani Trekking Specialist includes a tour to Gili island as the main tourist destination besides the Rinjani tour. If there are Indonesians themselves who have never been here, it’s a shame. Meanwhile, tourists from other countries are busy here. Your time as an Indonesian has never been anyway. Let’s schedule a vacation here with your family accompanied by The Rinjani Trekking Specialist.

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Kuta Beach Lombok Tour

The Lombok tour by Rinjani Trekking Specialist is no less exciting than the Rinjani tour, namely the Kuta beach tour. The best beach on the island of Lombok and Indonesia.

There are several reasons why you should go to this beach. The first reason is because this beach has a beautiful view overlooking the hill. The sunset atmosphere looks more romantic with a charming hill background.

The next reason why you should go to this beach is that Kuta’s underwater snorkeling tour is very beautiful. The tourists are most happy with this one activity. Moreover, the location of Kuta Mandalika Beach is very close to the Mandalika circuit, the location of the MotoGP motorcycle race.

In addition, Kuta Beach facilities are very adequate and quite good. The environment is very friendly for children because of the children’s playground. There are public facilities and restaurants that serve very delicious food.

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Senaru Sasak Village Tour

camping spot at segara anak lake (photo: doc)

Senaru village is one of the most favored climbing routes of Mount Rinjani because it presents many tourist destination stopovers. Rinjani tour through Senaru is considered more challenging with a fairly long path. Suitable for beginners and advanced climbers.

In addition, this Rinjani tour is considered more exciting, first because the route goes directly to the top of Mount Rinjani as high as 3726 meters above sea level. Which is the second-highest volcano peak in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the highest volcano in Indonesia itself is Mount Kerinci in Jambi.

The second reason why the Rinjani tour through Senaru is more interesting is because it passes through the tourist destination of Segara Anak Lake. Which is this lake is the icon of Mount Rinjani and has even become a picture of Indonesian currency. So very iconic is the lake that is above Mount Rinjani on this one.

Then the third reason why this Rinjani tour is preferred is because of its beautiful location for exciting camping. The purpose of the tourists to the island of Lombok because they want to camp on Mount Rinjani. And, don’t ask again how exciting camping is here. Which is clearly very exciting!

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How To Join Rinjani Tour

Rinjani Trekking Specialist has a special program for tourists who want to travel to the coast of Lombok and the Rinjani Tour. This special program is called the Lombok Daily Tour Program. We will have fun and surround the island of Lombok until we are satisfied starting from the beach to Mount Rinjani.

Surely you can’t wait to do the Rinjani Tour in Lombok right? Now Rinjani Trekking Specialist will tell you how to make your Rinjani tour feel fun. The Parman Trekker team will provide shuttle facilities that pamper climbers so they don’t need to be confused until the climbing location.

In addition, climbers do not need to worry about food supplies during the Rinjani tour because there is a Rinjani Trekking Specialist who will provide it. The menu itself is directly cooked by our guide.

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