Pergasingan Hill, The Place for Extreme Sports

Pergasingan Hill Sembalun which is one of the hills on the circumference of Mount Rinjani. For those of you who like extreme sports that spur adrenaline then this is the place.

This hill, which has an altitude of 1670 meters above sea level, has charisma as a destination for lovers of extreme activities. Many climbers make Pergasingan Hill as one of the main destinations besides Mount Rinjani.

Check The Facts of Pergasingan

Parman trekker as a Rinjani trekking specialist not only invites climbers to try Mount Rinjani. because this Pergasingan hill is no less exciting and can make adrenaline race quickly. What is this Pergasingan Hill like, let’s look at this fact

Located in Sembalun

Rinjani trekking lovers are very familiar with this region. Sembalun is the name of a place that is used as one of the routes to the top of Rinjani. and become a favorite route or path of Rinjani climbers.

In addition, this village is known as an agro-tourism village. You can see how many rice fields and plantations are owned by local people along the route to Rinjani. those of you who are tempted by the fruits hanging on the trees, just pick them yourself. meanwhile, the garden owner will provide facilities with direct payment.

Besides the price is quite cheap because it is directly taken from the tree, and the fruit picked is fresher and more delicious.

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Becoming a Nature Tourism Park

Bukit Pergasingan has become a popular nature park. This park gets a lot of attention from local climbers and tourists from abroad. Because nature has the charm of a very beautiful view.

Colorful Rice Field View

The view that is more awesome and impossible to forget is the view of colorful rice fields from the top of the peak.

Not just green but colorful rice fields. The view is like a wide carpet with colorful puzzle patterns. Very unique, isn’t it? Where else can you find such a place but at the top of the Pergasingan hill.

Local people who have a gardening culture make the appearance of the village from the top of the hill look very beautiful and colorful.

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There are extreme climbs and stairs

Many climbers before climbing Mount Rinjani, they practice on Pergasingan Hill. Suitable for warming up before conquering Rinjani which takes more than one day to get to the top. In fact, beginner climbers can take 4 days and 3 nights to get to the top of Rinjani.

Meanwhile, to get to the top of the Pergasingan hill takes about 3 hours. and although actually climbing Pergasingan is not too difficult, you still have to be careful. because there are climbs that reach 65 degrees. A very extreme climb and still have to be vigilant.

In addition, we can go through about 70 steps to get the first photo spot or view of Rinjani. Keep going because when you reach the top of the hill, the fatigue will just disappear.

From the top of the hill, you can see colorful rice fields and green gardens that are very mesmerizing. Not to mention the view of the surrounding mountains and the bright and blue sky. Isn’t it beautiful, parman trekker buddy?

A Place to Try Paragliding Sports

If you like paragliding, this is a great place to try out your skills. Parachuting only uses parachute equipment on the back to float in the air. While paragliding is equipped with a cloth as a chair to sit on.

Paragliding is good for training the balance of the abdominal and pelvic muscles. In addition, it is a healthy exercise for your lungs and heart. Improve blood circulation and respiratory flow. Moreover, the hilly air is so cool.

Because paragliding is what makes Pergasingan Hill a famous tourist attraction. You can see this sport performed by a professional. Try it why not be accompanied by a trained instructor? You don’t need to worry because the speed is quite stable and safe.

Downhill Bike Path

Cycling is a sport that almost everyone loves. Unlike jogging, cycling is not too draining but effective for burning calories in the body.

That’s if we cycle on the highway and what about cycling on the hill? of course, it’s more challenging than cycling on the highway. It’s quite interesting if we do it on Pergasingan Hill. Feel the sensation of cycling here.

A Place For Camping

camping on pergasingan hill (photo: antara)

Because the place is good, when you get to the top of the Pergasingan hill, you can see a lot of camping tents. You have to get to the top faster to get a good location to set up a camping tent. Not only tourists, but many young people make Pergasingan Hill their camping spot.

To do camping, of course, there must be preparation, one of which is a tent, mattress, changing clothes, cooking utensils, lighting equipment, and other equipment. Parman Trekker as a Rinjani trekking specialist always makes the completeness of climbing and camping equipment a priority.

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Beautiful Photo Spot

Of course, the goal of many people hiking on Pergasingan Hill is to find a good photo spot. Then upload it to social media. When it comes to scenery, there is no need to explain anymore because here is indeed a beautiful place to take pictures.


Visiting the island of Lombok is incomplete if you don’t climb Mount Rinjani. As the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, Rinjani offers stunning natural beauty. Not many mountains offer the beauty of the lake on the mountain as we see in Rinjani.

Not only is Mount Rinjani amazing, but the surrounding hills are no less beautiful. Like Pergasingan hill which is an amazing nature park.

Here we will have fun and enjoy the view of colorful rice fields from the top of the hill. see paragliding sports and look for spots to take pictures

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