Plawangan Sembalun Crater, a Camping Spot in Rinjani

Sembalun crater is said to be the most beautiful place on Mount Rinjani. The closest location to the top of Rinjani is famous as a camping spot and the most beautiful photo spot.

Then, the Plawangan Sembalun crater or Sembalun crater has a strategic position to see the peak of Rinjani clearly. In addition, with an altitude of 2639 meters above sea level, this area has a fairly cold air temperature. For that, Parman trekker pals must have good preparation before coming here.

The Main Gate to The Top of Rinjani

From this place, the peak of Rinjani can be reached for 2.5 hours. Usually before heading to the top, the trekkers will rest at the Sembalun Plawangan by setting up a tent.

We can see the number of tents under Sembalun. Parman trekker of course has often accompanied and served climbers resting and staying here.

The atmosphere is quite comfortable and beautiful. Moreover, Sembalun crater is often covered with fog making it a very memorable place. If it is sunny, you will see the peaks of Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake from this Sembalun crater.

Route to Plawangan Sembalun

Now it’s time to find out how to travel to Plawangan Sembalun or Sembalun crater. Parman trekker as a rinjani trekking specialist will discuss it for trekker friends.

Pick Up

The Parman Trekker team will pick up the Rinjani climbers from the location point around Lombok. Some climbers want to be picked up from the airport, Mataram City, or Senggigi Beach.

This is an extra service to our climbers, where we will pick up climbers directly. Not only pick-up, we also provide extra services for food and beverages during hiking. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, biscuits, snacks, mineral water, and coffee.

It also includes fresh fruit and soft drinks such as milk, ginger, banana, pineapple, and watermelon. A complete package for the convenience of our clients.

One Night Stay in Senaru Village

Before climbing to the Sembalun crater, we will stay one night in Senaru village. Despite staying in Senaru village, we will start the hike from Sembalun basecamp. So we will move first to Sembalun village.

The route to Plawangan Sembalun can actually be through the Senaru basecamp in Senaru village. However, because the climbing route from Senaru Basecamp is quite steep and steep, we chose Sembalun Basecamp. In addition, the route through Sembalun basecamp is more relaxed and suitable for beginners. While the Senaru basecamp route is more challenging.

For information, to get to the top of Rinjani, climbers can choose the climbing location point. It can be through Senaru Basecamp, Sembalun Basecamp, Torean Basecamp, Aik Berik, from Tete Batu Path, and Timbanuh Basecamp. All of these basecamps or paths have their own characteristics and uniqueness.

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Medical Check Up and Pick Up Tickets

best service from parman trekker (photo: doc)

Arriving at Sembalun village basecamp, we are required to do a medical check-up and take a ticket. Both are mandatory requirements to be able to enter the Rinjani hiking trail through the Sembalun base camp.

Participants who are declared unhealthy, are not allowed to travel to the Sembalun Plawangan. Then, another requirement is that climbers are declared free of the covid 19 virus.

After the climbers meet the requirements then we will continue the journey. During before and during the climb, the Parman Trekker team will assist climbers. Including providing tickets along with climbing requirements.

Start The Climb to Post 1 and Post 2

The location of the Sembalun crater or Sembalun Plawangan is on the camp side after post 3. So, we have to pass post 1 and post 2 of Rinjani before.

The duration of time to post 1 takes about 2 hours. While the trip to post 2 takes about 1 hour. With a total trip of 3 hours, we finally arrived at post 2.

Then, we will rest when we arrive at the post 2 stop. And during the break, the Parman trekker team will cook food for our clients. We do the best service for our trekkers by providing healthy and nutritious food. That way, the trekkers are in good shape and strong enough to continue hiking.

Journey to Post 3 and Camp Side

Parman trekker’s chair equipment (photo: doc)

After resting and enjoying lunch, we continue our journey to the third post stop. It takes about an hour to reach the third post. Then continue the journey to the campsite for 3 hours.

Finally, we arrive at the Sembalun crater rim. We will spend one night here. Meanwhile, the Parman trekker team will help set up the tent and prepare dinner for the trekkers.

The Sembalun crater rim is the closest place to the top of Rinjani. and normally to get to the top of Rinjani it takes approximately 3 hours.

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Enjoy Camping at Sembalun Crater

sunrise of sembalun crater (photo: Pinterest)

Many hills and mountains can be used as camping places. But camping in the Plawangan Sembalun crater is truly a different experience.

For this reason, we tried to arrive at Sembalun Crater in the afternoon so that we could see the sunset view from an altitude of 2639 meters above sea level. Not inferior to the sunset atmosphere on the beach, the sunset view from here is truly amazing.

While climbers take good photos, we will prepare a comfortable tent and have dinner at the sembalun crater campsite. The next day we can plan to continue the journey to the top of Rinjani.


Located in one of the calderas surrounding Segara Anak Lake, Plawangan Sembalun is the most strategic place to see the beauty of the lake.

It’s not enough to just pass through this area. Parman Trekker pals should at least feel the sensation of resting and even staying overnight in this Sembalun Crater. At least unwind after a long journey before actually reaching the top of Rinjani. Because from here, the peak of Rinjani is not too far away.

Knowing that Parman Trekker has made this Sembalun crater location one of the destinations that must be visited.

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We will start from Sembalun and exit through the Torean route. In addition, Parman Trekker will provide trekking equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, bed mats, and toilet tents. We will also provide camping liquid, pillows, and cooking gear. So you will feel comfortable in the sembalun crater. While taking pictures of this scold, we have prepared your food. Just contact us, and feel the beautiful sensation of the Sembalun Plawangan crater with your loved ones.

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