Myth or Fact of Segara Anak Lake. Is It True?

Segara Anak Lake has a unique story that is associated with myths or facts. Regardless of whether or not this hereditary story is true, it is something unique in itself. There is natural beauty along with cultural values in it.

Every region has local wisdom that must be respected. And there are also those who make it a belief. However, from the myth, there is something we can learn. Including myths or facts circulating about Segara Anak Lake in Rinjani.

This is what makes Rinjani National Park tourism, Lombok, famous abroad. The existence of Lake Segara Anak, a Lake above an altitude of approximately 2008 meters above sea level is truly fascinating. Every Rinjani climber makes Segara Anak Lake one of the tourist destinations.

Extent and Depth of the Lake

Parman Trekker as an experienced trekking organizer raises the local wisdom of Segara Anak Lake which is an icon of Rinjani. the meaning of segara anak comes from two syllables of the Sasak language, the language of the indigenous tribe of Lombok. segara means sea while anak describes a small size or miniature. It can be said to be a child of the sea or a miniature sea.

Being one of the geological sites in Rinjani Park, Segara Lake has its own charm. It has an area of about 11 square km and a depth of up to 230 meters. You can imagine Parman Trekker friend, how wide and deep this lake is.

Fun Camping Spot

camping spot (photo: doc)

We have experience with rinjani climbers. Parman Trekker has repeatedly accompanied climbers to camp here.

The excitement is that we can swim, fish, and look for good photo spots around the lake. While looking for photo spots, our team will provide delicious food for you. And all you have to do is enjoy.

Then in the evening, we will look for hot springs and soak in the hot springs. This is definitely the place to find serenity.

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Mythical Tales of the Lake

With the size of the lake, it is not surprising that some people or visitors associate it with mystical things. Some say that if you see the lake’s size, you will live a long life. While there are also those who say that if the lake looks narrow, it is a sign that your life is short.

That’s one of the mythical stories that exist. Although not necessarily the truth, it is not wrong for us to raise this topic. What are the myths in this lake?

Sacred Old Tree

sacred trees in Segara Anak (photo: Instagram/Balai Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani)

This old tree is located in the campground area near Segara Anak Lake. Which is believed to be a sacred tree. This designation is attached because there is an assumption that this tree can grant all wishes.

Through the intermediary of this sacred tree, the local community believes that any wish can be granted. So this tree gets special treatment and is preserved.

Believed to be The Dwellings of Gods

fishing in the lake (photo: doc)

Many people believe that Segara Anak Lake is where the gods live, Parman’s friend. And many climbers also give ‘Sesajen’ or offerings to the gods at the bottom of the lake. Sesajen is a dish in the form of food, flowers, and so on in the context of religious rituals. Which offerings are only symbolic and aim to get closer to supernatural or mystical powers?

The belief in the existence of gods who live in the lake makes Segara Lake an interesting place to visit. But to get to this lake, we will do a long hike, parman friend. We used to take rinjani climbers to this lake. And enjoy its extraordinary natural beauty.

If you have arrived here, it’s a shame if we don’t set up a tent and camp here. The place is fun. Moreover, we are ready to serve your needs while camping in Segara Anak. Including providing tents even for eating and drinking we provide too.

Mountain in the Middle of the Lake

lake on rinjani mountain (photo: IDN Times)

If this is not a myth, Parman friend, this is a fact of Segara Anak Lake. There is a mountain in Segara Anak which is located not on the edge of the lake but in the middle of the lake. The name of the mountain is Mount Barujari.

The mountain is said to be a child of Mount Rinjani, its status is an active volcano. Take it easy though, it is currently safe for climbing. When else can you enjoy the sunset by the lake with views of Mount Barujari? Come here with rinjani trekking specialist, Parman Trekker.

In addition, Mount Rinjani includes four geological sites in the Rinjani National Park. The four geological sites are the Samalas caldera, Mount Rinjani, Lake Segara Anak, and Mount Barujari.

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Hot Springs as Medicine

If this is actually not entirely a myth, my friend Parman. Because indeed the content of geothermal water contains sulfur elements that are good for skin treatment. Around Lake Segara Anak there are many hot springs with various levels.

The community and Rinjani climbers believe that the hot springs of Segara Anak can cure various diseases.

In addition, the sulfur content in sulfur works to absorb excess oil on the skin, treats acne, and has anti-bacterial properties. You have to try Segara Anak Hot Springs, parman friend. Feel the sensation of comfort soaking in segara anak hot springs. Tired and tired during the hike will simply disappear in this hot spring.


These are the myths that we lifted from the local wisdom of Segara Anak Lake. Although not necessarily the truth, this is something interesting. Where the natural beauty of the lake comes together with cultural stories, myths, and community beliefs.

You choose to believe it or not, what is clear is that this lake is indeed extraordinarily beautiful. There is beauty, comfort, and inner satisfaction in this place.

We chose to tell this story because Segara Anak Lake is one of our natural tourist destinations. As a Rinjani trekking specialist, the team from Parman Trekker will lead you to this place from the pick-up point. We understand that travelers from outside Lombok Island are still confused about how to get to this place safely and comfortably.

In addition, we have experience taking novice climbers even though they have never climbed a mountain before. Based on our ability, we are very confident to make you our next client. And we will cover routes that will amaze you during the trip.

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