Enjoying a Steam Bath at Rinjani’s Geothermal Hot Springs

Mount Rinjani in Indonesia has geothermal potential that produces hot springs for hot springs in Lombok.

The geothermal potential of Mount Rinjani has a large amount and is very abundant. And the utilization of geothermal heat is what we see in the hot spring tourist attraction in Lombok.

In addition, the geothermal source converts groundwater into steam that is able to drive the turbine of the Power Plant. Then this electricity can be distributed to people’s homes, factories, and machines. So that electricity efficiency can be generated in addition to its use as a hot spring.

Lombok Tourism Destinations

As we know, the island of Lombok is famous for its tourist attractions including beautiful blue beaches, majestic Mount Rinjani, lakes on the mountain, agro-tourism, cultural villages, and geothermal water sources.

Not to mention we see the beauty of the Gili islands that are worldwide. Lombok Island is increasingly confirming its status as a complete tourist destination island.

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Hot Springs

Hot springs from the geothermal heat of Mount Rinjani are spread from the foot of the mountain to the height of the mountain. then, some are in the cave. Where are the hot springs from Rinjani’s geothermal heat? Parman Trekker specifically discusses it for you

Aik Kalak Hot Springs

This hot spring in Rinjani is an amazing natural attraction. Located at the foot of Mount Rinjani and has a slightly brownish watercolor.

Aik Kalak means hot water in the language of the indigenous people here, the language of the Sasak tribe. Many tourists have bathed there because it has good content for skin care. According to some research and literature, the sulfur content in the geothermal water source has anti-bacterial properties that can treat skin diseases such as acne, boils, and ringworm.

To get to the hot springs we travel on foot. Although, the struggle to reach this location is quite tiring but quite exciting too. That’s because during the journey through the dense forest it is still sustainable. Our eyes will be spoiled by beautiful forest scenery and fresh air.

Rumor has it that this hot spring is the bathing place of one of the famous puppet characters in Lombok. In addition, this hot spring bath has a sacred atmosphere and is considered to have the magic of healing people from all diseases.

The sad story of this hot spring also exists, there was once a tragedy that a visitor died in the bath today. Previously declared missing and appeared on the surface of the bath in a state of death. Therefore, stay alert and prioritize safety, parman trekker friend.

Sebau Hot Springs

Located on the border of Sembalun sub-district and Suela sub-district, Lombok. you must know Sembalun right? One of the main routes to the top of Rinjani.

The journey to this hot spring is no less exciting. By going through the forest, the eyes will be presented with views of large trees and unique plants. In addition, there are quite rare sights during the journey to the hot springs. What is it? Occasionally you will see monkeys coming out of the forest.

Indeed, the forest here is still very beautiful and natural. During the trip, be careful because forest animals such as monkeys are quite aggressive because they are still wild.

Selandir Hot Springs

Having access that is not so extreme and easy to access makes this hot spring much visited. We are sure, parman trekker pals love this one hot spring bath.

Not only that, there are four location points that have different hot temperatures. At the top of the lake has a fairly hot water temperature that can reach 60 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the middle part has a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Because of the difference that makes this lake is a favorite choice of tourists.

Tips for bathing in this hot spring are to choose a location that is not too hot. Then, move if the body is more accustomed and has adjusted. Because that way, your body will not be surprised by extreme temperature changes.

Gua Payung Hot Springs

The name of this hot spring bath is the umbrella cave. Because indeed the shape of this bath is like an umbrella. When a parman enters it, there are hot springs that have sulfur or sulfur.

Then, the location is quite tiring because it is to the north of the Dana Segara Anak geological site. Unlike the hot springs in Selandir baths which are at the foot of Mount Rinjani.

But believe me, even though it feels tiring this tourist attraction is able to relax the tense muscles and make the body of parman trekker friend become fresh again.

Milk Cave Hot Springs

Don’t get the wrong idea, parman trekker friend, the name is indeed a milk cave. That does not mean there is milk drink in this cave.

There is water dripping from the stalactite rocks of the cave which is said to have a unique and different taste. Maybe that’s why this cave is called the milk cave. Then, the color structure of the cave is also unique because it has white and brown tones. Similar to the color of chocolate milk.

Located not far from the hot springs in the umbrella cave, this hot spring bath attracts many tourists and local visitors. Besides that, this cave also has a size and area that is not so big. So the impression is not so scary for parman trekker pals who have a fear of the atmosphere in a dark cave.

In addition, the temperature of the hot spring is very suitable for the body. Not too hot and very comfortable to soak.

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Now when do you want to go to a hot spring? The place with the best hot springs is here, Lombok Island. If you have never been to Lombok, there is Parman Trekker as a Rinjani Trekking specialist who is ready to accompany your hot spring tour.

In addition, we will accompany you starting from the initial pick-up point such as at the airport. Need the best transportation, you just need to tell us. We will explore Rinjani and its hot springs. There are many testimonies from Rinjani climbers who are satisfied with our services.

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