10 Mood Booster Activities, Just go to Mount Rinjani

Those of you who are moody can try these mood booster activities to get rid of moody, and boredom and reduce anxiety.

Because, if moody is not resolved it can reduce productivity, you know. Usually, people who are moody have decreased productivity with the results will not be maximized. So it needs encouragement and motivation to restore enthusiasm and motivation.

One of the activities that can eliminate bad mood is climbing Mount Rinjani, Lombok. Mood booster activities are believed to be able to increase enthusiasm, and motivation and make the body fitter and healthier. In addition, mountain climbing is the best Mood Booster to turn a bad mood into a Happy Mood.

Bad Mood

Parman trekker pals must often hear this term and even experience this condition. A bad mood is a condition of the body experiencing an unpleasant situation and a bad mood. This feeling can sometimes come just like that and suddenly.

The factors that cause this mood vary and not everyone has the same cause. There are people who are moody because of the hot room temperature, not liking someone’s words, and some because they are stuck in boring activities. And it turns out that lack of sleep can make you feel unhappy and not excited to do anything.

Things like this cannot be allowed to eat away at your body and mind. And find activities that can be a mood booster to return to your best performance.

Negative Impact of Moody

Bad mood is unavoidable but cannot be underestimated. because a bad mood can eliminate the clarity of one’s thinking. People who are in a bad mood suddenly lose the ability to make the right decisions.

And the worst thing is that a bad mood can potentially damage friendship and family relationships. People suddenly become emotional and angry suddenly.

Mood Booster Activities

To overcome a bad mood, what you need to do is stop routine activities for a moment. And do activities that revive your previous spirit.

The following are mood booster activities that can drive away the feeling of bad mood and be able to revive the spirit of your previous parman trekker friends.

Bask in the Morning Sun

People who often sunbathe have a calmer and clearer soul. It’s not wrong to make this one activity your mood booster.

No wonder, that’s the reason why tourists love to sunbathe on the beach while reading a book. If you don’t have enough time to go to the beach, you can do it in a simple way.

Try to take a moment to sunbathe in the morning before noon. Then do a silent activity while meditating to calm your mind. Do it regularly for 15 minutes every day.

Coffee Shop

Eating and drinking are the most effective mood boosters. No wonder, coffee shops and restaurants are always crowded with buyers.

In addition, you can also spend time chatting with friends. Accompanied by a cup of coffee, many problems are solved just by sitting in a coffee shop.

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Phone or Videocall

The point is to chat. Did you know women have to say 1000 words per day moody? A wife once told me that she has to chat every day. If not, she will be moody and feel confused like something is missing in her life.

It is true that talking on the phone with friends or family can be the best mood booster to get rid of moodiness, tiredness, and fatigue.

Get enough sleep

People who don’t get enough sleep are prone to stress. Just try to do it and you will definitely feel dizzy and lackluster one day.

In addition, people who lack sleep are also very susceptible to disease. The conclusion is that getting enough sleep is the easiest and simplest mood booster to do. But still, many people don’t do it. Maybe it’s because of work or something else.

Climb a mountain with friends

Have you planned to climb the mountain this month, friend Parman? Believe me, among all the mood boosters we described above, this activity is the best.

In our experience as a Rinjani trekking specialist, everyone we accompany feels very happy and more motivated. The journey to the top of Rinjani is one that our climbers will never forget.

Those who become our climbers not only come from Indonesia, but many of them also come from countries outside Indonesia.

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Drink plenty of water

Lack of water is bad for your health. People who don’t drink enough water are more moody than people who drink plenty of water.

In addition, water is the best mood booster for strenuous activities. A lot of energy requires a lot of water consumption.

Swimming and soaking in warm water

If this place is on Mount Rinjani, Lombok. The location of hot springs here is very much. You can find it at the foot of the mountain and at the height of the mountain.

Then, those of you whose hobby is swimming can channel it in the Segara Anak lake which is at an altitude of 2009 meters above sea level in the Rinjani caldera. the water temperature is more choice and more diverse. Starting from warm to hot temperatures.

Bathing in a hot spring is the most powerful mood booster to get rid of your moody feeling. Enjoy the sensation of natural beauty and warmth of hot water from Rinjani Hot Springs, Lombok.

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Thus our review of 10 mood booster activities for parman trekker friends. Of all the activities we discussed, 3 of them can be done on Rinjani climbing tours.

Mount Rinjani not only offers the beauty of its peak, but during the trip, you will find other magical tourist destinations. In addition, you do not need to be tired of looking for hot spring baths. Because here there are natural hot springs from geothermal heat on Mount Rinjani.

Not only that, but other mood-booster activities that you can do in the Rinjani National Park such as camping, fishing, photography, cycling, and paragliding sports are here.

Parman trekker friends who want to try to experience mood booster activities on Mount Rinjani, Lombok can contact us. With our experience as a Rinjani trekking specialist, we will take you to the best places in Rinjani National Park.

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