Not Many People Know, Rembiga Satay from Lombok Island

Satay is a delicious culinary taste that comes from several regions in Indonesia, one of which is Rembiga, a culinary satay that tastes delicious from Lombok. the island of Lombok, which is famous for the island of 1000 mosques, has a distinctive satay dish too. in addition to its tourist beauty, Lombok is also famous for its delicious traditional foods such as taliwang chicken, plecing kale to savory banana stem vegetables. What is this rembiga satay culinary? We will discuss it specifically for you so you don’t get curious.

Satay is Indonesia’s Favorite Food

Satay is a favorite food of Indonesians because every event always has this dish. in fact, satay Warung is everywhere. Do you still remember Barack Obama’s visit to Indonesia? Because of the popularity of satay, it turns out that former US President Barack Obama had eaten satay during his childhood in Indonesia. That’s what he said during his visit to Indonesia while still serving as president of the United States. Remember Satay and you will remember Indonesia.

Satay is an Indonesian food made from small pieces of meat then skewered with a skewer made of bamboo. The type of meat used is beef or chicken. Satay has experienced many presentation innovations, for example replacing the main ingredient of meat with other food ingredients such as beef intestines, quail eggs, clams, chicken feet and even using Jengkol. But you need to know, that serving a satay will not be delicious without a thick and delicious satay sauce along with fried onions. satay sauce has a very strong aroma that can make anyone feel hungry.

What about Satay rembiga? Satay that presents a different flavor from other satay in Indonesia. There are savory, spicy, sweet, and fragrant flavors that are appetizing. Perfect for a meal with your beloved family.

Rembiga Satay from Lombok

Rembiga grilling (photo:kompas)

You need to know that Rembiga is one of the names of the village in Lombok, located in Selaparang sub-district, Mataram City. Visiting this city is incomplete if you don’t try its special dishes. Previously we have reviewed the beauty of hotels in Mataram and their coffee shops. Mataram is the capital of the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

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At first glance of its appearance, Sate Rembiga has an appearance that is almost the same as satay from other parts of Indonesia. Call it satay padang, Madura satay, maranggi satay, Makassar satay and others. Like Madura satay, the word Madura indicates the origin of the satay from the island of Madura. Madura satay is also in the form of pieces of meat skewered with bamboo skewers just like rembiga satay. So, what makes rembiga satay different from others and one of the most delicious satay in Indonesia? There are two factors that make rembiga satay so delicious. The first is the main ingredient which uses fresh beef and the second is the delicious flavor of the sauce.

Serving Rembiga Satay

To serve the delicious and delicious satay rembiga to arrive in front of you, then we need to prepare several things. First, prepare the main ingredients, then the second prepares the ingredients to make the satay sauce, then the third grills the satay meat and the last is to serve it.

Preparing the main ingredients and the sauce

raw beef cutlet (photo: Kompas Health)

Now it’s time to prepare the equipment needed to make satay. All you need to do to make satay rembiga is to prepare the spices and sauté them. Then, add other ingredients such as sweet soy sauce and tamarind. Next, we will rub the marinade into the beef that has been cut into cubes and add a little cooking oil. Do not use all of the marinade and set it aside for grilling. The number of pieces of beef is adjusted according to your needs. Let the spices that have been mixed with the beef cubes soak into the beef for about 12 hours.

Regarding the spices, you can quote the recipe from chef @aiko_sarwosri through his Instagram. The spices are:

  • dried chili with seeds that have been removed from as many as 7 pieces
  • curly chili as many as 11 pieces
  • cayenne pepper according to taste
  • garlic as many as 15 cloves
  • red onion as many as 6 pieces
  • salt as much as 8 grams
  • granulated sugar as much as 50 grams
  • cooking oil as much as 3 tablespoons
  • broth powder as much as 1.5 tablespoons
  • cooked shrimp paste 2 teaspoons
  • coriander powder 1 teaspoon

Rembiga grilling technique

rembiga is seasoned and is ready to be grilled (photo: Halo Indonesia)

The pieces of meat that have been smeared with spices are then inserted into bamboo skewers. A few tips to make the skewers stronger, you can soak them in water before that.

Next, we will put the rembiga skewers on the grill. During grilling, we can use the remaining marinade during the process. Grill the Rembiga satay until cooked and while applying the remaining spices. Feel the fragrant aroma that comes out during grilling. Very appetizing isn’t it? Surely you can’t wait to eat it. To make the aroma even more fragrant, use charcoal or briquettes for grilling.

Finally, the satay rembiga is finished grilling and ready to eat. Serving rembiga is complete with lontong, sambal kecap, sambal saos plus lime. Lontong is a food made from rice wrapped in banana leaves and then boiled until cooked.


Satay Rembiga will be more enjoyable to eat with additional food such as Lontong, crackers, and warm tea with family. Especially when celebrating holidays such as Eid al-Adha, the abundance of raw beef during Eid al-Adha can be processed into delicious rembiga satay.

Even though we are able to learn the recipe for rembiga satay above, it is not necessarily able to match the originality of Lombok’s direct rembiga flavor. it looks like you have to come here to feel the sensation of the pleasure of rembiga satay from Lombok. and you need to know that other Lombok specialties are very much and no less delicious than just rembiga satay. There are Lombok specialties that are served only during big events such as banana stem curry. Not to mention the popularity of taliwang grilled chicken favored by Indonesian artists. The deliciousness of taliwang chicken is unquestionable. Besides that, there are also traditional snacks that are also very delicious.

When are you planning to visit Lombok? Contact us and we will prepare the best, beautiful tourist attractions, and delicious snacks to taste this rembiga satay. The beautiful places in Lombok are unquestionable.

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