7 Essential Small Items for Mountain Hiking Preparation

Mountain hiking requires great preparation but don’t forget the small items that have great uses. Sometimes things that seem small but are forgotten are very useful when in the field.

While hiking Mount Rinjani, for example, should not make preparations with sober. A long journey requires you to pay attention to the smallest things such as personal medication. Generally, hikers only focus on large items such as tents, shoes, bags, jackets, sleeping bags to stoves.

Here are seven small items that are of great use when hiking Mount Rinjani.

Carry a Whistle

Have you ever thought of bringing a whistle when hiking? it doesn’t seem to think right. If for sports activities such as playing soccer maybe that little object is very important.

Even though it could be that while on the way to the top of a very steep mountain, something happened to you or your team. Like getting lost or leaving the group, the whistle can be a sign of our whereabouts. If you suddenly experience shortness of breath or fever while in the tent, the small whistle can be useful for signaling dangerous situations to your team.

Betadine and Tweezers

betadine and tweezers illustration (photo: shopee)

If we look at the size of betadine and tweezers it is very small. You can even fit them in your pants pocket because of how small they are. However, everyone knows how important they are to your safety while traveling.

Tweezers are useful for removing foreign objects such as thorns from your body. You might accidentally get a thorn in your foot or hand while hiking, which can cause infection if not removed.

While betadine is a first-aid medicine for the injured body. Pouring a little alcohol then giving betadine and covering it with a bandage is very helpful to stop wounds and bleeding on the body.


Paracetamol is a drug that can reduce pain in the body and reduce fever. It is also small in size but very helpful in anticipating unwanted things such as sudden fever.

The temperature on the mountain is so extreme that your body may not be prepared for it. Even though you have equipped your body with a jacket and sleeping bag, it is better to bring paracetamol when climbing the mountain.

Trekking Pole

hikers using trekking poles (photo: Instagram/rinjani100ultra)

This thing is indeed long but this tool can be adjusted to a small size. In addition, it can be folded and put in a bag when not in use.

Trekking poles should be on your list of things to bring. They can hold your body weight and maintain balance, ensuring safety during the hike.

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It is better to use the services of a professional and experienced guide when climbing a mountain. Because of course they are more familiar with the conditions of the mountain climbing terrain and provide equipment from large to small.

Parman Trekker is a team of professional guides who have experience bringing beginner to advanced climbers to the top of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Meanwhile, Mount Rinjani is a caldera that has mountain peaks. And the highest peak with an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level.

Exclusive offers in the form of assistance, provision of hiking equipment, and logistical needs are the advantages of Parman Trekker as a Rinjani Trekking specialist. This solid team also always checks the readiness of the climbers including small items that have great usefulness such as personal medicines.

In the end, what determines the success of climbers at the top of the mountain is not only physical but there is a factor of adequate preparation. Many beginner climbers have made it to the top of Rinjani even though they have never even climbed Mount Rinjani. This is because they have been educated by previous hikers about physical preparation and complete mountain hiking equipment.

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