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Indonesia is included in the Ring of Fire which makes the region has many active and exotic volcanoes, including Mount Rinjani Lombok. Its past volcanic activity has made a lake at the height of the mountain that can hold a large amount of water. However, on the surface of the lake, there are still active subsidiaries of Mount Rinjani and its status has entered surveillance.

Hiking is an adventure that requires skill, intelligence, and agility. people who only capitalize on strength alone will not be able to hike a mountain. there is a certain kind of technique ranging from breathing to logistics transport patterns that must be done correctly and carefully. So if you don’t set a strategy, you will be overwhelmed and even run out of energy. Even in an emergency, we must remain calm and not panic.

Rinjani Volcanic Mountain

lakeside hiking in rinjani national park (photo : doc)

Volcanic mountains have soil content rich in humus compounds that support the growth of tree habitats to grow very fertile. So do not be surprised, why the Rinjani area has a very dense forest with a diversity of species of flora and fauna in it. Even the government made this area a national park and UNESCO designated it as a Global Geopark. No wonder Mount Rinjani is so fascinating for climbers from all over Indonesia and abroad.

Mount Rinjani, which has a subsidiary mountain that is still active, last erupted in 2015. Until now it has been a favorite climbing route by many nature lovers. Enjoying the top of the mountain after struggling to climb it from below is indeed memorable. Even for experienced climbers, being at the top of the mountain is still something special. How could we miss the beautiful view of the sunrise? The world is very wide from the top of the highest mountain. Let’s follow our advice so that you can successfully hike the volcanic mountain of Rinjani. The first is the preparation for the trek, the second is the services of an experienced guide and the third is the climbing route.

Preparation Before Hiking

Before hiking, make sure that you have personal preparations. First, it is deadly that you prepare personal medicine for those who have a history of illness. Then the second is to ensure physical fitness such as adequate rest beforehand and light exercise beforehand. And the last is supporting equipment ranging from clothes, shoes, and backpacks to raincoats. If you decide to stay a few nights in the Rinjani Peak area, you must also prepare tents, portable cooking utensils, and others.

The division of team duties is also no less important such as carrying equipment logistics, and food logistics to those whose role is to supervise each other. It doesn’t hurt you to read the guidebook on trekking and consult with a professional guide to Mount Rinjani.  The formation pattern and order of hikers are also no less important in supporting each other.

Experienced Guide Services

The management of Mount Rinjani National Park manages the Rinjani climbing routes very professionally by involving the active participation of the community. The experience of these professional guides who have received official recognition is very helpful for climbers going to Mount Rinjani. So, you don’t need to worry about their experience which will take you to the top of Mount Rinjani. The following are the abilities that professional climbers must have:

Loving the Mountain and its Nature

the mountain and its nature (photo: doc)

Love for the mountain is the main difference between experienced climbers and amateurs. An amateur guide is a guide who does not love his job wholeheartedly. That’s why there is a team of guides who have been able to lead trekkers to the top of Mount Rinjani for years.

If not for having a love for the mountain, then it is unlikely that travel guides can last for years serving people who want to go to the top of Rinjani. Their patience is the fruit of their love for nature and their profession. So we can understand why these guides are very angry when they see people littering. Because they care about the preservation of the environment and nature. I wonder how it feels to be guided by professional guides with the concept of being environmentally friendly, picking up trash, and promoting ecological sustainability management.

Have Insight into Local Wisdom

local wisdom and culture (photo: doc)

A trekking guide must understand local wisdom, and culture and understand the natural habitat of the Rinjani forest. You don’t just want to get to the top, right? Of course, it will not be exciting without a guide who gives you a lot of insight during the climb. In addition to knowing the crater lakes, hot springs, and waterfalls around the mountain, knowledge of the culture of the local community is important.

Local wisdom includes a commitment to preserving the environment around Mount Rinjani. The trekking guides promote environmentally friendly practices, such as transporting all garbage and waste and minimizing the impact on the natural environment. Indirectly, the mountaineers are the ambassadors of the promoters of Mount Rinjani National Park.

Managerial and Communication Skills

Rinjani climbing guide, Parman trekker (photo: doc)

Volcanic mountain guides must have proficiency in communication skills. They act as communicators and team leaders. Meanwhile, the way the guides know the hiker’s profile and fitness level can be seen from the guide’s communication style.

The trekking guide team will communicate about what to bring, how to pace themselves, and what climbers will face on the trail. Trekking to the top of Mount Rinjani is not for the faint-hearted, it requires a high level of fitness and endurance, as well as mental preparation. The communication skills of this professional guide greatly affect the hiker’s mentality so as not to give up easily.

Our trekking packages include everything you need for a successful trip to the summit of Mount Rinjani, including transportation to and from the mountain, meals, and camping equipment, as well as pre-trek briefings to ensure you are fully prepared for the climb.

Route to Mount Rinjani

Standing at 3,726 meters, the mountain offers stunning panoramic views of the island and its surroundings by the sea. To successfully hike the top of the volcanic mountain, Rinjani is to know the routes including through adventuring through Senaru and adventuring through Sembalun.

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A few days ago we, the trekking world got the news of the death of several trekkers who climbed the volcanic mountain Marapi in West Sumatra. As we know, the volcano is capable of spewing volcanic ash along with rocks in the bowels of the earth which results in events that make us sad and grieve. That event is destiny and death is anywhere.

Therefore, hiking a volcano must remain vigilant and requires careful preparation. In terms of choosing a climbing guide service is no less important. They must master three basic elements such as loving the mountain, having insight into local wisdom, and having managerial and communication skills.

All of that is already in Parman Trekker, a professional travel guide to the top of Rinjani who will guide your journey full of excitement with an ecological tourism approach. He has years of experience as a trekking partner to the top of Rinjani.



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