Here Are 12 Honeymoon Spots, Complete With Rinjani Waterfall!

Rinjani Waterfall is an exclusive honeymoon spot in Lombok so you don’t have to go all the way out of Indonesia country. Not only one, Lombok has many romantic places for newly married couples. The choice to honeymoon in Lombok is the right choice.

In addition, this moment is an important and historic agenda for married couples. The honeymoon moment is the first vacation after doing the wedding agenda by the bride and groom. For this reason, the choice of honeymoon location will be a long debate. The reason is because the place that will always be remembered by a married couple for life is the place of honeymoon.

There are several reasons why you should honeymoon in Lombok. First because in this place there are many natural tourist destinations, one of which is Rinjani Waterfall. And secondly, Lombok has educational and cultural tourist sites such as Sade village.

Exclusive Lombok Honeymoon Places

Rinjani Trekking Specialist will review the romantic places in Lombok. Highly recommended for those of you who are getting married soon or have just had a wedding. For information, these places are included in the exclusive honeymoon vacation package by Rinjani Trekking Specialist.

Here are 12 exclusive honeymoon places for newlywed couples, there is Rinjani waterfall, Lombok beach, Lombok village, and the modern city of Mataram. You must vacation here to make your honeymoon with your partner memorable.

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Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Rinjani Waterfall (photo: Google Maps)

The place for honeymooners with a romantic atmosphere in Lombok especially if it’s not at Rinjani Waterfall, Tiu Kelep. The location of this waterfall in the Rinjani National Park is a favorite destination for newly married couples.

In addition, this waterfall is not an ordinary location. This place is a camping location with a beautiful view and waterfall.

Kuta Beach Lombok

Hearing the name Kuta Beach, people’s memories generally become reminded of Kuta Beach in Bali. However, this is not Kuta Beach in Bali but Kuta Beach Lombok. This flagship beach in Mandalika Lombok is one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia.

This beach has white sand grains with a texture like fine peppercorns. Then, this beach has a good view with a beautiful view of the hills. There are not many beaches in the world that have a view as good as Kuta Beach.

Then, the moment that is usually most awaited by newlyweds is seeing the sunset. The sunset atmosphere becomes very romantic because of the exotic atmosphere around the beach from the sand and the surrounding scenery. This beach is included in the category of beaches as Indonesia’s top priority tourist area.

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Tanjung Aan Beach

The Mandalika area of Lombok has another mainstay beach beside Kuta Beach, namely Tanjung Aan Beach. This beach is famous for its long coastline of 2 km and its position directly facing the Indian Ocean.

The most unique thing to describe this beach is the sand which has two types of sand. The first type of sand is fine sand like pepper and the second type is soft sand like tempung. The feet seem to sink when visitors set foot on this sand.

Seger Beach

This beach is famous for its culture in addition to its underwater beauty. This beach makes curiosity for anyone who wants to dive under the sea of Seger Beach.  For couples who are both lovers of surfing and snorkeling, this beach is suitable for you. The waves are perfect for surfing.

This beach is often used as a place for cultural celebrations, namely the bau nyale event. In this activity, tourists will compete to find worms around the beach. Bau nyale itself is a custom and tradition of the people of Lombok.

Sade Village

Sade village is a unique village in Lombok that is suitable as a honeymoon place. Where this honeymoon location is no less romantic than the beach of Lombok.

Did you know, Sade Village has a unique story about marriage? This village has a unique tradition in which prospective brides who will get married carry out the tradition of kidnapping marriage.

Then, this tradition becomes the uniqueness of this village which attracts tourists. In addition, this village is also famous for producing traditional Songket fabrics. The tourists will later be taught how to make Songket cloth traditionally. The quality of Songket cloth here is the best on the island of Lombok.

If you go to Lombok, the typical souvenir of the region here is of course the Songket cloth of Sade village. The best quality Songket cloth and relatively affordable prices.

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Mataram City

Then the place you must visit with your partner is the city of Mataram. Unlike the atmosphere at Rinjani Waterfall, Mataram presents a modern city.

Everything needed for a romantic honeymoon is in this city. Romantic places such as 5-star hotels, coffee shops, resorts, and modern shopping centers are here.

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A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and should be celebrated in a different way and in a different atmosphere. The choice of honeymooning on the island of Lombok is a smart choice.

There are still many beautiful places on the island of Lombok that can be used as a memorable honeymoon place for the person you love the most. Rinjani trekking specialist makes good places for honeymooners into one travel package. And we will explore all the places.

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rinjani trekking specialists by Parman Trekker also serve Rinjani mountain climbing assistance services. maybe after a vacation to the beach of Lombok, we continue the journey to the top of Mount Rinjani.

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