The Uniqueness of Sade Village, the Place of Lombok Songket

The Uniqueness of Sade Village

The uniqueness of Sade village makes Lombok Island, the island that gets the nickname as the island of 1000 mosques, a special place for tourist destinations. There is a story that becomes the uniqueness of Sade village: the village girl here must be able to weave the Lombok Songket woven fabric. In this place, we can easily find women weaving fabrics everywhere. Even according to local tradition, reportedly only girls who can weave are allowed to get married. Meanwhile, girls who cannot weave cloth are not allowed to get married. The work of weaving Songket woven fabrics is an economic driver in this village in addition to the community’s main profession as farmers. So, what are the other uniqueness of this sade village, which is predominantly Sasak tribe? Let’s discuss the uniqueness of Sade village with Parman Trekker, your travel companion in Lombok.

Sade Village is The Crafters of Lombok Songket

The uniqueness of Sade village is that the village is a Songket woven fabric craftsman. Sasak women from Sade village have started learning to weave since the age of 8 years. Parents here diligently teach their children to be able to weave cloth. This hereditary tradition has been going on for a long time from the time of their ancestors until now. Amazingly, Sade Village can survive amidst the rapid advancement of increasingly sophisticated technology. Sade village can survive in modern times and pass on the uniqueness of Sade village to the next generation. This is what makes Sade village a tourist destination.

Lombok Songket Woven Fabric Motifs

Lombok songket woven fabric motif (photo: Rumah BUMN)

The uniqueness of Sade Village is the Songket woven fabric motif. Woven fabrics from Sade Village have unique motifs including the Batang Empat Motif (fabric with yellow stripes and black base color), Tapok Kemalo Motif (fabric with red middle color motif), Selolot Motif (fabric with green stripes motif), and other motifs such as Kembang Komak Motif (checkered motif with white lines). The philosophy that is the background of the woven fabric motif of Sade village is more religious and is generally used at traditional events.

The Process Of Weaving Songket Lombok

tourists are learning to weave Lombok Songket (photo: kompasiana)

The process of weaving Songket cloth is the uniqueness of Sade Village. The tools to make this Songket cloth are traditional looms such as rollers made of bamboo and jajak made of wood. In the process, women here do it at home and usually in groups. The raw material for Songket woven fabric comes from cotton. Then the cotton will be converted into yarn and then the yarn will undergo a coloring process. All processes are done traditionally and do not use machines. That is the uniqueness of Sade village that can attract the attention of tourists to visit here. The tourists can witness the weaving process directly. Even if you want to learn, the women of Sade village will gladly teach it to you. Of course, it takes perseverance to reach an advanced level in weaving Songket cloth.

Lombok Songket Woven Fabric Price

The uniqueness of Sade village with the Lombok Songket woven fabric does not necessarily make the price expensive. We can have the price of this Songket woven fabric for only 200,000. From Tokopedia, there are online stores that sell Songket woven fabrics at a price of up to 1,000,000 rupiah. Lombok Songket woven fabric is a shopping destination for tourists as a souvenir to take home to the tourist’s home area.

Sade Village Has Unique Traditions

In addition to the village of weaving craftsmen, the uniqueness of Sade village is that it has several unique traditions of the local community. The unique traditions include:

Kawin Culik Tradition

wedding after the ‘kawin culik’ tradition (photo : kompasiana)

The tradition of Kawin Culik adds to the uniqueness of Sade village. maybe you are a little surprised by the name of this tradition. This tradition is not the tradition of kidnapping people in general. The tradition of Kawin Culik has a positive meaning before undergoing marriage. A young man from Sade village will kidnap a woman from Sade village to discuss their marriage before talking to their parents. Thus, each couple will get to know each other.

Peresean Tradition

This is a tradition to welcome tourists with a tradition in the form of war dance attractions. This attraction is performed by the youth of Sade village by facing each other as if they were fighting or war. They wear traditional tools and equipment such as rattan beating tools and protective shields. There is no action to hurt each other such as hitting or throwing. According to the local community, in the past, this tradition was a kind of ceremony to ask for rain. The Peresean tradition is the uniqueness of Sade village.

Sade Village Has a Unique Traditional House

The uniqueness of Sade village is that it has several traditional traditional houses that are quite well preserved and maintained. These traditional houses are very unique and have unique functions, including Bale Tani. The Bale Tani traditional house is a house intended for living. Unlike other traditional houses of the Sasak tribe such as bale lumbung which is intended to store agricultural products such as rice grain or rice. So, this Bale Tani house is like a house in general.

The Tradition Of Smearing The Floor With Buffalo Dung

The uniqueness of this bale tani house is that the floor is made of a mixture of soil, tree sap, straw ash, and buffalo dung. This mixture makes the floor harder and shinier. The tradition of smearing buffalo dung is the uniqueness of Sade village. All residents who live in Sade village are asked to build houses with the concept that has existed since ancient times. Sade villagers who do not follow the tradition of building houses like this are welcome to live in other villages. The floor of the house is treated with buffalo dung to make the house more durable and long-lasting. Buffalo dung is believed to be able to protect the residents of the house from various insects and cold at night.

Sade Village Has Good Infrastructure

With the uniqueness of Sade Village, it is no wonder that access to Sade Village is quite good as seen from the good road infrastructure. The village can be reached by road in less than 30 minutes from Lombok Praya International Airport. Smooth road access is a success factor in the increasing number of tourist visits to this village. You can use public transportation to rent a comfortable car to accompany your trip. Similarly, access to public needs such as electricity and clean water is adequate. The telephone and internet networks are quite good in this village. Plus, the friendly attitude and acceptance of the community make the uniqueness of Sade village interesting to visit.

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Lombok Island with the beauty of the beach which is a tourism icon turns out to be a unique place. The uniqueness of Sade village which still maintains unique traditions such as the tradition of weaving Lombok Songket woven fabric, the tradition of kidnapping marriage, the tradition of Peresean, and the tradition of smearing the floor of the house with buffalo dung are the main attractions in Sade village. But you need to know, there are many nearby tourist attractions from Sade Village that you can visit with your family. It seems that to travel around the island of Lombok, you at least need a tour concept with a tour package. Thus our review of the uniqueness of Sade Village, a place that you must visit while in Lombok.

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