Honeymoon in the mountains, Why not?

A honeymoon is an activity that unites husband and wife in a more intimate way. Being closer, more memorable of course will be remembered for the rest of your life. Of course, the honeymoon concept should not be an activity that can only be done. Must be Mindful!

Mindfulness is self-awareness, a state of awareness, attention, mental processes (planning and monitoring), motivation, and emotional states (Brown & Ryan, 2003).

During the honeymoon there must be self-awareness in accepting your partner, giving attention and affection, and making family plans. So that when you finish the honeymoon, you and your partner will have positive energy and be full of motivation.

A good honey moon should lead you and your partner to one goal, namely happiness. Happiness is a positive psychological state where a person has positive emotions in the form of satisfaction with life, thoughts, and feelings towards the life they live (Seligman, 2004).

Well, explain. It’s been a honeymoon but you’re not happy, maybe there are 2 mistakes. First, maybe you are forced to get married or the destination is wrong. Hopefully, it’s not the first choice, dear readers. You have to really plan your honeymoon well.

Mindful Religious Honeymoon

Many people go on their honeymoon to Mecca, Jerusalem, Hagia Sophia. A very ideal holiday because there is a spirit of spirituality. It’s very mindful. However, to get that, you have to prepare well financially because there are a number of costs you have to pay.

What if I only have a small budget? Can I have a memorable honey moon? Yes of course you can. There is a great place to make your dream honeymoon come true.

We have a few recommendations to make your honeymoon with your partner nuanced with mindfulness on a low budget. Maybe you can honeymoon at the height of a mountain with your partner! Mindfulness concept at an affordable cost. You can climb the private Mount Bromo Midnight.

Have you ever imagined if the morning prayer was at an altitude of 3700 mdpl in Rinjani? Moreover, praying with your wife? Wow, it’s so mindful and religious!

Try to imagine that after you pray, you and your partner pray together. Convey hopes, ideals, and desires. And you feel God is very close to you when you are on the mountain. You feel the cold air and in the morning you and your partner see the sun rising from the east. You see very clearly, that the clouds are below you.

Apart from that, honeymoon on the mountain is very mindful. Holidays on the mountain are a favorite for forming a great personality. What will you and your partner get if you vacation in the mountains?

1. Self-Awareness

You and your partner will become humble individuals. You will feel that there is nothing to be proud of in this world. Because when you are at a height. You become a small insignificant creature and nothing. so you come to your senses and learn to be humble. This humble personality is very much needed in building a family. This self-awareness makes you enjoy worshiping on the mountain.

When building a household, it is important to have a self-aware attitude. You and your partner must be able to discover each other’s potential strengths. And cover each other’s shortcomings. That way harmony can be achieved. The marriage life will be long. The study results show that communication factors are one of the causes of divorce.

Spending time with your partner on the mountain can build deeper, more open, and warmer conversations. You have to try the sensation of sitting together with your partner on the top of a mountain.

2. Conscious Awake

You and your partner will look after each other in the mountains. Cook together. Sleep together. Sharing a blanket. Hike together. Everything is done together. If you sleep in a hotel you will sleep soundly. However, on the other hand, sleeping on a mountain trains you to get better quality sleep. You will take turns keeping watch.

When on a mountain, everything must be done together. Can’t do it alone. Then you and your partner collectively take care of each other.


3. Mental Process

If you want to develop a fighter’s mentality, then climb mountains often. It will make you mentally not give up easily. When climbing a mountain, what is needed is the mentality of never giving up. You will continue to take steps one by one so that you can reach the top of the mountain. With your partner, you will encourage each other.

When the honeymoon is over, if one day you are given children. So take your child to climb a mountain someday. So it will give your child a deep impression of memories with you. Your child’s mentality will be formed into a strong person.

Nature is the best teacher for your family. So get closer to nature. Someone who is close to nature makes themselves more concerned with the surrounding environment. Isn’t our natural habitat being damaged because we don’t care? Destructive behavior is a very bad mentality. We have to train our mindset and mentality.

4. Motivation and Emotional State

Activities that will arouse motivation and emotions are staying in a tent with your partner, barbeque together, candlelight dinner on the mountain, worshiping on the mountain, morning exercise on the mountain, and taking photos together on the mountain. The emotion of success when seeing the sunrise view.

Human emotions consist of two: the first is a positive emotion and the second is a negative emotion.

Emotions are a natural state of mind that must be trained. One means of training is by meditating on a mountain. The atmosphere is calm, clear thoughts will appear. We are able to solve all problems if the mind is calm. In the household, there are certainly problems. You are required to be able to manage negative emotions into positive emotions. Divorce issues in the household sometimes start with very small things. Leading to regret in managing emotions.

These are four reasons why a holiday on the mountain is highly recommended. A quality honeymoon will produce deep happiness. We strongly recommend that you and your family regularly carry out mountain climbing activities. At least twice a year. Take your free time to climb mountains with your family, relatives, and closest friends.

The cost to have a mindful honeymoon experience on a mountain is not expensive. You usually get it at a very affordable price. With a honeymoon here.

Finally, the honeymoon is more meaningful, before leaving, make sure you enjoy every moment. Before leaving, make sure you consciously enjoy the moment with feelings of happiness. When you fall while climbing, experience leg cramps, or experience a leaking tent. Enjoy every trip with your partner by laughing together.

Happy honeymoon!

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