Vacation in Lombok Is Better On The Beach Or The Mountain?

Lombok is a beautiful island in Indonesia that has two tours at once, namely beach tourism and mountain tourism. which are both tourist attractions in Lombok are equally good and equally beautiful. About which one is more interesting, of course, everyone has their own references.

Please note, that Indonesia is not only famous for the island of Bali but there are other islands with world-class tourist beauty. For mountain tourism, Lombok Island has the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani. As for beach tourism, the island of Lombok has many beautiful beaches surrounded by small islands. The small island here is called Gili. There are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Lombok’s mountains and beaches as a vacation spot have been recognized by world institutions and tourism activists. As a Rinjani Trekking Specialist, we would like to invite our readers to vacation in Lombok. The island of Lombok has two world-class tourist destinations that you can enjoy at once.

Mountain Vacation Facts

What is the excitement of a vacation on the mountain and what is the excitement during the journey to the top of the mountain? The unique facts below are enough to explain how exciting it is to be on top of Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok.

More Challenging

sunrise of sembalun crater (photo: pinterest)

A vacation in the mountains is indeed more challenging than a vacation in other places. For example, Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok. 3726 meters above sea level is famous for its challenging climb. It has diverse paths such as passing through forests, savanna fields, flower fields, and meeting rivers to extreme rock paths.

Train Patience

view of the river flowing across the mount (photo: jommoutdoor)

Mountain climbing requires patience and persistence. To be successful in mountain climbing, you don’t have to have experience. Our experience as a Rinjani trekking specialist has guided many beginner climbers to the top of Rinjani as high as 3726 meters above sea level.

In addition to patience, the key to success in mountain climbing lies in the completeness of the equipment. As a Rinjani trekking specialist, the Parman Trekker team also provides the equipment and logistics needed during the climb. Providing food and drinks is our job. That Rinjani climbers are more focused during the trip so everything has been assisted by a parman trekker.

Effective Means of Meditation

local residents are performing a ritual at the Rinjani hot springs (photo: Kompas)

Mountain climbing is an effective means to calm down and clear your mind. This is because the calm atmosphere of the mountain supports meditation. In fact, climbers can do it while soaking in hot spring baths.

Mount Rinjani has many soothing hot springs. In addition, water sources have a number of health benefits such as relieving stress, and treating skin diseases and flu.

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Means of Sport Tourism

For people who have an adventurous spirit, of course, they prefer a vacation on the mountain. apart from being a means of vacation, climbing mountains is a very enjoyable sports tourism destination. The body becomes more active and moves a lot.

Climbing Mount Rinjani, for example, takes 4 days of travel time. the climb was actually also interspersed with resting by spending the night in a tent. During the climb, the body sweats and strengthens the muscles of the body. The body will become fresher and healthier.

We recommend that you who want to climb the mountain warm up first or prepare by walking every day. it aims to keep your leg muscles from cramping when climbing the mountain. And don’t forget to wear strong and comfortable shoes when climbing the mountain.

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Beach Vacation Facts

After seeing the excitement of a vacation on Mount Rinjani, let’s see the other excitement of traveling on the beaches of Lombok. On this island, some beaches have very cool scenery such as Mandalika Kuta Beach, Pink Beach, Senggigi Beach, and beaches in the Gili Islands.

Suitable for a Family Vacation

Some people when we ask them the choice between a mountain or beach vacation, prefer a lombok beach vacation. The reason is because it is safer and the atmosphere is not scary. Unlike the typical person who likes extreme sports, a beach vacation is considered less challenging.

The atmosphere at the beach is more relaxed and suitable for a vacation with family. Well-managed beaches have rest areas such as huts or gazebos near the beach. Their functions include a place to gather for lunch or rest.

Family activities that can be done on the beach include playing outbound games, playing soccer, riding a jet ski, and playing kites. Sunbathing is another fun activity that can be done at the beach.

Cheaper and More Affordable

The reason we say beach vacations are cheaper is because beach vacations are simpler and easier. The equipment is also simpler such as mats then for the food itself can be prepared from home. The price of renting a cottage and buying food around the beach is quite affordable.

Unlike going up the mountain, you must prepare additional equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, mountain bags, mountain shoes, and jackets. That does not include personal equipment such as medicines.

Available Resort Options

Being on the mountain at night you have no other choice but to set up a tent. While in the beach area, you can find lodging that suits your abilities. Starting from cheap lodging to lodgings such as resorts or hotels.

Ride a Boat or Jetski

An exciting activity when on the beach is riding a boat or riding a jet ski. Lombok Island has beautiful beaches and small islands that are interesting to vacation. To visit the small islands is very exciting by using a boat.

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Beach and mountain vacations are just as fun. Both tourist attractions have their own uniqueness. Everyone has their own vacation references. People who go up the mountain tend to be more masculine and like challenges.

People who like to go to the beach are people who like a family atmosphere. People who take a vacation to the beach usually bring their families. The beach is a great place to have a gathering with family or office colleagues. Those who come here are indeed aiming to strengthen the family and togetherness.

Thus our review of a vacation on the island of Lombok which has two tourist destinations at once, namely beach tourism and mountain tourism. now when you and your family plan to go to the island of Lombok, Indonesia. The best tourist attractions in the world.

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