Like in Jurassic Park! Torean Rinjani Hiking Trail

Climbing to the top of Rinjani through the Torean Trail is like being in the Jurassic Park Forest. The natural scenery makes us stunned, how come the atmosphere is similar to the Jurassic Park movie? It’s just that, there are no dinosaurs here, parman trekker friend.

But this is really serious and we don’t want to say anything exaggerated about the scenery here, like a fairy tale to describe the natural beauty of Rinjani through the Torean Rinjani Hiking Trail.

New Hiking Trail

Rinjani hikers are usually very familiar with mainstream hiking trails such as the Sembalun and Senaru trails. Usually, the Sembalun trail is more favorite than other trail. The reason is of course the beautiful path through the exotic Sembalun village.

Meanwhile, there is a path that is no less beautiful than the Sembalun Hiking Trail, namely the Torean Rinjani Hiking Trail. The path is touted as the best path in the future because this path is still being developed.

What can we find on the Torean Rinjani Hiking Trail? Let’s take a look at the facts that we found for parman trekker friend

Torean Hamlet

Torean is the name of a hamlet in a village. Although a small part of a village, Torean is officially one of the official trails for climbing the peak of Rinjani. In addition to climbing through the Sembalun and Senaru trails.

In the village of Torean, don’t expect to find lodging in a hotel or inn. Because here there is only a village of residents. You can stay at the house of a local resident who is very well known. If you really want to find a hotel there are other nearby villages such as Senaru village.

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Feel like a Fairy Tale

Torean traditional path to the top of Rinjani (Photo: Kompasiana)

As if in a fairy tale, being on this trail reminds me of a famous adventure movie, Jurassic Park.

Torean Rinjani Hiking Trail splits between two mountain walls, namely the walls of Mount Rinjani and Mount Sangkareang. No wonder why this path is like being in a Jurassic forest. The hilly landscape, the valleys, and the open gap between the two mountains are truly epic views. Moreover, there is a view of mountain fog that makes the atmosphere even more wonderful.

Meanwhile, Mount Sangkareang, also known as the Second Peak of Rinjani, is located 3,200 meters above sea level.

There is a Waterfall View

The most epic, you can see Panimbungan Waterfall from a distance that reaches more than 100 meters high.

After you pass through ravine after ravine, you will arrive at this waterfall. Indeed, the Torean waterfall is a tourist destination that is sought after by climbers of the Rinjani peak through the Torean route. As if this waterfall is what treats fatigue during the extreme journey to the top of Rinjani. The beautiful atmosphere of the thin mist in this waterfall adds to the impression that words cannot express.

View of the River Flow

view of the river flowing across the hill (photo: jommoutdoor)

Another beautiful view of the Torean trail is the Kokok Putik River flow flanked by hills from the top of the cliff.


Mount Rinjani National Park is a vast forested area with Mount Rinjani as its center. The vast Rinjani landscape has become a geopark that has a high geological heritage. Its diversity has even been recognized by the international body UNESCO.

To prove it then you yourself must try to climb Mount Rinjani with us. We will go through the anti-mainstream path and there are still many people who don’t know about it. The Parman trekker team will guide you to beautiful places on Mount Rinjani.

The hike will be more satisfying by entering through the Sembalun hiking trail and exiting through the Torean trail. You get two experiences at once, exploring Sembalun village and Torean village. Although Sembalun village has a small area, the popularity of this village has reached overseas. This village is able to stomp the international world. Similarly, Torean village will continue to grow.

You can’t wait to see the beauty of the two paths to the top of Mount Rinjani. There are Sembalun village and Torean villages that make you amazed by their natural beauty.

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