Lombok Island has a way to attract many tourists to visit here, namely by holding the Rinjani Begawe Festival. The annual event that carries the concept of the event is expected to be the main attraction of Rinjani National Park tourism.

What is the excitement of the Rinjani Begawe Festival (RBF)? Parman Trekker, as a Rinjani trekking specialist, will invite our loyal readers to see the excitement of this event.

After seeing this, we are unsure if you will not go to Lombok Island soon. Because, Rinjani events are not only this, there is Rinjani 100 which is another event that is no less exciting.

The Excitement of the Event

Rinjani Begawe Festival is not an ordinary event because this event is one of the biggest. In 2023, this event was successfully held and received extraordinary attention from visitors and tourists.

The festival, which was held last year, featured many exciting events such as Thematic Discussions, the election of Princess Rinjani 2023, competitions, Logo Launching, and film screenings. In addition, other events that are no less exciting are band performances and regional arts. Let’s see one by one the exciting events in Rinjani National Park, Lombok.

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Thematic Discussion

Rinjani Begawe Festival 2023 Event Flyer (Photo: KSDAE)

The Rinjani Begawe Festival 2023 event is different from the previous two years. which last year was held in an indoor room. while previously held with an outdoor concept.

The event, which was held at Taman Budaya Mataram, successfully held thematic discussions. The theme of the event was Joint Commitment Towards Sustainable World Class Climbing.

The Indonesian government is very focused on making Mount Rinjani National Park a world-class climb. Evidently, various awards and prestigious status from UNESCO have been achieved.

Selection of Puteri Rinjani 2023

The selection of Puteri Rinjani 2023 was held for the first time and was a collaboration between the Gunung Rinjani National Park Center and the East Lombok Tourism Office.

Exciting Competition

This festival is a Ceremony of the opening of the hiking trail located at the Senaru Hiking Trail Gate. of course attended by the Regional Government.

The first year of the Rinjani Begawe Festival in Senaru (Photo: Tempo.co)

World Class Mountaineering Logo

Rinjani Begawe Festival in 2023 launches World Class Mountaineering Logo. With the launch of this logo, it is proof that the government and managers are serious about making Rinjani Mountaineering World Class.

Human and Rinjani Movie

Film screenings on the theme of humans and Rinjani also enlivened the Rinjani Begawe Festival. Education with movie screenings is more easily accepted by the general public. The goal is that humans pay more attention to environmental sustainability, especially Mount Rinjani.

Dance Art Performance

The festival was enlivened with performances of regional arts. Moreover, the Galang Bulan Regional Dance attracted the attention of visitors.

Entertainment from Famous Bands

Musical performances from local bands enlivened the Rinjani Begawe festival event.


Rinjani Begawe is planned to be held every year and is programmed to be an annual activity to open the ascent of Mount Rinjani.

In addition, at the Rinjani festival, the reopening of tourist destinations in the Rinjani National Park area was announced. The destinations include trekking and non-trekking tours.

Therefore, hiking a volcano must remain vigilant and requires careful preparation. In terms of choosing a climbing guide service is no less important. They must master three basic elements such as loving the mountain, having insight into local wisdom, and having managerial and communication skills.

All of that is already in Parman Trekker, a professional travel guide to the top of Rinjani who will guide your journey full of excitement with an ecological tourism approach. He has years of experience as a trekking partner to the top of Rinjani.

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