Here Are 8 Exciting Things About Komodo Island

Looks like you have to visit this one island, an island called Komodo Island. A vacation to Komodo Island is a different experience.

Actually, to see this endemic animal, you can visit the zoo. There are several zoos and animal conservation organizations in the world that collect endemic animals, Komodo dragons.

So, why go to Komodo Island? What is the excitement of being on this island?

Indonesia is an archipelago

Rinjani trekking specialists would like to invite readers to see what the excitement is like on this island. Komodo Dragon Island is an exotic island located in the Eastern Nusa Tenggara Islands, Indonesia.

The nusa tenggara islands consist of west nusa tenggara and east nusa tenggara. Both islands are close to each other and have their own unique tourism. Meanwhile, one of the highest volcanoes in Southeast Asia, 3726 meters above sea level, is also located in the southeast Nusa Tenggara islands, precisely in West Nusa Tenggara. From Komodo Island to Mount Rinjani is not so far in terms of distance.

You should know that the Nusa Tenggara Islands are part of the 17,000 islands in Indonesia. The Asian country with the most islands is Indonesia.

Facts about Komodo Island

This time, Rinjani Trekking Specialist will discuss one of the world-famous islands, namely Komodo Island. What are the facts on the island which is a world heritage site? Let’s discuss it together.

Exotic Island of Indonesian Pride

Komodo Island is an exotic island that is the pride of Indonesia. This is where this island managed to get world recognition as the New Seven Wonders of Nature in 2010.

That way, it means that the world recognizes that the Indonesian people have succeeded in protecting ancient animals that are almost extinct. Indonesia is proud to be recognized for preserving its natural heritage. The award coincides with the world beauty of other countries such as the Amazon forest, Halong Bay, and Jeju Island.

Komodo National Park

the komodo dragon on komodo island (photo: AFP)

The area located in the southeast Nusa Tenggara islands was declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO international body. Because the island contains many natural resources and habitats of giant animals that still exist in the world today.

Since the extinction of dinosaurs, Komodo dragons have been the largest giant meat-eating lizards in the world. Its existence can be found on this island and is declared an animal that must be protected. Any act of hunting Komodo dragons is illegal and against the law because the number is currently very limited.

Animal And Plant Conservation Center

This island is not only the home of the giant Komodo dragon. But it is also a conservation site for other animals and plants. Various types of rare animals and plants live on Komodo Island such as snakes, birds, and other mammals.

Hiking and Trekking Places

Obviously, the purpose of going to this island is to see firsthand the existence of Komodo dragons which are nicknamed dragon animals. But wait a minute, here it’s not just about seeing dragons. Hiking and trekking here is no less exciting than any hike ever.

This island has mountains and hills that have different trails. And each hiking trail has its own uniqueness. The most popular mountains are Mount Mbeling and Mount Regata.

Being at the top of mountains and hills has an extraordinary sensation. From this peak, you can see the beautiful plains and beautiful and exotic beaches. For you who like hiking here is a cool place.

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There Are Beaches Too

pink beach on komodo island

The existence of beaches on Komodo Island adds to the extraordinary natural beauty. The beaches here are very beautiful and charming for tourists. Beautiful beaches such as pink beaches will make you feel at home for a long here.

Similar pink beaches also exist on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. It’s just that visiting the pink beach on Island has more variety of places where you can meet in close proximity to each other. You can see Komodo dragons, climb hills, see unique plants, and much more.

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The Bahar Tourism is Also Cool

Phinisi boat illustration (photo: IDN Times)

The coolest thing is that on vacation to Komodo Island, tourists can enjoy marine tourism. Marine tourism activities such as Phinisi boat rides, fishing, and swimming can be done here. In addition, you can also rent a boat for your family group. Only you and your family will be on the boat. How exciting is that!

Diving is Okay Too

Is anyone interested in diving? Komodo Island is famous for its best diving spots. Komodo Island’s waters are the champion as the most beautiful diving spot. There are well-maintained coral reefs, clear water, and beautiful marine life.

So, it’s no surprise that snorkeling is the most popular activity after seeing Komodo dragons. We recommend that you prepare snorkeling equipment or fishing gear from home before going to this island. Because the waters especially underwater on Komodo Island are truly amazing.

Many Small Islands And Caves

There are many small islands around Komodo Island, the biggest of which are Rinca Island and Padar Island. You won’t be able to spend just one day on Komodo Island. At least stay a few days to visit the beautiful small islands.

Then, on the island, there are caves and limestone rocks that are very unique. Unique diversity with extraordinary beauty.


Now you know what is unique about Komodo Island. The island is located in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago, Indonesia where many world-class tourist destinations are located.

The Nusa Tenggara islands consist of West and East Nusa Tenggara. In the west, there is the island of Lombok while in the east there is the island of Komodo dragons. What makes the Nusa Tenggara islands so popular is that they overlook the Indian Ocean.

As the leading trekking organizer in Nusa Tenggara, Rinjani Trekking specialists are ready to guide and provide the best service while you are on Komodo Island. Not only that, our team of guides are also very experienced in guiding local and international climbers to conquer the 3726 meters above sea level. Together we explore the natural beauty of the southeast Nusa Tenggara islands which have many world-class tourist destinations.

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