Komodo Honeymoon 3D/2N

Honeymoon Komodo 3D/2N

Honeymoon Package 3 days 2 nights is a package that is intended specifically for those who want to spend a romantic holiday with their beloved partner, by exploring the beauty of Padar Island, Pink Beach, and other interesting spots which are the base for your adventure on Komodo Island.


Tour Itinerary Komodo :

Day 1: Pulau Kelor – Pulau Rinca- Pulau Kambing – Pulau Kalong : Pick up at Komodo Airport and then by vehicle to the sea port to sail to the island of Moringa, activities: swimming and snorkeling. Lunch with a romantic atmosphere has been served on the boat and enjoy. Once satisfied, the next destination is to go to RINCA ISLAND, the trip takes about one hour. Arriving at Rinca Island, Ranger officers are ready to accompany you to explore the Komodo area. Before starting trekking the Ranger will give a brief explanation or direction about the rules and prohibitions for every tourist who comes to Komodo National Park. After that you are ready to follow the trail of the Ancient Animals in their natural habitat, and of course they will be guided by a very experienced Ranger. Along the trekking path You will enjoy the beautiful scenery that is enchanting in the form of hills and expanse of blue sea combined with exotic hills, further adding to the beauty of Rinca Island, as well as spoiling your eyes with the charm emitted by Rinca Island. Prepare your camera to capture this step by taking pictures with Komodo. After you are satisfied with interacting with the giant Lizard Animal, you immediately return to the ship to continue the next tour to GOAT ISLAND. Lunch has been prepared on board, and happy tasting. Arriving at Kambing Island, our activities continue with swimming and snorkeling, enjoying the beautiful romantic atmosphere under the sea, with thousands of types of ornamental fish ready to spoil your eyes. Once satisfied you return to sailing to KALONG ISLAND, in this place is the original habitat of bats. In the late afternoon, you will see millions of bats coming out of their nests with a convoy of flying adorning the blue sky, adding to the beautiful atmosphere of the sunset.

Day 2 : Pulau Kalong  – Pulau Padar – Pulau Komodo – Pink Beach : Sail in the morning to Padar Island and on the way on the ship you will enjoy breakfast that has been prepared by the ship crew, fresh morning air and warm morning sunlight, adding to the warmth of your morning adventure. Time did not feel we finally arrived at Padar Island. It’s time for trekking to the peak point and the time taken is 45 minutes, with road conditions that are quite uphill and pass hundreds of stairs to reach the peak point.

After being satisfied at the peak, you will return to the ship, rest and enjoy lunch with your loved one. After that, continue sailing to KOMODO ISLAND, the duration is about an hour and a half to arrive at Komodo Island. After arriving you can relax for a while and listen to a short briefing from the Ranger officer, after that you are ready to explore the area where the Komodo dragon lives in the open, besides the Komodo dragon you can also see other wildlife such as: wild deer, wild buffalo, wild boar, and others. Once satisfied, we return to the ship to continue sailing to PINK BEACH, it will take about 40 minutes to arrive at this island. Activities: swimming and snorkeling, a clean stretch of beach, covered with pink sand is very stunning. Take your time to pamper yourself and your partner. on a stretch of pink sand and capture this good moment to take pictures with your beloved lover. After swimming and snorkeling, return to the boat for lunch with your partner. After that, sail back to the port of Labuan Bajo and transfer to the hotel where you are staying. After being satisfied watching millions of bats, it’s time for you to enjoy a romantic dinner in the middle of a quiet sea, rest and spend the night on the ship.

Day 3 :  Hotel- Gua Batu Cermin : Make sure you have breakfast, and we will pick you up at the hotel for the next trip to Batu Cermin Cave, it is approximately 20 minutes from where you are staying. This cave is located on the outskirts of Labuan Bajo, thousands of years ago This cave is on the seabed, you will see fossils of biota such as: turtles, turtles, fish, which are attached to each wall of the cave, as well as the beautiful ornaments of stalactites and stalagmites that have different patterns and colors.

After you are satisfied with your exploration in the Caves, return to the car and then transfer to Komodo Airport, for the purpose of your next flight.

Price for a Couple : IDR : 10,000,000 / Private Tour Honeymoon in Komodo Island.

Price Included :

  • One night on an air conditioned boat
  • Shuttle transportation
  • Entrance ticket to Komodo National Park
  • Mirror stone cave entrance ticket
  • Rangers Car
  • English Speaking Guide
  • 4 x Meals during Komodo Tour
  • Snorkeling Gears
  • One night at Luwansa hotel
  • Coffee, tea and fruit while on board

Price Excluded :

  • Flight to Komodo and return
  • AirPort Tax
  • Personal Things
  • Laundry

Booking with Us :

For bookings and detailed information about the Komodo Honeymoon Package 3 Days 2 Nights above, please contact the contact below.

WhatsApp No / Phone No : +6281353144856

eMail Address : rinjanitrekkingspecialist@gmail.com



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