Hidden Natural Enchantment in Rinjani National Park

The role of Rinjani National Park seems irreplaceable in all aspects of the lives of the people of Lombok. even among these roles, some seem to go unnoticed. Just imagine if Rinjani National Park did not exist, it is certain that the island of Lombok would not be habitable due to aridity.

The Important Role of Rinjani National Park

This is the charm of Rinjani Park that is not known by many people. We summarize the charm that is a miracle from all aspects that may have been forgotten so far. So with that awareness, rinjani lovers make a positive contribution to protecting nature.

Because Mount Rinjani is not limited to trekking sports but is the center of life for the people of Lombok and even the world’s champions. And what is the vital role of the Rinjani Park?

The lungs of Asia

Mount Rinjani is one of the highest and still active volcanoes in Asia. Then, the mountain as high as 3726 meters above sea level is located in Rinjani Park which is a very large forest area. Rinjani Trekking Specialist calls Rinjani National Park the lungs of the world.

The area of the Rinjani National Park forest reaches 9 percent of the island of Lombok. A very large size for endemic fauna and flora. And it plays a significant role in bringing clean air quality to the world and absorbing carbon emissions.

The headwaters of Lombok

Rinjani National Park is so central to the lives of the people on the island of Lombok. There is a fact that 90 percent of Lombok’s rivers have their headwaters in Rinjani National Park.

Upstream is the source of water flow originating from the highest plateau. It can be said that Rinjani National Park is the center of water distribution to the rivers on the island of Lombok.

Then, the rivers empty into the ocean. Such as the Lenek River and the Teratak River empties into the Indian Ocean. While the amor-amor River and Perla River lead to the Java Sea. There are also rivers that drain into the Alas Strait. Although different, the headwaters come from the Rinjani National Park.

Contribution to the Agriculture Sector

Rinjani Agro-Tourism (foto: Instagram/kedai_sawahsembalun)

Without us realizing it, Rinjani National Park is very important in providing electricity for the people of Lombok. Apart from that, the contribution of Rinjani Park Springs to life is quite large for the agricultural sector.

According to the Rinjani National Park Agency, the economic value of flowing water to agriculture is equivalent to 386 billion rupiah per year. Just imagine if there is no water flowing to the people’s rice fields, how much money must be spent?

So it is appropriate, that the rice fields in Rinjani National Park are very large and spacious. There are also iconic rice fields with colorful rice plots when viewed from one of the peaks of Rinjani. If there was no Rinjani National Park then the colorful rice fields would never exist.

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Contribution to Hydropower

There is an important role of Rinjani Park for the energy sector for the wider community, namely the potential for electricity generation. Which is electricity is an irreplaceable essential need in human life. It is difficult for humans to live without electricity.

The role of Segara Anak Lake, which is a lake on Mount Rinjani, has the potential to generate electricity from its water source. The lake with a surface area of around 11,000 hectares is quite large and the maximum depth reaches 230 meters, which is the main reason.

All that Segara Anak Lake has in Rinjani National Park is very capable of creating micro-hydro power plants that are placed into several rivers drained by the lake. Meanwhile, hydropower depends on the strength of the flowing water current so that it can drive electric turbines.

Contribution of Geothermal Resources

Earlier we saw the contribution of water currents from the Rinjani National Park, which has the potential to build power plants. While this one has the same function, but from hot springs instead of hydropower.

This is something to be grateful for because Rinjani Park has two large renewable energy sources. Both renewable energy sources are abundant water sources and large geothermal sources.

A Refuge for Fauna and Flora

flores eagle in Rinjani Park (photo: pixabay)

The diversity of Rinjani National Park is here where mammal species, reptile species, bird species, butterflies and amphibians gather. As well as hundreds of species of trees and ferns. Not to mention rare flowers such as orchids and medicinal plants in this Rinjani forest.

Rinjani National Park is both a forest and a comfortable place for fauna and flora. The connectivity between one forest to another makes the range of these animals wide, which is fundamental for animals such as rinjani plovers, deer, monkeys, and other endemic animals.

And the most important thing is also the contribution of Rinjani Park to education to the nature-loving community. Rinjani trekking specialists as professional guides provide education to climbers during the climb to the top of Rinjani.

Things to be grateful for, Rinjani Park is a climbing tourist destination that is full of education and natural learning. Rinjani is not only a means of trekking sports.

Role As an Economic Value Added

An equally important role of Rinjani National Park is as an added economic value for the people of Lombok. The presence of Rinjani Park has helped the community’s economy.

Rinjani National Park is famous for its high-value plants such as morel mushrooms. Some studies mention that this mushroom has special content and high selling value.

Then for the tourism sector, Rinjani Park is able to attract tourists and tourists, causing multiplier economic effects. Opportunities to open employment opportunities are open as is done by Rinjani Trekking Specialist. This trekking company has served a lot of climbers and provides opportunities for other businesses such as lodging, food, and transportation services.

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Now you know how vital the role of Rinjani Park which is the location of Mount Rinjani. Its existence is very directly felt in people’s lives. Therefore, it is mandatory to preserve the Rinjani forest because its benefits are so extraordinary.

Rinjani trekking specialist is very focused on environmental conservation by providing education to climbers and the community. The importance of loving the environment is the main foundation of this trekking company in serving climbing assistance. Thus, the guides who are members of Rinjani Trekking Specialists are an example of other trekking companies.

The guides from Rinjani Trekking Specialist understand the climbing routes very well. In addition, they are equipped with training and good navigation and evacuation skills.

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