Here Are 7 Unique Facts About Senaru Village in Rinjani

Senaru is a beautiful village located in Rinjani National Park, Lombok. Designated as a world geosphere area by UNESCO, Rinjani is a world-class natural destination with a village civilization that is still natural with its local wisdom.

Meanwhile, Senaru village is a village that is familiar to Rinjani trekkers and hikers. because to reach the top of Rinjani as high as 3726 meters above sea level, is through the Senaru route.

Seven facts about Senaru

What is Senaru, which is a priority village on the island of Lombok, Indonesia? Parman trekker, as a Rinjani trekking specialist, will discuss it in the following seven facts:

Nominee for National Tourism Village Competition

Senaru managed to attract attention because of its success in getting nominated as the best tourist village in Indonesia. It is certainly a source of pride for the local community.

For their efforts and hard work over the years, Senaru finally got a good reputation as a national-level tourist village. Although it did not become the first best in the tourism category, at least this nomination is proof of the seriousness of the government and its people.

Not only that, Senaru won the socio-cultural thematic village category. The award was given by the Indonesian Ministry of Villages, the development of disadvantaged areas, and Transmigration in 2023. Indeed, the local people of Senaru village are very concerned about preserving their local wisdom and culture.

Trekking Mount Rinjani

Senaru is one of the climbing routes to the top of Mount Rinjani. very favored by beginner climbers because the climbing route is faster and shorter. Interestingly, through this route, we will pass the Segara Anak lake which is at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. This lake is the main attraction of Mount Rinjani.

Senaru village is also often a descent route or exit route from climbing through Sembalun village. Meanwhile, the time required to reach the top of Rinjani is 4 days and 3 nights for beginner climbers. And 3 days and 2 nights for those who are used to climbing mountains.

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Exotic Waterfall Attraction

On the route to the top of Rinjani through Sembalun, we will see beautiful rice fields shaped like a colorful puzzle.

Meanwhile, the trip through Senaru is no less beautiful. In Senaru there are exotic natural tourist destinations, namely Sindang Gile Waterfall and Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Water tourism destinations with waterfall heights as high as 40 meters with shallow pools.

These two waterfalls are icons of Senaru village. Moreover, Sendang Gile waterfall, you are presented with very many waterfalls in one location. Imagine how beautiful this view is parman trekker friend. With fresh water that comes from the flow of Segara Anak Lake water in the Rinjani caldera. To get to the location of the waterfall, we have to pass hundreds of stairs and walk through the forest.

Cultural Wealth

Senaru village has become the best tourism village with a socio-cultural theme in Indonesia. The award proves that the local people of Senaru are very protective of their culture and local wisdom.

There are still relics that are often held such as the Cupak Gerantang dance during cultural performances. Then there is the Senaru cultural market with traditional culinary delights such as red sticky rice and grated coconut.

In addition, you can visit the traditional village which is famous for its traditional bayan houses and the hundred-year-old bayan beleq mosque. Until now, the relics of the past are still preserved and maintained. Meanwhile, Senaru village has a culture and tradition of making woven fabrics and crafts such as bags woven from bamboo and coconut leaves.

Agro-tourism in the Coffee Plantation

Senaru village is also famous for its agro-tourism such as fruit plantations, coffee and vegetable gardens. In addition, Senaru coffee is famous for its high-flavored coffee.

Why is it called an agro-tourism village? Because in the gardens of Senaru, you are allowed to pick your own fruits and vegetables.

Mandalika Super Priority Destination (DSP) Tourism

Because the atmosphere of Senaru has economic potential, the government has made this village a super priority village. Two other tourist destinations in the North Lombok district such as Menggala Village are also included in the priority villages.

Senaru Festival

Sports tourism events with the concept of fun bikes have attracted tourists to Senaru. The route starts from Anyar village and finishes in Senaru. And this festival succeeded in increasing tourist visits.

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