Advantages of Using Trekking Pole On Rinjani Hike

The Trekking Pole is a tool that is often used by senior climbers or hikers but is very rarely used by beginner climbers even though the benefits are numerous. The main function of the trekking pole is to help and provide a sense of security to climbers, especially in climbing Mount Rinjani.

Some beginner climbers rarely use this one tool because it adds to the luggage and the impression is complicated. Indeed, beginner climbers want something practical and don’t want to carry a lot of stuff. In general, they bring only essential equipment such as a change of clothes, jacket, sleeping bag, shoes, and a little food. Forgetting to bring something that is no less important is the trekking pole.

If you know the other functions of trekking poles, maybe your perception can change a little. So, what are the uses of trekking poles which are multifunctional objects during climbing?

Equipment For Climbers From Rinjani Trekking Specialists

Rinjani Trekking Specialist by Parman Trekker is the most trusted Trekking Organizer by implementing very high security. This company before climbing will check the climbing equipment.

The equipment that is of concern to Parman Trekker is personal equipment and trekking equipment such as camping tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, and others. And not to forget, the company’s guides ask the climbers to use the Trekking Pole. This long stick-shaped tool has many functions that provide a sense of security during the climb.

Maintaining the Climbing Rhythm

Parman Trekker as Treking Organizer applies a pattern of climbing Rinjani that is relaxed and not in a hurry. Basically, there is no mountain that cannot be conquered even if you are a beginner climber.

The key to success in climbing the peak of Mount Rinjani as high as 3726 meters above sea level is consistency in maintaining the rhythm of climbing. By climbing not too fast and not too slow. Then take a break in the right place that has been determined.

Therefore, the trekking pole function is very important to maintain the mission. By using trekking poles, the swing movement of the climber’s legs will be more consistent and rhythmic. Let’s simulate what kind of rhythm is formed when using trekking poles.

When your left foot comes forward, your hand will automatically make a movement to stick the trekking pole into the ground. Vice versa if your right foot goes first. So, there will be a pause that gives the step a chance to set the rhythm and there is a little pause.

The benefits are that you will not get tired and your breathing will be more regular. We recommend that you use 2 trekking poles for maximum results.

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Maintain Body Balance

rinjani trekking specialist (photo: doc)

Another use of trekking poles that is no less important is maintaining body balance. Mountain climbing trips are very different from trips on sidewalks or highways.

Mount Rinjani has a fairly steep and sloping land contour. To be able to maintain that stability, you need a trekking pole. When climbing and when descending later, the climbers’ bodies will be more stable and balanced.

Become a Holding Tool When You Feel Tired

Who says climbing is not tiring? Of course tired. But the level of fatigue can be immediately overcome by the trekking pole.

When starting to get a little tired, climbers can use this one tool as a temporary resting place while regulating breathing. Then, continue the journey slowly. Imagine if you don’t use a trekking pole, then you have little alternative.

It is impossible to sit too often when you feel tired. Maybe, if it’s an emergency it’s okay, but if you sit too often while climbing it’s also not a good parman friend. And, to sit down to rest there is also a technique.

Meanwhile, taking a short break by resting on a trekking pole is very effective and efficient in saving time.

Checking the Trekking Trail

The condition of the trekking path is not always smooth, sometimes it is difficult to predict when entering the rainy season. The trekking path becomes slippery and waterlogged. And this is where the important role of trekking poles to ensure safe climbing.

By using the tip of the trekking pole, climbers can check the condition of the ground which is the Rinjani climbing route. Potential hazards such as slipping or falling into a hole can be avoided with this trekking pole.

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Provides Forward Thrust

Trekking poles can help push the body forward and prevent falls. Especially when on a sloping path in Rinjani climbing, the body is advised to lean forward so as not to tip over.

One of the tools that can help your body to position the body forward is a trekking stick or trekking pole.

In addition, trekking poles are an item that you must carry because they can prevent you from something bad like slipping, losing balance, potential injury, and other potential dangers. There seems to be no reason for climbers not to bring this one tool.

Reduces Load on Legs

Mountain climbing is a healthy activity that can train leg muscles and keep the body fit. Then, climbing uses most of the lower body parts, namely the legs.

Because of its frequent use, the legs have the potential to experience cramps and injuries during the trip. The steps we can take are choosing the right shoes and using trekking poles.

Trekking poles can reduce the pressure of excessive load on the feet by distributing the load on your hands.

Double Check Your Equipment

Those are six reasons why you should use trekking poles when climbing mountains. With a price that is not so expensive, it doesn’t hurt you to equip yourself with trekking poles.

It’s also a good idea to consult with the Trekking Organizer who is planning your hike. About what equipment you should bring. Meanwhile, the Trekking Organizer is in charge of carrying important equipment such as camping tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, and other logistical needs. Like what Parman Trekker does who always checks the completeness of his climbers.

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