How to Choose a Guide for Hiking? Track Record!

Mountain hiking is a very challenging sport tourism activity that can be done alone, in groups, or with a hiking guide. Vacationing by hiking is a very effective means to release the boredom of daily activities.

There are many things that we can find in mountain forests ranging from plant diversity to animals and beautiful scenery. Meanwhile, the enthusiasm of mountain lovers from year to year is increasing. Curiosity to explore the natural beauty of the mountains and the opening of information has a positive impact on the manager of sports tourism.

The trend of mountain hiking is increasing due to the presence of guides for hiking. The existence of these guides makes it easier for novice climbers to get to the top of the mountain of their dreams.

Conditions on the Way to the Top of the Mountain

Successfully reaching the top of the mountain is an unforgettable happiness and pride. However, you will go through a long journey with various challenges while hiking. starting through forests, and meadows, passing through river paths, and hiking which is quite steep and slippery.

That’s the small picture when you are on the climbing route. Mountain climbing also requires physical and mental readiness. Because physical strength is not enough, a strong mentality is another major success factor in hiking.

Is mountain climbing only for the experienced? Of course not, many beginner climbers get to the top of the highest mountain and they manage to conquer the peak. For example, Mount Rinjani is 3726 meters above sea level on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. Many beginner hikers manage to conquer the peak because they have a strong mental attitude and motivation.

Why You Need a Guide

Two reasons climbers need a guide are safety and comfort. Even though these climbers have experience and often climb mountains, they still contact the services of a hiking guide.

With a climbing guide, mountain hiking becomes a fun vacation. The guide team will help with all the needs so that the climbers enjoy their vacation on the mountain to the fullest.

In addition, of course, safety reasons make the guide a safety solution when on the mountain. they are trained people and know well the safe hiking trails. Moreover, being guided by an experienced and certified team adds to our confidence during the hike.

Tips For Choosing a Mountain Hiking Guide

Every mountain climbing tourist location wherever it is, there are services that offer mountain hiking. how should you choose the best guide for your climb? Moreover, this is your first moment.

Here we review how to choose a professional climbing guide. Let’s take a look at this article.

Hiker Satisfaction Review

Now is the era of information disclosure where everyone can review any service including mountain hiking services. The satisfaction of the climbers is seen when they give positive comments and good assessments of the hiking guide’s services.

Applications such as Google Review, Trip Advisor, and other review media are widely available online. And you can judge for yourself wisely what kind of services are provided by the hiking guide.

Track Record

parman trekker on top of the mountain (photo:doc)

If you have this track record you can ask about the history of the organization, their team, and how long they have guided the mountain hike. You can see from the certificates and awards they have, including their status whether this institution is officially registered or not.

This is important parman friend, to guarantee your safety and comfort later during the mountain hiking trip. the ability of a qualified hiking guide gives you satisfaction during the trip.

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Services and Facilities Provided

rinjani trekking speacialist service (photo:doc)

In addition to having a solid team, we can see the cool hiking guides from the service offerings provided to their clients. Look for hiking guides who have a super team and complete equipment.

Better yet, a team of guides who have versatile abilities to serve their hikers. Such as providing delicious and nutritious food. Those of you whose goal is to take a vacation are of course greatly helped by the best service from a great hiking guide.

With this climbing guide, you are greatly helped in providing camping equipment. Look for a complete and versatile team of guides.

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Friendly Hiking Guide Team


A good hiking guide is one who can provide education and explanation during the hike. They are the ones who don’t mince words and are very friendly with their clients.

It is very exciting of course to listen to explanations about plants, animals, hot springs, and the history of the mountain. rinjani mountain climbing tour in Lombok, Indonesia, is famous as an ecological tour full of knowledge.

There are plants of high economic value, rare and protected fauna, and cultural treasures. This is where the role of the hiking guide is to explain and educate the hikers. It will be bland if the trip is not accompanied by a friendly guide.

Rational and Affordable Prices

And the last is to look for a hiking guide who has a rational and affordable service price. You will be really lucky if you find a complete climbing guide service but the price is still affordable.

Before paying for services, first, make sure what services are provided and make sure the price is reasonable.

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Thus our review of travel conditions during mountain climbing that you may face with various situations. There are steep, slippery climbs, passing through rivers and forests. That’s the excitement you will experience during the trip.

The excitement will increase if you succeed in reaching the top of the highest mountain. To succeed you must have preparation, enthusiasm, and a team of experienced and professional guides.

To find a hiking guide, pay attention to aspects that can provide you with comfort and safety. Choose a hiking guide that has a good track record, excellent service, and complete facilities.

And you will be even luckier if you find a mountaineering team that is friendly and has affordable prices.

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