Fun Camping in Rinjani! Preparation and Equipment

Camping on Indonesia’s highest mountain, Rinjani is a lot of fun. Mount Rinjani, located in Lombok, Indonesia, is one of the most challenging hikes in Southeast Asia. Standing at 3,726 meters, the mountain offers stunning panoramic views of the island and its surroundings by the sea.

However, conquering Mount Rinjani is not an easy thing. before camping in Rinjani, make sure you have the following tools so that during the hike there are no significant obstacles. You can ask the trekking organizer there whether there is equipment rental or have to provide your own. as a professional trekking organizer that accommodates the needs of guides, porters to services while in Rinjani.

Trekking Organizer for Fun Camping

A cool trekking organizer will offer various trekking packages to Rinjani hikers. Of course, the hikers have different levels of fitness and experience, ranging from beginners to advanced hikers. For this reason, Parman trekker, the Rinjani trekking specialist provides everything the climbers or hikers need during the trip to the top of Mount Rinjani, including transportation to the mountain. This experienced trekking organizer also provides food and camping equipment.

Camping Equipment

Trekking professionals will provide pre-hike briefings to ensure climbers are fully prepared, including tips on what to bring, how to pace themselves, and what to expect on the trail. So, what is the camping equipment?

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Carrier Bag

contents in the carrier bag (photo: doc)

The first piece of camping equipment is the carrier bag. How could climbers not bring anything when hiking on Mount Rinjani? Inside it can carry several important items such as a change of clothes, rainwear, and underwear. A large carrier bag can accommodate shoes inside.

However, you should choose the size of the bag according to the items to be carried. That way, climbers can decide whether to bring a small or large carrier bag. Choosing bag specifications that can withstand water is no less important. Nowadays, there are many types of carrier bags available that can withstand rainwater or waterproof.

Tents and Sleeping Bags

camping at the height of Mount Rinjani, of course, climbers need a tent as a place to rest, sleep and a place of privacy. With a tent, it will make it easier to accommodate luggage such as bags, shoes, and other equipment.

Especially when it rains on the mountain, the existence of a tent becomes very crucial. The selection of tents that are strong and strong enough to withstand rainwater is important. Experienced trekking organizers really understand the important needs of this one. They will provide a sturdy tent to withstand the rain and provide warmth inside.

While sleeping bags have a function that is no less important. Ensuring hikers can sleep well in the camping tent, avoid mosquito bites, and provide warmth. Hikers who cannot stand cold temperatures are strongly advised to use sleeping bags for sleeping comfort.

Lightweight Jacket and Gloves

Rinjani trekking specialist service (photo: doc)

When you’re hiking, your body keeps itself warm by constantly moving. By constantly moving, the muscles and bodywork to sweat. But watch out for sudden temperature changes. Often referred to as hypothermia, the body suddenly shivers with cold due to low mountain temperatures.  Lightweight jackets and gloves function as a middle layer that warms the body.

Especially when stopping or being in a temporary stop, this lightweight jacket can be very useful. With good equipment preparation, it reduces the occurrence of a sudden drop in body temperature and sudden shivering.

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The weather on the mountain is not entirely in line with expectations and hopes. Despite weather notifications by the local BMKG, the weather can change drastically. Therefore, climbers must be prepared with rainwear so that clothes do not get wet.

Wet clothes will certainly be very inconvenient. In addition to making the body cold, wet clothes are very uncomfortable. In addition, avoid wearing jeans-based pakainan. Because clothes made from jeans when wet will be difficult to dry.


Of course, climbers need a flashlight when climbing. In addition to helping to see in the darkness of the night, flashlights keep you safe and not separated from colleagues. Consider bringing spare batteries just in case the batteries run out.


Choose a stove that makes refueling easy. In this situation, a small portable stove is great and more flexible.  Unlike home stoves, camping stoves are smaller and lighter with refillable fuel.

Fuel for portable stoves ranging from spritus, and paraffin to gas. this mandatory camping equipment can cook food, and water and make instant noodles. Hikers are now more facilitated with trekking organizers that help provide consumption.

Extra clothes and socks

For the convenience of camping, at least the hikers need a change of clothes such as t-shirts, underwear, and socks. Change of clothes at least replace the clothes used when hiking. As a substitute for wet clothes.

Socks are no less important to provide a spare. In addition to protecting the feet inside the shoes, another role is to warm the body from the cold.

Clothes and Shoes

rinjani trekking specialist (photo: doc)

Clothes when hiking try to be made of light material and strong shoes. The function of shoes is to protect the feet, avoiding wounds and blisters. Therefore, choosing the type of shoe is important. Not only that, the selection of the right socks helps protect the feet well.

How to choose the right shoes for mountain hiking? Pay attention to aspects such as appropriate size, soft shoe neck and choose a strong shoe tread. Of course, hikers don’t want it if in the middle of the trip, shoes are damaged such as loose shoe soles. Or maybe experience foot injuries such as sprains, blisters to bleeding wounds.


Thus the camping equipment must be provided by climbers or hikers who want to explore the nature of the Rinjani forest. It takes preparation and physical fitness during the climb. Therefore, camping equipment is a component that cannot be forgotten to support successful camping.

hikers can consult with trekking organizers who provide needs and equipment during the Rinjani hike. Those who are experienced certainly understand better the conditions and what is needed for successful camping.

As a Rinjani Trekking Specialist, Parman Trekker is committed to helping all the needs of the hikers including the equipment needed. In addition, Rinjani Trekking specialist is also committed to preserving the environment around Mount Rinjani. They promote environmentally friendly practices, such as transporting all garbage and waste and minimizing the impact on the natural environment. Now hiking Rinjani is easier with the presence of a Rinjani trekking specialist.

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