Condition of extraordinary stress so overcoming it requires extraordinary methods as well. How about we go to Rinjani? This place on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, is indeed a place of healing, recreation, and a place to find inspiration. Someone who is under severe stress due to the intense routine of working without limits. Therefore, in order for stress to disappear, something new needs to be done by enjoying a vacation by hiking Mount Rinjani.

Mount Rinjani is the highest mountain in Indonesia with an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level with the beauty of natural tropical forests with hundreds of species of fauna and flora here. Located on the Wallace line, Mount Rinjani National Park is a special place to relieve stress and replace it with a happy atmosphere.

Managing Heavy Stress

illustration of stressed out (photo: Halodoc)

People who are severely stressed or burned out experience four fatigue at once, namely physical, emotional, and mental fatigue, and feelings of insignificance. So people who are exposed to severe stress will experience decreased performance and lack of enthusiasm. Can people who are stressed be treated with a vacation to Rinjani? Of course, in Rinjani, we can do the following stress-relieving activities

Planning Vacation

illustration of palnning vacation (photo:Freepik)
illustration of planning vacation (photo: Freepik)

A vacation with family will be fun if planned well. If not planned, the vacation will become a new source of stress. The planning starts from the beginning of departure to arrival at Mount Rinjani National Park. Then, the equipment that must be prepared is no less important such as hiking clothes, camping equipment, and hiking guides.

Knowing the technical routes and rules while in Gunung Rinjani National Park is also important because there are regulations that are binding and there are legal procedures that apply. Therefore, it is important to choose a trekking organizer who understands all the rules and your needs during your vacation in Rinjani.

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Mountain Hiking

parman trekker on top of the mountain (photo:doc)

The activity of hiking Mount Rinjani is an effective means of exercise to train physical abilities to achieve maximum fitness levels. People who are accustomed to hiking, have a healthy physique, a healthy mind, and a healthy soul. In addition, mountain climbing is very effective for reducing excess stress levels and replacing them with positive energy.

For information, the entrance to Mount Rinjani hiking there are various entry points. The presence of professional climbing guides is very helpful during the hiking trip. These guides are usually in the management of trekking organizers. Therefore, it is important to choose an experienced trekking organizer and excellent service such as Parman Trekking, and Rinjani Trekking Specialist.

Go Camping

The equipment needed for camping is a tent.  Camping is an activity that is able to relieve stress instantly and eliminate mental burden. And the most important thing is to restore disturbing feelings during this time. In addition, camping, whose main agenda is outdoor activities, feels more special because of its location in the jungle of Mount Rinjani. It’s a shame if you arrive at Mount Rinjani not camping and not enjoying the evening atmosphere by eating together.

Choosing an experienced trekking organizer makes you not worry about camping equipment and equipment. Because professional guides have prepared everything including providing the tools needed when camping such as tents. You need to know that a professional guide for the hiking of Mount Rinjani must have permission from the management of the Rinjani National Park.

Looking for Ecological Tourism

Traveling on Mount Rinjani is the right choice to relieve stress. Because the forests of Mount Rinjani provide an ecological tourism experience. Being on Indonesia’s highest mountain on the island of Lombok is a special experience. Meanwhile, Mount Rinjani is not an ordinary forest but a forest that is protected by the government and even by the international community. And this Rinjani forest is included in the world geosphere.

In this lush forest live hundreds of species of fauna and flora that are unique. Located on the Wallace line, the mix of fauna and flora in the Rinjani forest is Asian and Australian species. Located in eastern Indonesia, the fauna here has similarities with fauna in Australia. Animals such as deer, rinjani plovers, white walik to edelweiss flowers can be found in the forests of Mount Rinjani National Park. It’s an ecological tour that really provides education to mountain climbers.

Photo Hunting

Another exciting activity on Mount Rinjani is of course photo hunting. So many beautiful photo spots from the beginning of the climb to the top of Rinjani. When hiking Mount Rinjani, you will pass through a beautiful area, especially if it is not Segara Anak. Segara is the name of a lake at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level that occupies a large crater.

Here is a paradise for photography lovers. The lake with blue water makes anyone can’t resist jumping into the lake and swimming. In addition, capturing photos at the top of the height is the most memorable photo spot.

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Looking for Delicious Food

Grilled Chicken Taliwang. (photo: Ayam Bakar Taliwang Bang Tangu)

One way to relieve stress or burnout is to eat delicious food. Rinjani on the island of Lombok is a culinary paradise of delicious food. After climbing the mountain, it’s time to go around Lombok looking for delicious culinary specialties.

Lombok culinary food is famous for its deliciousness. Who doesn’t know taliwang grilled chicken which is a specialty of Lombok? In addition, there are Ares vegetables from banana stalks that have a spicy sour sauce flavor and savory Plecing Kale.

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Gather with friends who are in the same circle

It’s important to have a circle of friends. When you experience stressful conditions, it is most effective to relieve it by gathering with friends who are in the same circle and one hobby. Camping on Mount Rinjani with friends in the same circle is very exciting.

For a moment you will forget about the problems, work, and burdens that have been piling up to make you stressed. When there is a problem, the best way is to do a hobby with friends. Climbing Mount Rinjani can be included in a routine schedule with friends.


That’s our review of overcoming stress by taking a vacation and trying an exciting experience by climbing Mount Rinjani. In addition to the exciting experience, we will get here an ecological tour that provides education. Besides that, camping can eliminate your stress instantly and make your body and mind more refreshed.

Stress due to physical, mental, and mental fatigue will recover instantly with Rinjani as a cure. Even so, hiking Mount Rinjani still requires good preparation and planning. Including choosing a trekking organizer that will help us during our vacation in Rinjani. Consider trekking organizers who have experience and good service. Parman Trekker is a Rinjani trekking specialist who is very experienced with his knowledge, service, and ability to provide education to hikers. The main thing that Rinjani hikers really need.

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