Know The Provisions for Hiking Mt. Rinjani

Hiking Mount Rinjani has hiking provisions. Mt. Rinjani National Park applies the rules during the trip to Mount Rinjani. as the highest mountain in Indonesia and offers beautiful mountain peaks and a scenic journey during the hike. The height of the mountain on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia reaches 3726 meters above sea level. Making it the third-highest peak in Indonesia.

Mount Rinjani nature tourism is under the management of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, where the Balai Gunung Rinjani National Park is appointed as the management. Therefore, hiking Mt. Rinjani has hiking provisions that should not be violated. This rule aims to preserve the surrounding nature. As a national park that is also a global geosphere of the world, the management of the Mt. Rinjani National Park applies rules during the trip to Mt. Rinjani.

Hiking Provisions of Mount Rinjani

Those who do not comply with several rules set then be prepared to get a ban by not being allowed to hike back for some time. Because the manager will record visitors who are not disciplined. Even the Gunung Rinjani National Park Center has blacklisted thousands of undisciplined visitors from both local and foreign tourists. In order not to get the sanction, consider the following provisions:

Fill in the actual data

The first hiking provisions are that everyone who will hike Mt. Rinjani registers online in the eRinjani application. You can download the application on the Play Store or through the Rinjani National Park Hall website. After that, you fill in the actual personal data according to your valid identity card.

Checking the Hiking Quota

enjoy sunrise at the peak of Rinjani (photo: doc)

After you fill in the data, you cannot necessarily hike on the day you want. Because there is a quota of natural tourist visits that are the hiking provisions for every day.

In the e-Rinjani application, you can find out how many hikers today.  If the quota has exceeded the standard then you are asked to change the hiking schedule. The hiking provisions in the Announcement Letter issued by the Head of the Gunung Rinjani National Park Center for the quota of hiking, trekking, and camping trails starting April 1, 2023, are as follows:

  • Senaru hiking trail has a quota of up to 150 people.
  • Timbanuh hiking trail has a quota of up to 100 people.
  • Aik Berik hiking trail has a quota of up to 100 people.
  • Sembalun hiking trail has a quota of up to 150 people.
  • Torean hiking trail has a quota of up to 100 people.
  • Tete Batu hiking trail has a quota of up to 100 people

For hiking provisions such as information on the opening and closing of Mount Rinjani tourist destinations can change at any time. This is following environmental conditions and other government policies. Therefore, you are always to see the application if there are new hiking provisions.

Booking Ticket

Prospective hikers can book tickets by filling in data by the requirements. The e-ticket also states your schedule and period while in the Mount Rinjani area. Therefore, you may not hike beyond the time stated in the e-ticket or e-print. The hiking provisions emphasize that it is not allowed to hike on unofficial hiking trails unless you get permission from the relevant parties.

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Filling out the trash list

Do you know that there is a provision for hiking on Mount Rinjani that is not allowed to bring Styrofoam food packaging, cans, and glass packaging? Now this is the most important hiking provision you know. In the Mt. Rinjani area, it is not allowed to litter. Therefore, this is a concern so as not to get into trouble in the future. The problem is in the form of a ban on hiking within a predetermined time. Of course, this is very detrimental to you if one day you visit Lombok Island again.

In fact, according to the head of the Balai Gunung Rinjani National Park Center in 2020 to 2021 there were already 5000 hikers who received black records. So, the hiking conditions caused the hikers not to be allowed to hike for a while.


After filling in the garbage list, it comes to the next stage, namely making payments. Regarding the nominal payment, it must be by what has been stated. As well as information on the destination of the transfer to the bank account that has been listed.


camping on Mt. Rinjani (photo: doc)

There are rules for checking in at the registration entrance. When checking in what you have to show. Prepare documents that will be checked by the manager including hiking e-tickets, identity cards, covid 19 letters, and health certificates.

When you are on the hiking trail the things you don’t do are doing damage such as vandalism, destroying plants to using chemicals such as detergents, soaps, and the like. Therefore, always look at the information signage available on the hiking trail.

For this reason, the role of the guide or hiking guide is very important. Because they are officially registered and have permission to assist while in the Mount Rinjani area. Meanwhile, setting up tents, washing, and cooking are available places that have been determined at the hiking posts.

Check out

Adventure via Senaru (photo: doc)

In addition to checking in, you must also follow the checkout rules. When entering the hiking exit, you must show the hiking e-ticket again. After that, you are allowed to return to the place of origin. The e-Rinjani application also shows where you checked in and checked out. Therefore, it is not allowed to change the route that you have previously filled in during registration.

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Lombok Island has many beautiful tourist attractions. This island is famous for its beautiful beaches and the splendor of Mount Rinjani. Therefore, the mountain area which has become a national park has hiking provisions that must be implemented.

The hiking provisions have consequences in the form of sanctions imposed on visitors. The sanctions also apply to organizers such as trekking organizers (TO), tour guide service providers, guides, porters, and food and beverage service providers. Therefore, it is important to know a Trekking Organizer who has legality, credibility, and experience. Knowledge of the provisions of this hike is well understood by Parman Trekking as a Rinjani trekking specialist.

Experience and knowledge of the provisions of the hike are also accompanied by the best service. It is important to choose a trekking organizer who can provide services, provide education, and as a travel mentor. And no less important is the ability of the trekking organizer to assess the profile of the hikers. Whatever the profile of the hiker or trekker will be successful in reaching the top of Rinjani with the assistance of an experienced trekking organizer.


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