10 Physical Exercises Before Mountain Hiking

One of the success factors for mountain climbers is a healthy physique. Therefore, do these 10 physical exercises before climbing a mountain. It doesn’t have to be heavy exercise like lifting weights in a fitness center. Light exercise such as walking every day is good enough. Do light exercise regularly for at least one month before climbing the mountain.

In addition, you must have a mountain hiking plan or schedule. The plan includes equipment preparation and physical preparation. Then, before climbing the mountain you should also pay attention to the weather. You can see weather forecasts from institutions such as BMKG or avoid hiking in the rainy season.

Which is More Important, Equipment or Physical?

breathtaking views from the second peak of rinjani (foto: Instagram/mfaridz)

Both are equally important. Mountain hikers should prepare adequate equipment such as clothes, mountain shoes, backpacks, raincoats, medicines, tents, and stove equipment for cooking.

However, mountaineers can be helped by the presence of a guide or trekking organizer. Parman Trekker as a Rinjani trekking specialist can be relied upon to provide some of the equipment you need. Even this team provides food cooking services so you don’t have to think about consumption needs during the 4-day climb.

Equipment preparation is important but it is even more important to prepare physically so that your body condition is better prepared when hiking. For example, you will climb Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok, Indonesia, of course, you cannot go there without careful preparation. Climbing one of the highest volcanoes in Asia must require a strong physique.

Start Doing These Activities

In order for your physical condition to be better prepared for climbing the mountain later, start a routine of these 10 physical exercises at least one month before climbing. These light exercises that we summarize are actually not difficult and not as heavy as activities in the fitness center or gym. In addition, some of these activities can be done at home and do not cost money.

What are these physical and light exercises? Rinjani Trekking Specialist will discuss them for you.

Wake Up Early

We think waking up early is a very good habit. Especially then rushing to take a morning shower at 4.00 am. Then, feel the sensation and freshness by waking up early and taking an early shower.

The goal is to familiarize the body to adapt to cold air temperatures. Because the mountain has a very cold temperature you have to start getting used to being in that situation.

Warming up and Stretching

These physical exercises are quite easy but have a good effect on body fitness. What’s the difference between these two exercises? Many people assume that warming up and stretching are the same thing.

It is important to know that warming up is a light exercise that is done before sports or heavier physical exercise. The goal is for the body to adjust. Because, when doing sports, the intensity of the movement will increase. By doing warm-up movements but light, the body becomes more adapted. In addition, warming up can prevent us from potential muscle injuries or cramps.

Warm-up activities such as running in place, small jumps, and swinging your arms. Stretching exercises aim to train the flexibility of the body and relax the muscles after doing repetitive activities. Examples of stretching exercises are clenching your fists, twisting your body, flexing your neck, and splitting or touching your knees.

Walking or Jogging Every Morning

climbing the mountain (photo: Eiger)

This light physical exercise can be done anytime and anywhere. The benefit of walking or jogging is to train your legs to be able to do mountain climbing for a long time.

You need to know, that climbing Mount Rinjani in Lombok, Indonesia, takes approximately 4 days so you need to train your leg muscles before going here. Walking should be the main activity in your daily life even if you are not scheduled to climb a mountain. walking or jogging is a healthy physical activity.

Exercise Cycling

If you are bored of walking, maybe you can do cycling activities. This physical activity is more popular among young people because bicycles are easy to use and accelerate faster than walking. In some countries, people have become accustomed to riding their bicycles to work, school, or college.

In addition to increasing muscle strength, cycling burns calories and keeps your heart healthy.

Exercise Up and Down the stairs

This physical exercise that you may often do is good for training before climbing the mountain. people who often go up and down stairs have stronger calf muscles than people who like to use the elevator.

When climbing the mountain, we will find many climbs and descents that are quite extreme. So this exercise is a warm-up before doing mountain climbing activities that require excellent stamina.

Squat Jumps

This physical exercise is quite easy and can be done anywhere. how to do a squat jump with an initial standing position then jump and land in a half-squat position. In this case, the knee position becomes bent.

Then do it repeatedly up to 5 repetitions. Meanwhile, the position of the hands is behind the head. The benefit of squat training is to train the strength and endurance of the leg muscles. So, with this exercise, you are better prepared to climb mountains that have steep paths.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is a popular game among children. This physical exercise is quite useful for building leg strength and reducing the risk of leg injuries when climbing mountains.

Mountain climbing requires strong and flexible leg muscles. Light exercises such as jumping rope are very helpful in training the leg muscles. In addition, this physical exercise can improve breathing efficiency. After this exercise, you will be more resilient and not out of breath during mountain climbing.

Push-Up, Sit-Up, And Back-Up

These three physical exercises are a form of exercise to train the body’s strength and endurance. The push-up movement serves to train the arm muscles. At the same time, sit-ups and back-ups train the abdominal and back muscles.

When climbing a mountain, you not only carry your body but also carry items such as bags, camping equipment, and other objects. So, it requires a strong and trained body. This physical exercise is actually not too strenuous because it can be done anywhere.

Hanging on a Pole

This physical exercise is often called the pull-up movement. However, if you are unable to do pull-ups it is enough to just depend on the pole without pulling your hands up. This light exercise is good as a warm-up before climbing the mountain. which functions to train the strength of the back muscles, arms, and shoulders.

When climbing the mountain, you will carry a bag that contains quite a lot of items. If you don’t train your back muscles, you will be in trouble yourself later. Start practicing from now on.


the breathtaking lake rinjani (photo: doc)

The last physical exercise is swimming. Unlike the previous exercise that can be done at home, swimming requires a swimming pool. Although it costs a little money, it doesn’t hurt to do this physical exercise as a warm-up before climbing the mountain.

Swimming is also good for training your breathing and heart health. So that you are better prepared to climb the mountain.

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As an experienced team in guiding mountain climbing, physical exercise is very helpful in preparing climbers for a long climb. Even beginner climbers can get through the steep terrain of mountain climbing. so many beginner climbers we successfully delivered to the top of Mount Rinjani as high as 3726 meters above sea level.

The success factor lies in the completeness of equipment and physical prime. In addition, of course, there are those of us who always motivate the climbers and help with whatever is needed during the climb. If perhaps your luggage feels so heavy, we are ready to carry it for you. In the end, our journey up Mount Rinjani will not feel like a chore but something fun.

When do you plan to climb the second-highest volcano in Indonesia? Whenever you plan to come here, don’t forget to contact us.

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