7 Best Services in Rinjani Trekking Services

Maybe you are one of the many people who are confused about finding Rinjani trekking services. Meanwhile, all things have been done including the physical, mental, and equipment needed to hike the mountain. The important question is about not finding a partner during the hike.

Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok has fascinated hikers from all over the world to conquer its highest peak at 3726 meters above sea level. Of course, it is not unreasonable why these hikers are willing to go to great lengths to climb the highest volcano in Indonesia on this one.

In addition to challenging, of course, looking for inner peace by enjoying the extraordinary nature on Mount Rinjani. This climb can be said to be the best sports tourism ever in the world. Here there is the largest lake on the mountain. then, there are geothermal springs, waterfalls, grasslands, rare fauna and flora.

Rinjani Trekking Service

To enjoy the natural beauty of course the hikers need an experienced partner with excellent service. As a service user, of course, the track record and indicators of satisfaction of previous climbers will be your main consideration in choosing a guide.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry actually because in Lombok there are very many services that offer guides for beach tours and Mount Rinjani trekking tourist destinations. now, it’s just you now to diligently read the track record of the trekking company.

The most important thing is that the company’s services are very satisfying to previous hikers. Then, you can compare prices with supporting facilities during the Rinjani climb. Of course, it’s not fun at all if you find a partner who doesn’t match your wishes.

7 Best Services Rinjani Trekking Specialist

Rinjani Trekking Specialist with Parman Trekker has experience in helping even expert and novice climbers conquer the peak of Rinjani. With that experience, this company is at the forefront of providing the best service.

Not just any party is allowed by the government to open guide and porter services in Rinjani. Because it must meet certain qualifications as a Rinjani trekking company.

So, what are the services provided by Rinjani Trekking Specialists to Rinjani hikers later? Let’s look at the following review:

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Private Transport

The hikers get pick-up services from the Rinjani trekking specialist team around the island of Lombok. so, the hikers do not have to bother going to the Rinjani trekking post because there will be a team to pick them up.

In addition, the scope of the pick-up area itself is quite wide. You can ask to be picked up from Lombok airport and harbor. The specialist Rinjani trekking team is also willing to pick up hikers from Lombok tourist sites such as Kuta Mandalika Beach and Senggigi Beach. With that facility, you get to the door of the Rinjani hike.

So, how after the hikers finish the climbing agenda later? The hikers don’t need to worry! Because the specialist Rinjani trekking team will take you back to the starting point of pickup or any location around Lombok.

Meanwhile, the fee for pick-up and delivery is a facility that aims to make it easier for hikers to get to the Rinjani trekking location.

Lodging Accommodation

Lodging is one of the Rinjani trekking services. Where the team of Rinjani Trekking specialists will serve and deliver the climbers to the inn before hiking Mount Rinjani. Later, the hikers will stay one night in a beautiful Lombok village called Senaru.

Then, for lodging, there are facilities that can pamper hikers such as hot showers and air conditioning. That way, the hikers become fresher and ready for a 4-day Mount Rinjani hiking trip.

Meanwhile, Senaru village is a village that is one of the official routes or entrances to the top of Rinjani. The hikers will pass a series of completeness checks at the climbing post in Senaru.

Meanwhile, Rinjani trekking routes other than Senaru village are Sembalun village, Timbanuh route, Tete Batu route, and Aik Berik route. All of these routes have their own character and uniqueness.

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Foods and Beverages

The next facility that is part of this Rinjani trekking service is the basic needs during the trip, namely consumption. Without consumption, the trekking of Mount Rinjani is impossible to do.

Furthermore, food and drinks during the climb include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All of them will be facilitated and prepared by Rinjani trekking specialists. The hikers will also get delicious special meals such as cheese potato sandwiches, fried noodles, steamed rice, eggs, vegetables, and soup.

The dish becomes more complete with hot drinks such as coffee, tea, milk ginger, and orange water. It was fun trekking for sure.

Fresh Fruit and Soft Drink

rinjani trekking speacialist service (photo:doc)

Food and drinks are incomplete if there are no fruit and soft drinks. This is also a Rinjani trekking service by parman trekkers. The refreshing fruits will accompany your hike. Feel the sensation of enjoyment of pineapple, orange, and watermelon after enjoying the main course menu.

Trekking Equipment

The most fundamental thing when hiking is trekking equipment. Parman Trekker makes equipment as Rinjani trekking service’s number one. Because the key to success when climbing Mount Rinjani is adequate equipment.

Expert Guide and Porter

rinjani trekking specialist (photo: doc)

The best Rinjani trekking company has expert guides and porter services. Which expertise is the result of attending many trainings related to mountaineering. The guides from Parman Trekker are trained and understand the situation of safer trails for beginner hikers.

Furthermore, the guides of Parman Trekker emphasize the safety of the hikers above all else. They are very familiar with first aid procedures in accidents and evacuation techniques. Coupled with their physical abilities are quite qualified to guide the ascent of Mount Rinjani.

Trekking Insurance

It’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. A good trekking company includes insurance in their Rinjani trekking services. It gives you a sense of security and calm in the trekking of Mount Rinjani later.

Sometimes anxiety and fear come to everyone. The main function of insurance is to ensure that the body and soul will get the best service if unwanted things happen such as accidents and death.

Ready to Hike with Rinjani Trekking Specialists

Those are the seven services included in the Rinjani trekking service by Parman Trekker. All these facilities you can get at an affordable price. All costs have covered all needs such as transportation, accommodation, equipment, guides, food to insurance.

After reading this review, are you ready to hike with Rinjani trekking specialists? A Rinjani trekking company that has tremendous experience and a good track record. For him, customer and hiker satisfaction is more important than anything else.

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