The Secret to Why Mountain Peaks Are So Cold

Have you ever asked why the top of the mountain has a very cold temperature even though its position is closer to the sun? Meanwhile, if you are on the beach, you will feel the opposite, hot temperatures.

Even though between the two, the beach and the mountain, the one that has the closest distance to the sun is the mountain. So, why does that happen? Isn’t the higher the location of an area, the closer it will be to the hot sun?

The opposite happened, the top of Mount Rinjani once had a temperature of 1 degree Celsius in 2022. Imagine how cold the peak of Rinjani on the island of Lombok is.

The Cold Mountain Peak

To answer that curiosity, we will discuss the factors that cause the temperature on the top of the mountain to be colder than the coastal area. Parman Trekker as a professional Rinjani trekking guide will discuss it for you our loyal readers. Check out the following review:

The Temperature is Getting Lower

The atmosphere has the ability to absorb solar heat. Note the temperature on the beach kuta mandalika Lombok, semeti beach or pink beach Lombok. the heat is extraordinary, isn’t it? To get there, you should wear skin protection to be safer. Because the air pressure is so strong in lowland areas, the temperature around the beach becomes hotter.

In addition, the atmosphere in the lowlands such as on the Kuta Mandalika beach has a lot of air mass in the atmosphere.

In contrast, the air pressure at the top of Rinjani is very low. The higher a place is, the lower the atmospheric pressure. That’s what mountain climbers feel in general, cold air temperatures.

Air pressure is decreasing

Air pressure at high altitudes such as on Mount Rinjani has lower air pressure. So the smaller gravitational pressure makes the temperature lower and colder.

Even when above an altitude above 3000 meters above sea level such as Mount Rinjani, a person has the potential to have difficulty breathing. This is because oxygen levels are getting lower.

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Strong Wind

You will feel the sensation of a strong wind when you are on the mountain. so the weather becomes colder and the air temperature is below normal.

Especially being on top of the mountain at night, the cold really doubles. The reason is that at night the earth releases heat faster into the atmosphere. So that the earth’s surface becomes colder, parman trekker friend.

What should you do? Keep the rhythm of movement and follow our trekking guide. In addition, trekking equipment is very helpful for you while on the mountain.

Feeling Cold on the Mountain

Many questions about whether a beginner like me can reach the top of Rinjani. Because the temperature on the mountain is so cold, I doubt I can reach the top.

For information, in July 2023, a 71-year-old grandmother managed to reach the top of Rinjani as high as 3726 meters above sea level. The conclusion is that age is not an obstacle but good preparation determines success.

When on Mount Rinjani, you will feel cold if you are not well prepared. Therefore, to anticipate the cold on the mountain by preparing mountain equipment. equipment such as clothes, lightweight jackets, gloves to hats. Then no less important to consume enough food.

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Now we know that the top of Rinjani is very cold. You will not be able to face that condition with minimal equipment. As a trekking organizer, Parman Trekker always prioritizes the comfort of its climbers. We will educate our climbers to prepare everything to face the weather on the mountain.

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Not only educate camping equipment, but we will also educate our climbers about plant and animal biota in the Rinjani National Park. this place is the best place for your ecotourism.

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