Attention ! Do These Things to Prevent Cold on the Mountain

Mountain hiking is an instigative exertion but one must remain watchful to help cold on the mountain. Although mountain climbing expends energy and sweat, the trouble of hypothermia remains.

What’s hypothermia? A symptom of dropped body temperature due to being in cold air temperatures.

Conditioning that has the eventuality to make the body cold wave includes swimming and being on the top of the mountain. The closer you get to the top of the mountain, the further the temperature drops. So, what should we do to anticipate a drop in body temperature or an extreme cold wave while on the mountain?

The Stylish Time to Hike a Mountain

Choosing the right time is the key to successfully conquering the top of the mountain. We recommend that you choose the time to climb during the dry season, not during the stormy season. Hiking during the stormy season is full of pitfalls. Among the pitfalls are cold due to rain the worst hypothermia.

Climbing Mount Rinjani, the alternate-loftiest powder keg peak in Indonesia is better visited in the middle of the time in June, July, and August. Because, at that time the mountain wind isn’t so strong. Meanwhile, hiking Mount Rinjani at the end of the time has the eventuality of rain and strong winds. Of course, freshman rovers have the threat of passing cold, smelling, and utmost severe hypothermia.

Tips for Staying Cold on the Mountain

The condition of cold, shivering, nausea, and pale face is a nearly frequent circumstance for trampers. In generalrovers who witness this condition are those who don’t have sufficient medication when climbing. The following are tips to avoid feeling cold while on the mountain

Bring High-Calorie Food Logistics

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thus, eating nutritional food before hiking is a must-have. Eat foods that contain high calories including carbohydrates, meat, protein, sugar, and milk. In addition, sugar-containing drinks similar to honey and milk can give energy to reduce the feeling of dispassionateness used on the mountain.

The virtues of drinking honey include increasing endurance during the 4-day trip in Rinjani. in addition, the content of honey can increase the stamina needed during the ascent of Mount Rinjani. and you should bring and consume honey before climbing the mountain.

If the trampers don’t bring enough food logistics anticipate it by using the services of a touring organizer. Parman Trekker is a Rinjani Trekking Specialist who has a good character for helping with the food requirements of Mount Rinjani trampers

Prepare Your Physical Condition

One of the causes of hikers getting cold is a lack of physical preparation. Before climbing, make preparations including physical exercise and enough rest. Therefore, the management of Mount Rinjani National Park provides special requirements for prospective climbers, namely having a Certificate of Health and COVID-19.

In addition, climbing Mount Rinjani requires excellent health. we must realize that health risks remain. then keep running health checks to anticipate the undesirable.

Health risks while on the mountain include: Hypothermia, buzzing ears at the height of the mountain experience vertigo. This is what we do not want to experience during the trip.
Of course, our goal to climb the mountain is to improve body fitness. Then we should not neglect our health when climbing Rinjani. must be in a fit state.

Bring a Lightweight Jacket

To avoid getting cold while hiking, one of the most important things to consider is the use of appropriate clothing. To stay warm, use layered clothing and a windproof and waterproof mountain jacket using a type of jacket such as a lightweight jacket is better. The shape is lightweight and does not burden the hiker. Of course, hikers need a lightweight jacket, not a heavy jacket.

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Bringing a Change of Clothes

Hikers should also wear closed clothes to avoid parasitic disorders such as insect bites, leeches, and the like. This is due to the humid natural conditions of the mountains which cause animals and plants to thrive.

If the clothes used are wet with sweat, immediately replace them with dry clothes, especially when going to bed, this can reduce the risk of cold during sleep.

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Carry Warmers Such as Lamps and Hot Packs

When hiking, the constitution will be drained and the muscles will become tense. thus, rovers need a remedy that relieves muscle pain and provides a sense of warmth to the body. therefore the body is fresher and warmer. Automatically, repel the cold wave from the cold temperature on the mountain.

Heat remedy modality using hot packs is a form of physical remedy that’s frequently used in medical recuperation to reduce painincrease movementreduce muscle and common stiffness, and accelerate the mending processHeat remedy has been used as an indispensable treatment system.


Climbing the mountain is a healthy and very fun activity. Our main goal should be to increase endurance and refresh the mind that has been too saturated. But it is unfortunate if we do not prepare everything well.

So, we should return from climbing the mountain to be healthier. Because there is no preparation, and finally pain and disease are obtained. Then, climbing Mount Rinjani is not without risk, everything must be prepared properly and correctly.

The Parman trekker team, rinjani trekking specialists are well aware of the challenges of climbers during the 4-day rinjani climb. Therefore, we have prepared the climbers with complete equipment and equipment. including providing health checks before our climb begins.

As a Rinjani Trekking Specialist, Parman Trekker is committed to helping with all the requirements of the trampers including the outfit demanded. In addition, Rinjani Trekking specialist is also committed to conserving the terrain around Mount Rinjani. They promote environmentally friendly practicessimilar to transporting all scrap and waste and minimizing the impact on the natural terrainNow hiking Rinjani is easier with the presence of a Rinjani touring specialist. Parman Trekker North Lombok,

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